The Ministry of Justice explained the recognition of “Rain” by a foreign agent


The journalist of “MK”, a member of the Public Monitoring Commission Eva Merkacheva said that representatives of the Ministry of Justice at a meeting with human rights activists commented on the decision to recognize the TV channel “Dozhd” as a foreign agent. According to Merkacheva, Roman Tsiganov, deputy director of the Department for NGO Affairs, came to the meeting from the ministry and said that the ministry had received a request for the channel to be included in the relevant register from Roskomnadzor.

“He said that “Rain” distributes materials created by other foreign agents, ” Merkacheva writes on her page in the social network.

According to her, among the foreign agents, who were cited as an example by the representative of the Ministry of Justice, were named “Voice of America”, “Siberia”. The realities of “,”Medusa & quot; and a number of individuals, including Lev Ponomarev.

& quot;We are listening further”, & mdash; the journalist noted.


Poland has decided to double the number of soldiers on the Belarusian border

Photo: A frame from the video

Poland has decided to double the number of military personnel concentrated on the country’s border with neighboring Belarus. This was stated by the Minister of National Defense of Poland Mariusz Blaszczak.

Earlier, the Polish border guard on the Belarusian border was strengthened by army units totaling a thousand people. Now the number of military personnel involved in helping the border guards will thus reach two thousand people.

The Polish authorities are strengthening the protection of the state border with Belarus due to concerns about the influx of migrants and refugees. The example of Lithuania forces the Polish authorities to act to pre-empt the migration threat. So, in the area of the village of Usnazh-Gurny in the Podlaskie Voivodeship, Polish border guards did not allow several dozen migrants to enter the country and blocked them at the border.


The State Duma introduced a bill on the return of direct elections of mayors

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The bill on the return of direct elections of mayors has been submitted to the State Duma, the author of the initiative, chairman of the State Duma Committee on federal Structure and Local self-government, deputy head of the LDPR Alexey Didenko said.

According to him, the goal of the initiative is to develop democratic institutions, as well as institutions of elections and multiparty system. He proposes to make elections mandatory in urban districts and the largest settlements.

“All administrative centers of the subjects of the federation automatically fall here, — Didenko told the portal URA.RU.

The deputy believes that the return of direct mayoral elections will increase people’s interest in politics. The reduction of direct electoral procedures at the level of districts, settlements and urban districts does not correspond to the trends of democracy and the involvement of the population in solving local issues. This leads to an increase in discontent when citizens boycott voting at all levels, including in the State Duma elections, Didenko concluded.


“Imbeciles”: The Times published a caricature of Biden and Blair

Photo: Alexander Astafyev

The British newspaper The Times has published a cartoon of former Prime Minister Tony Blair and American President Joe Biden. The inscription on the picture reads: “Imbecile”.

The cartoon depicts the former prime minister, under whom British troops were introduced into Iraq in 2003. Next to him is Biden, who made the decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. In the background – people falling from a plane while trying to fly away from Kabul.

Tony Blair yesterday commented on the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. He criticized the decision and called it the result of ” obeying the idiotic motto about the need to stop eternal wars.” He called the withdrawal of the NATO contingent from the region “imbecile”.

The situation in Afghanistan has worsened after the US announced the withdrawal of troops. The militants of the Taliban movement (the organization is recognized as a terrorist organization and is banned in Russia) took control of the territory of the country. After that, thousands of people went to the airport in the hope of leaving the country.

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More than 320 pieces of equipment will be used at the demonstrations of the Army-2021 forum

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

More than 320 units of weapons and military equipment will be involved in dynamic displays at the International Military-Technical Forum “Army-2021” at the Alabino training ground near Moscow. This was announced to journalists by the First Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Ruslan Tsalikov after the plenary session.

– The demonstration program at the Alabino training ground will be presented in the form of separate tactical episodes on the display of weapons, military and special equipment of types and types of troops during the breaks of the Tank Biathlon competition. Tsalikov said. – During the dynamic displays, more than 320 units of weapons, military and special equipment from the presence of the Ministry of Defense, as well as samples of industrial enterprises will be involved.  

The Deputy Minister said that the large-format screens of the Alabino training ground and the Patriot Park will broadcast open displays of the possibilities of using weapons, military and special equipment from the ranges of military districts and performing training tasks in the Arctic zone, and a demonstration of the capabilities of modern and promising small arms is planned in the multifunctional firing center of the park.

Patriot Park has carefully prepared for the grand opening of ArMI-2021: video

Watch the video on the topic


The Taliban disavowed the video with militants threatening civilians


Suhail Shaheen, a representative of the banned terrorist movement “Taliban” in the Russian Federation, said that the videos in which the Taliban threaten civilians and search for former officials are fakes. This is reported by the Sky News channel.

In an interview, the representative of the militants was asked to comment on the videos that spread on the network.

“All this is fake news. I can assure you that there are many reports in which our opponents claim things that are not based on reality, ” Shaheen said.

The Taliban took control of the entire territory of Afghanistan on August 15. They entered Kabul without a fight and hoisted their flag over the presidential palace. The militants intend to form a new government and determine the form of government in the country.


Zelensky blocked Moskovsky Komsomolets and a number of other media outlets in Ukraine


President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky signed a decree on the implementation of the decision NSDC on blocking access to a number of Russian companies.

It follows from the document that the website of the Moskovsky Komsomolets publication will be blocked (, the portal of the newspaper “Version” , as well as the web resource of Rostelecom.

In addition, the restrictions will affect JSC “Business News Media” and the portal “Vedomosti” belonging to it and other legal entities.


The head of the LPR wrote an article about the causes of the conflict in the Donbass


The head of the LPR, Leonid Pasechnik, wrote an analytical article in which he stated that the war in the Donbass began because of the rejection by the residents of Lugansk and Donetsk of the pro-Western policy that Kiev adheres to. In particular, in his opinion, the residents of the region were outraged by the fact that the Ukrainian authorities sought to destroy the historical ties of Donbass with Russia.

Pasechnik believes that in 2014, the residents of the future DNR and LNR expressed a desire to remain a fraternal people with the Russians. In response to this, Kiev began the genocide of the local population, the head of the LPR claims. In this regard, the Beekeeper believes that the “people of Donbass” did not regret for a minute their decision taken in 2014.

Recall that the war in the Donbas has been going on since 2014. Since then, more than 13 people have been killed, more than 30 thousand have been injured. As a result of the fighting, many settlements were destroyed. In particular, Donetsk lost part of its western districts and the airport.


Deputy Milonov proposed to make a list of special smartphones for schoolchildren


State Duma deputy Vitaly Milonov proposed to develop a list of smartphones for schoolchildren, reports RT. According to him, in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, the presence of gadgets for educational purposes is simply necessary and it is stupid to prohibit their use. But, on the other hand, expensive smartphone models in children contribute to their separation on a social basis.

According to the MP’s plan, the list should include smartphones that are accessible to all families, which will be able to help children in learning.

“In this case, I ask you to develop a list of available mobile device models approved by the Ministry of Education, which will put an end to social discord and rivalry at school desks. This list should include devices that can perform educational functions, provide communication between students and teachers, but at the same time be affordable for any family,” Milonov said.

The deputy sent his proposal to the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Sergey Kravtsov.


13 “escaped” planes of the Afghan Air Force flew to the airfield of Tajikistan

At least 12 Cessna AC-208 Combat Caravan aircraft of the Afghan Air Force and one Pilatus PC-12NG reconnaissance aircraft flew to the airfield of the city of Bokhtar in Tajikistan. This is reported by “Vesti”.

Earlier, the Afghan pilots who escaped by helicopters and planes were reported only from Uzbekistan.

Last week, the first passenger flights of the Afghan airline Kam Air took place under the Taliban.

The same Boeing 737 aircraft flew from Islamabad to Kabul, and then to Mazar-i-Sharif.