Doctor Vorobyov explained where the figure skater Kostomarov got gangrene from

Photo: A frame from the video

Pavel Vorobyov, chairman of the Board of the Moscow City Scientific Society of Therapists, said that the immediate cause of gangrene in figure skater Roman Kostomarov was not pneumonia, but sepsis caused by it.

As explained Vorobyov, to whom he refers thrombosis that develops with sepsis and can lead to gangrene is associated with disseminated intravascular coagulation syndrome, or DIC syndrome.

According to the expert, the principles of DIC syndrome therapy were developed in the 1970s, but in the clinic where Kostomarov is treated, as far as Vorobyov knows, “there is a negative attitude to this method of therapy.” Vorobyov also said that he did not know “whether Kostomarov had any additional factors of a particularly severe course of the disease or not.”


The Prosecutor General’s Office announced the prevention of the departure of a number of large companies and brands from Russia

The building of the Prosecutor General’s Office Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The departure of a number of large multinational companies and international brands from the Russian economy was prevented thanks to measures to reduce administrative pressure on business and protect the rights of foreign investors, the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation said on Tuesday.

The ministry’s message states that the work carried out “to protect foreign investors who faithfully fulfill their obligations” helped to maintain representative offices in Russia of a number of large international companies and brands in the face of sanctions.

It is noted that it is particularly relevant in the conditions of sanctions pressure, “disruption of logistics chains, restrictions on the import and export of goods… We have acquired issues of business support, attracting investments both in various regions and sectors of the national economy.”

As stated in the Prosecutor General’s Office, “supervision over the observance of the rights of entrepreneurs has been adapted to new realities,” in addition, the work on identifying and eliminating barriers to economic activity has been significantly “restructured.”

The facts of red tape when considering applications from businessmen for the provision of public services, unjustified refusals, inaction to digitalize the process of their provision, as emphasized in the department, were “resolutely suppressed” by Russian prosecutors.

In 2022, according to the decisions of prosecutors, more than 100 officials were brought to administrative responsibility for violating the legislation on the organization of the provision of state and municipal services, the report says.

In total, prosecutors have achieved the elimination of more than 214 thousand violations of legislation on the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs and investors. The rights of 24 thousand economic entities have been restored, 38 thousand legal acts have been brought into compliance with the legislation.

According to the materials of the prosecutor’s inspections, about 50 thousand officials were subjected to disciplinary and administrative penalties, 206 criminal cases were opened.


НАТО начало учения с боевыми стрельбами в Румынии


В На полигоне Капу-Мидия в уезде Констанца на юго-востоке Румынии проходят учения с боевыми стрельбами, сообщили в пресс-службе румынского министерства обороны.

В учениях принимают участие военнослужащие на 60 транспортных средствах из состава группы НАТО, координируемой Францией, и бригады воздушно-десантной дивизии сухопутных сил США, а также бригады оперативно-тактических ракет имени А. И. Кузы.

Учения проводятся с целью проверки взаимодействия артиллерийских систем в рамках операции коллективной обороны Североатлантического альянса.


Russian fighters in Marinka told why Ukrainians do not surrender

photo source: video screen

As a result of intense fighting in Maryinka, almost every house was destroyed. But the AFU fighters are in no hurry to give up. They almost never take their dead and wounded because they don’t care at all.

“They give up extremely rarely, and then most often if their commander or supervisor at a strong point just ran away,” one of the commanders said.

The servicemen also reported that some Ukrainians do not sleep for several days and resist, even when they are pelted with grenades.

“They use some drugs, injected them, and for three days we don’t eat, we don’t sleep, we carry everything on our feet,” the Russians reported.

They noted that it is becoming increasingly difficult for the APU to hold even large fortified areas with capital buildings. Previously, the most important objects were defended by servicemen of the 79th Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Due to heavy losses, it was reinforced by the mobilized. Artillery and tanks of the Russian Armed Forces do not allow them to be supplied with ammunition and medicines.

In addition, officers who have been trained according to NATO standards leave recruits in the middle of a battle and inform the command about the death of the unit.

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WP: in the USA, they supported the transfer of Ukrainian territories to Russia

Photo: Global Look Press

Among the representatives of the Republican Party in the United States Congress there are those who would like to transfer the territories of Ukraine to the Russian Federation, writes the Washington Post (WP).

According to the publication, more than half of Republicans oppose the provision of a large number of military products to the Kiev regime, and half of them support the transfer of Ukrainian territories to Russia.

Republicans are less likely to believe that Washington is really putting something at stake in the conflict, the authors of the publication shared details. The article says that 41% of Republicans agreed that the Russian Federation should receive Ukrainian territories in the name of ending the armed confrontation.


Кива назвал внутреннюю резню на Украине неизбежной

источник фото: скрин видео

Заявления польских политиков о желании присоединить западные территории Украины вызовут появление сторонников и противников этого плана. По мнению экс-депутата Верховной рады Ильи Кивы, общество разделится на два сорта: правильных галичан и православных украинцев, с меньшими правами на жизнь.

Варшаве выгодна такая модель противостояния, поэтому внутренний конфликт, который перерастет в резню, неизбежен. Но тут есть важный нюанс – нужны территории, а не люди. Поэтому вскоре беженцев из Украины в Польше начнут ущемлять как второсортных.

Пока на них зарабатывают деньги и терпят, но, когда начнется «польская помощь», лишние рты будут не нужны.

По мнению Кивы, вскоре реакционные украинские депутаты начнут призывать к убийству русскоговорящих переселенцев с востока.

«И услышите крики украинцев – о защите и помощи к российском солдату!» – подчеркнул политик.

Он добавил, что в Киеве сейчас готовятся к корейскому сценарию раздела Украины. Такой вариант позволит президенту республики Владимиру Зеленскому сохранить не только жизнь, но и власть на какое-то время.

Илья Кива отметил, что вопрос принадлежности Киева Зеленский попробует использовать в неминуемых мирных переговорах и выторговать себе гарантии на жизнь.

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Gagin: Ukrainian security forces shot Polish mercenaries in Ugledar


Yan Gagin, adviser to the acting head of the DPR Denis Pushilin, said that the Ukrainian military shot a group of Polish mercenaries in Ugledar.

According to him, it happened on the night from Sunday to Monday.

“Ukrainians shot a group of foreign mercenaries, presumably they were Poles. I would like to emphasize that the confrontation between Polish and Ukrainian units has become more frequent recently. Scouts report this to us based on the data of radio intercepts,” Gagin said.

He clarified that earlier several Ukrainian servicemen were captured near Ugledar. They said that serious conflicts began to arise between Polish and Ukrainian servicemen.

At the same time, they arise for various reasons, including revenge for Poland’s attempt to take advantage of the situation and plunder the lands of western Ukraine.


Ukrainian servicemen spoil military equipment, trying to avoid being sent to the front line


According to the data of the Russian security forces and the testimony of Ukrainian prisoners, the AFU fighters spoil the military equipment entrusted to them so that the command does not throw their front line.

It is clarified that in the documents that were found in the Artemivsk direction, it was noted that the sergeant of the Ukrainian troops Yu. Sipko deliberately spoils the radio relay communication station.

“By his actions, he causes damage at key points of defense of the city of Bakhmut. Among other things, there is evidence of his involvement in the disabling of radar devices by changing wires to thinner ones, their complete destruction, and so on. Sipko damaged two stations, thereby leaving the troops without communication while coordinating the retreat,” the report says.

A mobilized resident of Odessa, Andrei Semenov, told about another case when a Ukrainian fighter damaged property. According to him, the Kozaki, responsible for light armored vehicles, disabled the vehicles in order not to move to positions and not to lead other fighters there.


Russia’s special operation in Ukraine: online broadcast on February 6

Main events, official summaries, exclusives

MK conducts an online broadcast of events in Ukraine. The 348th day of the special operation is underway. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation together with volunteer assault detachments were able to liberate the settlement of Nikolaevka in the DPR. The Verkhovna Rada recognized the PMC “Wagner” as an international criminal organization, 333 deputies voted for it. The acting head of the DPR, Pushilin, reported that the facts of the use of chemical weapons by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Artemovsky and Ugledar directions were revealed. The first Canadian Leopard 2 for Ukraine has arrived in Poland.

Read the previous online here.

Photo: Global Look Press

14:25 Read the material: German “Leopards” were estimated at 12 million rubles, “Tigers” cost like a loaf of bread

14:05 Ukrainian media channels report the sounds of explosions in the Kramatorsk district of Donetsk region. There were no official reports on this.

13:41 Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov said that a meeting between Vladimir Putin and the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Rafael Grossi is not scheduled this week.  

13:28 The first Leopard 2, which Canada handed over to Kiev, has arrived in Poland, the training of the Ukrainian military will begin soon, the Canadian Defense Minister said.

13:06 Dmitry Peskov commented on an interview with former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett about talks with Vladimir Putin held in early 2022. “Indeed, Putin and Bennett conducted a very intensive dialogue, there was also personal communication, and telephone conversations,” the presidential press secretary said. 

12:48 The volunteers of the assault detachments have gained a foothold in the northern and eastern parts of Artemovsk, Pushilin said.

12:40 The acting head of the DPR Denis Pushilin announced the facts of the use of chemical weapons by Kiev in the Artemovsky and Ugledar directions: it is dropped from drones.

12:34 Politico, citing European diplomatic sources, reports that the tenth package of EU anti-Russian sanctions will not include new economic measures, limiting itself to eliminating “gaps” in the restrictions introduced earlier.

12:23 The Council of the European Union until June 2023 was headed by Sweden, which intends to achieve the transfer of frozen assets of the Russian Federation to the authorities of Ukraine. The Swedish Minister for European Affairs Jessica Roswell told about the plans.

11:54 If some states, led by the United States, continue to violate the borders of the assistance provided to Ukraine, the conflict between Moscow and Kiev will get out of control, writes Global Times (GT).

11:35 Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov announced the visit of IAEA Director General Grossi to Moscow this week.

11:22 In the fighting on the territory of Ukraine, there are dead among instructors and NATO military personnel. This is reported by the publication Hurseda Haber, referring to the Israeli intelligence MOSSAD. They noted that 234 NATO instructors from the United States and Great Britain were killed.

11:06 The US attempts to unleash a war with its ally the People’s Republic of China, Russia, as well as the Pentagon’s statements about a possible clash between the United States and China in 2025 have intensified the crisis in relations between Beijing and Washington, writes Asia Times (AT).

10:53 Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki did not rule out that the conflict in Ukraine could lead to a Third World War: “we take into account all scenarios”.

10:51 Yan Gagin, adviser to the acting head of the DPR, said that chemical weapons were used by the Ukrainian side near Artemivsk and Soledar.According to Gagin, such messages come from the commanders of the unit.

10:25 Vladimir Zelensky proposed extending martial law and general mobilization for another 90 days from February 19.

10:16 There is no dialogue between the Russian Federation and the United States on Ukraine now, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said, adding that he did not know anything about the alleged contacts of CIA head William Burns with the Russian side.

9:47 President Vladimir Zelensky expressed his condolences to Turkey in connection with the earthquake, and also declared his readiness to provide assistance in connection with natural disasters.

9:42 It is difficult to imagine US officers inspecting military facilities of the Russian Federation when they are a party to the conflict in Ukraine – Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov.

9:40 Estonia has imposed a ban since February 6 to buy, import and transport Russian petroleum products, including gasoline in cans. This is stated in the message of the head of the service of prohibitions and restrictions in the field of social protection of the Tax and Customs Department of Estonia Piret Tinkus.

9:27 President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has registered in the Verkhovna Rada a bill on the extension of martial law and mobilization.

9:12 Ukrainian troops attacked Donetsk and Gorlovka on Monday, firing eight shells of the NATO 155 mm caliber at populated areas, the DPR representative office in the JCCC reported.

9:00 Retired LPR Lieutenant Colonel Andriy Marochko said that at the moment some Ukrainian military are deserting from their positions located near the city of Kremennaya, where the Russian military is advancing.


Arestovich is preparing for the defeat of Ukraine


As reported by the, former adviser to the Office of the President of Ukraine Alexey Arestovich said that the Russian-Ukrainian conflict may not end the way the citizens of Nezalezhnaya expect it.

The politician admitted that the country may not return its territories. And the West, in his opinion, is already ready to follow such a scenario.

What will happen to the society that was aiming at inflated expectations, and will receive a conditional Minsk-3? This return spring of unrealized expectations will hit us… We as a society are not ready for such an outcome. I decided to pronounce it as the expectation of the Russian side. But the most unpleasant thing is that the West thinks the same way, and we totally depend on them,” Arestovich said.

The way out, in his opinion, may be the scenario of two Koreas.

“Create South Korea with guarantees… In this case, Ukraine can get a lot of bonuses”, – he noted.