Colonel Matviychuk revealed the fate of the defected Ukrainian military


Ukrainian soldiers who deserted and got to the Russian military may end up in the ranks of the People’s Militia forces of the republics of Donbass. Such data was disclosed by a military expert, retired Colonel Anatoly Matviychuk.

He noted that if “a person, a native of Mariupol”, was taken to the Lviv region by deception and now he wants to take part in the liberation, then “why not”. Matviychuk added that the control authorities of the LPR, the LPR and Russia will check such a person for whether he is not a sent Cossack and whether he is not carrying any sabotage actions, the website reports. URA.RU .

According to the expert, such people could switch to the side of the republics of Donbass and become “active participants in the resistance to fascism”.

Matviychuk also noted that a thorough check is being conducted against any militant who fell into the hands of the Russian, Donetsk or Lugansk military. Leaflets from airplanes are also scattered. After that “they come with these leaflets”.

Earlier, the First Deputy Minister of Information of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Daniil Bezsonov, said that the Ukrainian troops had lost more than 50 thousand people in total. Speaking about the wounded, Bezsonov noted that in this case it is necessary to count “one to three, one to four, that is, roughly speaking… more than 150 thousand may be wounded.”

Prior to that, the AFU prisoners of war told about the commanders abandoning their wards in positions. They told not only about the commanders who abandon their wards in positions, but also about the poor training of junior officers, the mess in the army.


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