Kiev criticized Putin’s words about the unity of Russians and Ukrainians

“It’s time for the Russian leadership to recognize reality”

Ukraine’s Permanent Representative to international organizations in Vienna Yevgeny Tsymbalyuk criticized the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin about the unity of Ukrainians and Russians, writes RBC-Ukraine.


During his speech at the OSCE Permanent Council meeting, Tsymbalyuk said that Ukrainians and Russians are not “one people”, noting that the actions of the Russian Federation against Ukraine threaten its sovereignty and generate a large number of negative phenomena in the socio-political life of the republic.

“Putin again said that Russians and Ukrainians are supposedly one people. It is time for the Russian leadership to recognize the reality and allow Ukraine to live in peace as a sovereign nation state, ” the diplomat explained his position.

Earlier, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, following a meeting between US President Joe Biden and Russian Leader Vladimir Putin in Geneva on June 16, stated that it was time to force Russia to ” retreat from Ukraine.”

In May, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky introduced a bill to the Parliament, according to which Russians in Ukraine will not be considered an indigenous people.


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