Military expert: US missile attack against Russia will trigger a “Dead Hand” retaliatory strike»

Photo: Frame from the video

Military expert, retired Colonel Viktor Baranets commented on the “PolitRussia” video of the US army, in which the HIMARS multiple launch rocket system releases a PrSM missile, eventually hitting a Russian cruiser. Baranets notes that while the Americans are arranging “computer games”, Russia in reality has weapons that can strike back at the United States in the event of an attack.

The expert stressed that the effectiveness of the HIMARS system is questionable. It has not yet received the opinion of the US Congressional commission and the Pentagon. “In fact, we can say that the Americans, first, bluff, and secondly, play political cards. We have been used to this for a long time,” Baranets said.

In addition, the technology used by the United States is not new. Russia uses its multiple launch rocket system, which in the United States is called the “Dead Hand”. This is a complex of automatic control of a massive retaliatory nuclear strike “Perimeter”, which was created in the years of the USSR. This system is designed to bring orders to the units of the strategic troops in case the communication lines are damaged. “This system was created in the event that the Americans will strike us suddenly, destroying Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the General Staff,” Baranets explained.

The Perimeter system should work when the president, the Chief of the General Staff, and the head of the Defense Ministry no longer have nuclear suitcases. The missiles will automatically take aim and hit major US strategic targets. “We will not hit the beaches, some empty airfields. We have a plan for the use of strategic nuclear forces, and in accordance with this plan, any country that attacks Russia will be punished, ” Baranets added.


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