Lukashenko: Belarus and Russia will jointly respond to the attack in Donbass

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President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that if Kiev starts fighting against Donbass, Russia and Belarus will give a joint response. The interview footage was shown on the air of the TV channel “Russia -1”.

Russian journalist Vladimir Solovyov asked Alexander Lukashenko how the Belarusian side would behave if the Ukrainian authorities started a war against Donbass.

“Exactly like the Russian”, – said Lukashenko, stressing that this will be a joint operation.

“Listen, what are we joking about here on the southern border today?”quot;, – Lukashenka asked himself.


The expert suggested that the United States is planning to test a new underwater weapon

“This could become a threat to our deep-sea exploration stations”

Often insignificant at first glance news information can lead to serious discoveries. If, of course, it is analyzed by a professional. So, for example, now a number of online publications say that the Americans are going to conduct naval exercises in the area of Alaska, where they plan to detonate ammunition at depths of over 4,000 meters. After analyzing these facts, the military expert of MK concluded that the United States has a new deep-sea weapon, which was not previously reported. And also about the special interest of the States in the Northern Sea Route.


So, according to media reports, the command of the US Navy decided to move to the Alaska area the exercises previously planned in the federal waters of the maritime zone east of Kalyak Island and south of Prince William Strait. The official reason is that there turned out to be too little space for a large number of large warships that are planning to be involved in maneuvers. Againstsuch a decision is made by local fishermen, considering this area off the coast of Alaska to be a zone of their economic interests, where fleet exercises can interfere with their fishing. But the command of the US Navy assured the fishermen that the shooting would not have any impact on the local marine flora and fauna, promising not to detonate ammunition in waters less than 4,000 meters deep.

And here is what the military expert, captain of the 1st rank of the reserve Vladimir Gundarov makes from this information:

   – There are two interesting points here. Firstly, why is the fleet command interested in the area off the coast of Alaska for the deployment of a large number of ships? I think this suggests that the United States is preparing to expand its military presence in the Arctic zone. Specifically, in the area of the Northern Sea Route. 

   The second point to which special attention should be paid is the promise to detonate ammunition at depths of at least 4000 m. This fact is surprising. It means that, most likely, some experimental shooting is planned. Perhaps this is also why they are looking for new areas of exercises. 

 – They are usually produced at working depths of submarines – up to 300 m. Here we are talking about a figure almost 13 times larger.  Only our hydronauts work at these depths.

  – Each of the Russian fleets has a special-purpose brigade of deep-sea nuclear power plants. These are small nuclear submarines without weapons. The crew is from 20 to 35 people. All of them are captains of the first and second rank, that is, senior officers. 

– Solve underwater reconnaissance tasks. Officially , they work at depths of about 1000 m . But in fact, these submarines are built on the same principle as the Mir deep-sea vehicles, capable of descending up to 6000 m. They have sonar and radar equipment, with the help of which, from a depth at which the crew cannot reach, they monitor everything that happens in the world’s oceans, listening to enemy ships and submarines on ultra-long low-frequency waves.

  Until now, there was a certainty that no weapon at depths up to 4000 m could reach them. And now it turns out that the Americans are going to use some kind of weapon at such a depth. This may mean that they now have it, and they plan to use it. 

Moreover, what is all this particularly dangerous? First of all, because before no one in the world knew where our deep-water stations were located and what they were doing. And now we can assume that: firstly, the Americans have the means to detect such deep-water stations. And secondly, they have weapons that they are preparing to use on them. And if this happens, this fact will remain undisclosed, since no one will prove that some kind of weapon was used at such a depth.


The UK sent 100 special forces to Ukraine to prepare sabotage

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More than 100 British elite soldiers have been sent to Ukraine amid fears of an imminent Russian invasion. This material was published on Sunday by the British newspaper The Mirror. The article notes that British special forces will give Ukrainian servicemen experience in preparing sabotage. Earlier, the Kremlin and the Russian Foreign Ministry have repeatedly denied publications in Western media that Moscow is allegedly preparing a military operation against Kiev.

It is assumed that the military personnel of the SAS, SBS, Special Reconnaissance Regiment and Special Forces support Group will perform the functions of military advisers in Ukraine. Sources told the publication that they will train Ukrainian special forces in counterinsurgency tactics, sniper shooting and sabotage.

The article also notes that sending elite military personnel to Ukraine has become possible because the UK is no longer using its forces in Afghanistan.

The source noted that the British special forces sent to Ukraine “have a wide range of skills that, without a doubt, will be very useful to the Ukrainian forces.”

In addition, writes The Mirror, about 1,500 more British servicemen who have undergone winter training are now based in Estonia, which borders Russia.


WP reported on the completion of Russia’s preparations for the “invasion” of Ukraine


The American newspaper The Washington Post reports that Russia is completing preparations for a “large-scale invasion” on the territory of Ukraine. In the publication, the publication refers to sources from US intelligence.

According to the newspaper, Russia has transferred about 70% of the necessary forces to the Ukrainian borders. American intelligence says that Russia has prepared 83 battalion tactical groups, each of which has 750 employees.

Russia also has 20-30 warships in the Black Sea, which allows for attacks along the coast, the publication says. According to the calculations of American experts, it will take two days for Russian troops to enter Kiev. At the same time, 50,000 civilians may be killed, and a new migration crisis will arise in the world.

Earlier, The New York Times reported that Russia is at the final stage of preparing for an “invasion”. The German newspaper Bild revealed in detail the plans of the Russian military. However, the Russian Foreign Ministry called such publications “crossing all boundaries of morality and ethics.”


Zelensky was accused of treason because of the purchase of Russian gas


Ukrainian political scientist Alexander Lazarev called Vladimir Zelensky’s decision to buy gas at European prices a treason. The expert stressed that although the fuel is purchased from Hungary, it still remains Russian. Lazarev attacked the head of state with a torrent of criticism on the air of the Nash TV channel.

The political scientist claims that the economic crisis in the country began after the transition to gas purchases at European prices. The expert is sure that the average price of a ton of fuel is $ 350. And Ukraine has to pay $ 1,440 each, so pumping goes not through the country’s gas transportation system, but through an external pipeline. 

Lazarev believes that in this case it would be more logical to buy gas directly from Russia. A similar opinion has been repeatedly voiced by political scientists and economists of the country.


The UN in the report spoke about the DPRK’s nuclear program


Reuters publishes data from a confidential UN report on the DPRK. It contains information that Pyongyang was developing nuclear and missile programs in 2021.

At the same time, the DPRK practiced cyber attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges. Pyongyang has been developing its nuclear potential even despite the absence of a large number of tests in 2021.

Only in the first half of 2021, North Korea managed to steal more than $ 50 million in cyber attacks on crypto exchanges in Europe, North America and Asia.


Journalists called the possible number of victims of the “Russian invasion” in Ukraine


According to the calculations of American officials, Russia has prepared 70% of the forces for the invasion of Ukraine. The Reuters publication says that the entry of Russian troops into Kiev will lead to a fairly rapid fall of the capital.

According to the same calculations, the number of victims from Ukraine may reach 25 thousand people. In Russia, the indicator is lower — up to 10 thousand.

US officials also pointed to the inevitable migration crisis in the event of an attack on Ukraine. Recall that the Rada is already talking about “escaping” from the city of Kiev.


In Sweden, they were afraid of a possible limitation of NATO expansion


The commander-in-chief of the Swedish armed forces, Mikael Buden, spoke about concerns about the possible satisfaction of Russia’s demands regarding the limitation of NATO’s expansion to the east. His words are quoted by Swedish Radio.

Buden believes that limiting the expansion of NATO will lead to a weakening of Sweden’s defense capability. He pointed out that any act of aggression towards the state would look “very gloomy.”

He explained this by the fact that cooperation between Sweden and NATO will become more complicated, if at all possible. This could leave the country without military support.


In the US, there was an increase in distrust of the authorities’ statements about intelligence


In the United States, the level of confidence in Washington’s statements about intelligence in the military sphere has decreased. Deliberately false and erroneous information appeared too often. Among the latter are the statements of the American side about Russia’s preparation of a certain provocation in Ukraine. This is stated in the material of the Associated Press.

AP recalled that this week journalists asked the administration of President Joe Biden for evidence of high-profile allegations regarding events concerning national security. In response, they were told that they should take their word for it. In addition, the journalists were accused of playing along with the propaganda of other countries.

The agency summarizes that such opaque behavior has reduced the ”credibility” of Washington. Skepticism towards the White House’s statements is growing in society.  And doubts about the loyalty of journalists are only evidence that the questions of the press touch the current administration to the quick. 


Zakharova called Deutsche Welle a “NATO propaganda machine”

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The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, in her Telegram channel called the German media company Deutsche Welle a “NATO propaganda machine.” This is how she reacted to the US State Department’s condemnation of the closure of the DW office in Moscow.

Recall that the representative of the State Department, Ned Price, expressed condemnation of Russia’s actions to impose restrictions on Deutsche Welle. In particular, the media company’s office in Moscow was closed, the accreditation of journalists was revoked, and the broadcasting of the TV channel was banned.

Zakharova said that the very fact that the State Department supports the DW funded by the German authorities “speaks for itself.” At the same time, she condemned the silence of the American Foreign Ministry about the false publications of Bloomberg.