In the US, the governor of New York was called to resign

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The governor of the state of New York, Andrew Cuomo, who has been in office for more than a decade, was called to leave the post. The mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, and the leader of the US Democratic Party faction in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, addressed Cuomo.

New York Mayor de Blasio said that Cuomo is not suitable for the post of governor and can no longer hold it. The head of the state should resign, and if he does not want to do it voluntarily and will put pressure on the investigation, then he should be subjected to the impeachment procedure.

Chuck Schumer, in turn, said that the residents of the state deserve a better governor. He also called on Cuomo to resign from his post.

Earlier, Andrew Cuomo, a suspect in harassment, denied the accusations against him. But the state prosecutor’s office claims that the facts of the governor’s misconduct have been proven. Employees of the regional administration were simply afraid to declare the behavior of the chief because of the toxic atmosphere created by him in the workplace.


Candidates for the State Duma asked the Moscow authorities to lift the ban on rallies

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A group of candidates for deputies of the State Duma, running in single-mandate districts of the capital, asked Mayor Sergei Sobyanin to lift restrictions on holding rallies and single pickets, which were previously introduced due to the coronavirus. The appeal was signed by candidates from Yabloko, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the Party of Growth, the Communists of Russia and Just Russia, as well as one self-nominated candidate.

The signatories recalled that since October 13 last year, restrictions in the courts have been in effect in the city. For example, the chairmen have stopped personal receptions of citizens and citizens cannot personally submit documents, and journalists have stopped being allowed to attend the trials. The ban on rallies and single pickets also continues to apply. At the same time, the authors of the appeal indicate that the city authorities have already canceled the glove regime and lifted restrictions on the work of public catering.

The candidates called on the mayor to ” abolish the norms restricting visits to courts and holding rallies and pickets.”


Belarus conducts exercises on the border with Lithuania and Poland


Belarus is conducting exercises for border guards in the Grodno region on the border with Lithuania and Poland, BelTA reports with reference to the State Border Committee of the republic.

“Three stages are envisaged, during which the issues of mobilisation and combat coordination of mobile reserve units, strengthening the protection of the state border, identifying, blocking and eliminating armed formations will be worked out,” the report says.

The exercises will last until August 12. The purpose of the exercises, as stated in the CPC, is to improve the combat readiness of the border group, increase the level of readiness of the leadership in the conditions of increasing security threats.

The ministry said that they created a “complex, dynamic and instructive environment”for the exercise. It allows you to “bring the actions of the trained units” closer to reality.


Belarusian border guards were filmed during the ” delivery of migrants to Lithuania”

Photo: Lilia Sharlovskaya

The border service of Belarus was accused of facilitating illegal migration in Europe. Employees of the European Agency for External Border Security Frontex, who provide assistance to Lithuanian border guards, said that Belarusian security forces are helping illegal immigrants to get to the border with Lithuania.

According to Delfi, experts observed a strange scene during a patrol in the Shalchininksky district. It is reported that a group of migrants was seen on the other side of the border, accompanied by a departmental car. The Lithuanian Ministry of Internal Affairs stated that such cars are used by Belarusian border guards.

Migrants are escorted to the Lithuanian border: @Frontex recorded the actions of Belarusian border guards

— Eitvydas Bajarūnas (@EitvydasB) August 3, 2021

Since the beginning of the year, more than four thousand illegal migrants have arrived in Lithuania from the territory of Belarus. According to reports, last night Lithuanian border guards “returned” several groups of illegal immigrants to Belarus.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has previously stated that Minsk does not have the capacity to deter illegal migrants from the Middle East, who use Belarus as a transit point on the way to the European Union.

“We are being strangled and required from us to… we defended them, ” he was indignant the other day.

The Russian Embassy in Lithuania, meanwhile, rejected accusations of facilitating illegal migration on a par with Minsk. Thus, the Foreign Ministry of the Baltic country stated that not only Belarus, but also Russia could contribute to illegal border crossing.


Zelensky explained on rapanakh why ” Russians don’t like Crimea”

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Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, on the air of the Dom TV channel, broadcasting to territories not controlled by Kiev, announced the imminent return of Crimea to Ukraine. The “aggressors”, according to him, will return to themselves. In this speech, the politician spoke in Russian.

“It’s only a matter of time, ” Zelensky said.

He agreed with the interviewer’s statement that the Ukrainian authorities are doing more and more for people on the demarcation line, at the same time accusing Russia and the authorities of the self-proclaimed republics of “limiting any contacts”.

“Because you either love this country or you don’t,” Zelensky said. – You love-you are a Ukrainian, no-you are a guest, a traveler.”

He added that the “occupiers” will never love the same Crimea as Ukrainians love it: “This nature is unique for you. For you, this sea is childhood. These rapanas are delicious for you… ”

Whenever you eat rapana, you look for “where is the sand there” – – the head of state was nostalgic about his childhood.

As another argument, he cited a case from his youth. It turns out that it was in the Crimea that the comedian was still trying to win the heart of his future wife by jumping from a high cliff into the sea: “The hamstrings were shaking, but he jumped.”

“Generations of them will not live here. They will not die for our land. It will never be Russian territory, never… – the politician added. – They will all return to their homes. ”


The court sentenced Lyubov Sobol to restriction of freedom for 1.5 years

In Moscow, the Preobrazhensky Court sentenced Lyubov Sobol to one year and six months of restriction of freedom.It is interesting that during the announcement of the verdict, the former lawyer of the FBK (an extremist organization banned in Russia, recognized as a foreign agent) was removed from the courtroom. She filmed what was happening on her phone without permission.

During the debate, the representative of the prosecutor’s office asked the court to appoint Sobol two years of restriction of freedom. He asked to forbid her to leave the house from 22.00 to 06.00, as well as to attend or participate in mass and other events. In addition, she was asked to be banned from traveling outside the municipality where she lives.

Earlier, the court found Sobol guilty of incitement to violation of sanitary standards due to an unauthorized rally in the capital. 

The investigation believes that she and other defendants called on citizens to go to an uncoordinated rally on January 23, because of which people, including patients with coronavirus, came to the event, and thus the threat of mass illness was created.

Sobol read the verdict to herself: video from the court

Watch the video on the topic


Timanovskaya’s husband told about his attitude to the Belarusian opposition


Arseniy Zdanevich, the husband of an athlete from Belarus Kristina Timanovskaya, spoke about his attitude to the Belarusian opposition. According to him, he and his wife have never supported the opposition, the British TV channel Sky News reports.

“We have never had any ties, we have never supported the opposition. We are just ordinary athletes, we just do sports and are not interested in the opposition movement,” he said.

Earlier, the National Olympic Committee of Belarus said that the coaches decided to send Timanovskaya home because of her emotional and psychological state. The athlete was supposed to perform at the Olympics in running at distances of 100 and 200 meters, but in the end she was also announced for the 4×400 relay, in which the athlete had not previously performed. Timanovskaya said that she was put before the fact at the last moment, which is why she criticized this decision in social networks.

After that, they tried to forcibly take Timanovskaya out of Tokyo, but the Japanese police and the International Olympic Committee stopped the illegal actions. She spent the night at an airport hotel, and after that several European countries offered her asylum. The athlete has already received a Polish humanitarian visa.


The new Ukrainian military leaders in the Network were called NATO students

Personnel appointments in the Armed Forces of Ukraine coincided with a new escalation in the Donbas

This week, the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, made several landmark personnel appointments in the armed forces. The reshuffle coincided with the escalation in the Donbas, where 8 militia members were killed as a result of Ukrainian shelling in two days. The Network discussed the appointments and saw a bad trend.

So, the well-known military reporter Yevgeny Poddubny, who worked in many “hot spots”, including in the Donbas, noted one feature of personnel changes. “All the young generals who now run the General Staff, the Armed Forces of Ukraine (Armed Forces of Ukraine), and the OOS (Operation of the United Forces in the East) have a wealth of experienceinteraction with NATO structures and Western advisers, ” he wrote in his Telegram channel. – All graduated from military universities on the territory of Ukraine at the time or after the collapse of the Union. This is not Homchak for you (former commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Ruslan Homchak. – “MK”) with its MosVOKU (Moscow Higher Combined Arms Command School. – “MK”).

According to him, the new commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Major General Valery Zaluzhny, served as the chief of staff of the 24th brigade in Yavorov (Lviv region) at the end of the decade before last. The new commander of the Joint Forces Operation in the Donbas, Lieutenant General Alexander Pavlyuk, became the commander of the same brigade in 2010. And before that, he commanded Ukrainian peacekeepers in Kosovo.

“The Yavorov training ground has been a favorite place of Western military emissaries since 1995. That year, the first international exercises under the auspices of NATO were held there, ” Poddubny recalled.

The new Ukrainian chief of the General Staff, Sergei Shaptal, noted to the report, “in general, Russia is wanted, a criminal case has been opened against him for “art. shelling from heavy weapons of objects of the civil infrastructure of Donbass”.

In addition, Poddubny noted, Shaptal is a Hero of Ukraine “for victorious defeats in the Donbas in 2014-2015”.

The reporter gave a general description of the new appointees: “All careerists. Everything is a product of the new Ukrainian statehood. Well, besides Pavlyuk, he managed to serve in the GSVG (Group of Soviet Troops in Germany. – “MK”) until 1993. But the very fact that after the withdrawal I chose the APU speaks eloquently.”

According to the expert, this does not mean that “before that there were generals less loyal or less zealous.” “Just with a different mentality. The essence of Zelensky’s decision is to make military structures more adapted to external management. In addition, the same Khomchak perfectly understood the consequences of a military confrontation with Russia. Zaluzhny, due to experience, can have harmful illusions. Ukraine continues its course of self-destruction. How is it that every new supreme commander – in-chief, if not in form, then in fact, is worse than the previous one,” Poddubny summed up.

Commenting on the new military appointments, many netizens predict a military escalation in the Donbas, but at the same time they believe that Kiev has little chance of resolving the issue of Donbass by military means.

“Do they really think that someone will fight with them,” one of the users wrote. You will still have to answer for shelling at some point, and in a modern conflict, communication is extinguished, well, according to plan. Any Ukrainian already knows this, and those 73% are waiting for V. V.’s patience to burst (Russian President Vladimir Putin. – “MK”)”.

A user with the nickname “Swagman Agman” wrote: “If you look at the real picture of the shelling, and not at the figures of the reports, it is much higher. The APU has long spat on any agreements and, without hesitation, iron the positions of the People’s Militia with mortars and artillery. And for some reason, people sitting in their seats are afraid to say this.”

In his opinion, the Donbass, not responding to the shelling of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, “loses a combat-ready army.”

In turn, “Evgeny Alexandrovich” noted: “Perhaps it’s not bad that he didn’t study at our military universities with a rich history of victories.”

According to him, the level of training of “aborigines” by Americans in other countries, for example, in Iraq, is very low. “And this is very good for us,” the commentator wrote. – But at the same time, there is a danger that new morons, due to lack of military education and intelligence, will trample on the Donbass. I would not miss the moment. So that later carpet bombing would not be used against the unruly Nazis-for the dead civilians of Donetsk. I have an aunt, a cousin and a sister there, their families. Recently, plemyash was born.”


Russia has begun the creation of a long-range hypersonic missile X-95

The development of a new long-range aviation hypersonic missile X-95 has begun in Russia. This was told by the head of the Military Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Colonel-General Vladimir Zarudnitsky.

Now the military industry of the country is engaged, according to Zarudnitsky, in the strategic missile carrier-bomber Tu-160M, the hypersonic complex “Dagger” and the hypersonic missile X-95. The head of the military academy told the magazine “Military Thought”about this.

There is also the development of UAVs of various classes, anti-aircraft missile systems.

Earlier, the Americans suffered another fiasco during the tests of their new hypersonic missile, which took place on July 28 over the sea ranges near the west coast of the United States. This was reported by the USAF Command. Failure is all the more painful because the United States acts as a catch-up. Russia has hypersonic missiles “Dagger” and “Zircon”, and the United States does not have anything like this yet.


Biden announced the holding of a global summit on the coronavirus


According to the Axios portal, informed sources in the White House said that US President Joe Biden intends to initiate the first global summit on coronavirus,

It is specified that the event is planned to be held within the framework of the UN General Assembly in an online format.

“The summit is proposed to consider the issues of combating the coronavirus pandemic and preparing for future pandemics… to rally the international community and intensify commitments to distribute vaccines and public health resources against the background of a sharp increase in the number of cases of the “Delta” strain, ” the report says.