An aerial bomb was found near Kaluga after the crash of a Ukrainian drone


At the crash site of a Ukrainian drone in a forest in the Kaluga region, an OFAB-100-120 aerial bomb was found, which is high-explosive fragmentation ammunition. He has 46 kg of explosives and destructive elements inside. This is reported by the Telegram channel SHOT.

It is noted that the munition was developed and adopted in the mid-50s in the Soviet Union. As a result of the explosion of the bomb, a five-meter funnel is formed, and its fragments can scatter within a radius of 100 meters.

According to preliminary information, the ammunition did not detonate due to the low altitude.

The explosion of a drone near Kaluga on the morning of February 6 was reported by the governor of the region Vladislav Shapsha. He noted that as a result of the incident, no damage was caused to social or civilian objects.


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