“Imbeciles”: The Times published a caricature of Biden and Blair

Photo: Alexander Astafyev

The British newspaper The Times has published a cartoon of former Prime Minister Tony Blair and American President Joe Biden. The inscription on the picture reads: “Imbecile”.

The cartoon depicts the former prime minister, under whom British troops were introduced into Iraq in 2003. Next to him is Biden, who made the decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. In the background – people falling from a plane while trying to fly away from Kabul.

Tony Blair yesterday commented on the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. He criticized the decision and called it the result of ” obeying the idiotic motto about the need to stop eternal wars.” He called the withdrawal of the NATO contingent from the region “imbecile”.

The situation in Afghanistan has worsened after the US announced the withdrawal of troops. The militants of the Taliban movement (the organization is recognized as a terrorist organization and is banned in Russia) took control of the territory of the country. After that, thousands of people went to the airport in the hope of leaving the country.

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