The Americans handed over the biometric data of their Afghan allies to the Taliban

The Americans handed over the biometric data of their Afghan allies to the Taliban

The Taliban movement that seized power in Afghanistan (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation) got biometric devices containing fingerprints collected by Americans, eye scans and personal data of US Afghan allies. President Joe Biden was warned that he would have “blood on his hands” if this data was used by militants for revenge killings.

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Jim Banks, a Republican US congressman from Indiana, said that the Taliban had received biometric devices used by the US military.

As noted by

The Daily Mail, it seems that the politician bases his statement on a message that appeared on Monday in The Intercept, in which the military confirmed that such devices are in the hands of the Taliban.

Portable gadgets, known as HIIDE, used for identity identification, contain biometric data of many people from Afghanistan.

It is not yet clear whether the Taliban has gained access to the data collected by the Americans, but Banks warned that Joe Biden will have blood on his hands if the Taliban use this information to track down Afghans who collaborated with the United States.

Congressman Banks also expressed concern about the scenes in which the Taliban used American equipment transferred to the Afghan army.

Jim Banks, who represents Indiana in the House of Representatives, on Tuesday criticized Joe Biden for the fact that a significant number of weapons remained in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of US troops.

A Navy reservist who served in Afghanistan in 2014 and 2015, as a state senator, Banks said at a press conference on Capitol Hill that the Taliban received a large warehouse with weapons and equipment left by the United States.

But, he added, the most “incomprehensible for me and many others” was the biometric database, which was collected and stored on portable identity detection devices (HIIDE) to help identify local residents working with the coalition.

“The Taliban now has biometric devices that collect fingerprints, eye scans and biographical data of Afghans who have helped us for the past 20 years,” Banks claims. “This administration still has no plans to return this equipment or these accessories.”

The Intercept website described in detail the operation of biometric devices. An official from the Joint Special Operations Command and three former US military personnel told this website that the Taliban had received devices known as HIIDE (portable interagency identification equipment).

HIIDE devices contain identifying biometric data, such as iris scans and fingerprints, as well as biographical data, and are used to access large centralized databases.

A veteran of army special operations told The Intercept website that The Taliban may not be able to control these devices. But, he said, the Pakistani intelligence service ISI may have the skills to access the data. It is known that this special service works with the Taliban.

“The Taliban doesn’t have the equipment to use the data, but the ISI has such equipment,” the veteran said.

Annie Jacobson, who has written a book about the Pentagon’s data collection, told NPR in January that the Pentagon wanted to catalog millions of people, but it was unclear if they had succeeded. “The initial goal of the Ministry of Defense was to obtain biometric data of 80 percent of the population of Afghanistan,” she said. The target was about 25 million people. It is not known whether they have achieved this, because these statistics are jealously guarded by the Ministry of Defense.

A US military contractor told The Intercept: “We processed thousands of local residents a day, had to identify, search for suicide belts, weapons, intelligence gathering, etc.HIIDE was used as a biometric identification tool to help identify local residents working for the coalition.”

Congressman Banks said that “due to the negligence of this administration,” the Taliban also received 75 thousand cars; more than 200 planes and helicopters; 600 thousand small arms and light weapons; night vision goggles and bulletproof vests.

He added that the Taliban now has ” more Black Hawk helicopters than in 85 percent of the countries of the world.”

Many pointed out that most of the equipment was deliberately left by the Americans for use by the Afghan national forces. Moreover, it is not a fact that the Taliban can control planes and helicopters, and, of course, they did not have the skills to maintain them without the help of Pakistan or other countries.

In a viral video circulating on the Internet, you can see an American helicopter “Black Hawk” on the ground with roaring engines, which was claimed to belong to the Taliban, although it was impossible to see who was inside, and the helicopter did not take off.

The black hawks that the US government supplied to the Afghans were repaired outside the US. The army models of the UH-60A, as reported by The Drive, were deliberately not equipped with the latest technologies. However, the seizure of this arsenal by the Taliban was definitely a PR move for the Islamist group.

Banks ‘ critics have pointed out that the figures he gave are incorrect. The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, an office created by Congress to oversee spending in the country, reported on June 30 that there are 167 aircraft in Afghanistan, including 23 A-29 attack aircraft and 33 UH-60 Black Hawk military helicopters. Full data on how many planes or other military equipment were still there in mid-August, when the Taliban regained control of the country, is not given.


Shoigu called the advantage of the Taliban over the army of Ukraine

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The US army left a lot of high-precision weapons in Afghanistan. This was announced by the Russian Defense Minister, Army General Sergei Shoigu. In particular, these are portable anti-aircraft missile systems and anti-tank guided missiles, as well as the Javelin portable anti-tank missile system.

In an interview for the channel “Solovyov Live” on YouTube, Shoigu said that the agency is conducting an analysis of risks and threats in Afghanistan. In addition to drugs, this is a large number of weapons.

At the same time, he compared the weapons that the Taliban got (“Taliban”, a terrorist movement banned in Russia) with what the Ukrainian army has. According to Shoigu, several dozen Javelins were delivered to Ukraine from the United States. However, there are more than a hundred of them left in Afghanistan. “It was simply not delivered, but simply passed into the hands,” the minister stressed.

Earlier, Shoigu said that the militants of the Taliban terrorist movement banned in Russia in Afghanistan had seized a huge amount of weapons. Now they have more than a hundred MANPADS systems. According to him, this is “the first and main threat”. He noted that we are talking, in particular, about hundreds of armored vehicles, planes and helicopters.


A Russian citizen who sailed to Hokkaido was decided to refuse refugee status


The migration authorities of Japan considered that a citizen of the Russian Federation who sailed to Hokkaido has no grounds for obtaining refugee status. Local media write about this. The man will not be given a temporary residence permit. And, most likely, they will be handed over to the Consul General of Russia. This will happen next week in Sapporo.

The decision of the Japanese authorities is partly due to where the Russian came from. Tokyo considers the southern part of the Kuril Islands to be its native territory. And therefore, they cannot give refugee status to a citizen of the Russian Federation who arrived from Kunashir.

A week ago, the Kyodo news agency reported that an unnamed Russian citizen sailed from Kunashir to Hokkaido and is asking for asylum. The man was handed over to the employees of the immigration bureau. It turned out that his name was V. F. Knockard. It remains behind the scenes – how he got to Hokkaido. The distance between Kunashir and this Japanese island is 20 km. The water temperature in the strait is 15 degrees.


The expert said that the IG will create problems for the Taliban in Afghanistan

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The coming to power of the radical movement “Talliban” (banned in the Russian Federation) in Afghanistan will be marked by the fight against another terrorist group – the “Islamic State” (IS, banned in Russia). This was stated by Mark Hecker, an expert on terrorism, director of research at the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI).

As he told the newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche, one group will fight the other, in particular on the ideological field.

“IS.. is trying to bypass the Taliban in terms of radicalism. The organization accuses them of collaborating with the Americans,” Hecker explained.

According to the expert on terrorism, the current situation will be complicated by the fact that earlier members of the IG were in the ranks of the Taliban, or organizations associated with it. For example, the head of the regional cell “IG in Khorasan”, presumably, who was in the ranks of the terrorist group “Haqqani Network”, which is associated with the Taliban. The latter often came under the wing of the IS during their territorial expansion in Syria and Iraq. Then the group owned the funds and could pay the militants.

Currently, the “IG in Khorasan”, according to the UN, has 1.5-2.2 thousand militants, mainly concentrated in the eastern part of the country.

Hecker believes that the struggle can be waged between organizations through a strategy of intimidation. The IG, having lost the captured territories, began to organize terrorist attacks regularly. However, their frequency decreased by 80% from the spring of 2019 to the spring of 2020.

The expert explained that the increase in the number of terrorist attacks organized by the IG will be an attempt “to show that the Taliban cannot stabilize the situation in the country.”


Poland has put barbed wire on the border with Belarus


Polish servicemen have installed barbed wire on the border with Belarus. According to the Ruptly portal, the corresponding measure is aimed at combating illegal migrants.

According to Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Moriewiecki, the Polish government continues to adhere to tough political rhetoric on the issue of illegal migration. In the future, Warsaw will fight against illegal entry into the country.

It is noted that most of the illegal refugees in Poland were arriving from Afghanistan.

Earlier, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland faced illegal migration from Belarus. Lithuania declared an extreme situation at the state level in early July, and also began to install a wall on the border.


Biden said that there is a high probability of terrorist attacks in Kabul in the next day

Photo: A frame from the video

The US military highly estimates the likelihood of a new attack on the Kabul airport in the next 24-36 hours. This was warned by the President of the United States Joe Biden.

According to him, the United States will not limit itself to a single strike against the Islamic State – Vilayat Khorasan terrorist group banned in Russia in Afghanistan. According to him, the American side will continue to track down all those involved in the explosion at the Kabul airport, which killed 13 American soldiers.

Before that, the Pentagon announced the elimination of two leaders of the Islamic State in Afghanistan. Another one was wounded. At the same time, they reported no losses among the civilian population.

Nevertheless, the leadership of the banned terrorist movement “Taliban” in Russia condemned the US airstrikes in Afghanistan. The Taliban consider this an attack on the territory of the country. A representative of the movement claims that Washington should have warned the Taliban before launching an air strike. According to him, two people were killed, and two more women and a child were injured. He added that soon the Kabul airport will be under full control of the United States.


The United States reported the evacuation of 117 thousand people from Kabul


Major General of the US Armed Forces Hank Taylor said that since the beginning of the operation at the Kabul airport, the US military has managed to evacuate 117 thousand people. It is indicated that 5.4 thousand of them are US citizens, the rest are Afghans.

Over the past day, the Americans have taken 6,8 thousand people out of Afghanistan, the general added.

According to the plans, by August 31, all remaining American servicemen will leave Kabul.


Zelensky called the work of the Ukrainian military in Afghanistan “brilliant”


President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky praised the work of Ukrainian servicemen during the evacuation of fellow citizens from Afghanistan. According to him, the military, as well as intelligence officers and diplomats, did a “brilliant job”.

“Ukraine in difficult times does not leave its citizens in trouble,” Zelensky added, “and helps others!”

He said that about 360 more evacuated Ukrainians and foreigners are expected to arrive from Afghanistan on Saturday.

Earlier, Kiev organized several evacuation flights from Kabul, on which, in addition to Ukrainian citizens, Afghans and citizens of other countries were taken out.


Reuters: at least 4 thousand American military personnel are at the Kabul airport


There are at least 4 thousand US military personnel at the airport of the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul. This is reported by Reuters with reference to an American official.

American units were sent to the Kabul airport to ensure the evacuation of Americans, citizens of US allies, as well as refugees from Afghanistan. The operation is scheduled to be completed by August 31.

Earlier it was reported that the militants of the Taliban (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation) took control of certain zones at the Kabul airport.

On August 15, the militants entered Kabul without a fight and took control of the capital. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has fled the country.

On August 26, a terrorist attack occurred at the gates of the Kabul airport, where hundreds of Afghans gathered in the hope of flying out of the country. According to the latest data, at least 200 people were killed.


Volodin stood up for Poklonskaya because of the attacks of the Foreign Minister of Ukraine


State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said that Russia is ready to protect deputy Natalia Poklonskaya from attacks from the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry. This is how he reacted to the words of Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, who speculated about the possibilities of Kiev to prevent her from a new job.

Earlier it was reported that the ex-prosecutor of the Crimea may take the post of Russian ambassador to Cape Verde. At the same time, the Ukrainian diplomat, commenting on this news, said that if Poklonskaya retained Ukrainian citizenship, there would be an opportunity to “spoil her life”.

In his telegram channel, the chairman of the lower house of parliament criticized Kuleba’s statement. He noted that Poklonskaya is a citizen of Russia, and her rights and freedoms will be protected from all attacks. “And from such ministers, too,” Volodin added.

He also pointed out that Kuleba’s statement says that Kiev is “ready to apply measures inherent in totalitarian regimes” in relation to its citizens. “It is impossible to become a democratic state with such approaches and principles,” Volodin stressed. According to him, this is “the anti-people way of the dictatorial regime.”

Earlier, Kuleba was answered by Poklonskaya herself. She suggested that everyone should line up in alphabetical order and added that in general, the Ukrainian authorities have been doing nothing but “spoiling the life” of all Ukrainians since 2014.