Prigozhin flew a combat mission on a Su-24 fighter over Artemovsk

Photo: Global Look Press

On the night of Sunday to Monday, the founder of the Wagner PMCS, Yevgeny Prigozhin, flew a combat mission to Bakhmut as a navigator of a Su-24 fighter. This was reported in the Telegram channel of his press service.

“Tonight Yevgeny Viktorovich made a sortie as a navigator of the SU-24 PMCS Wagner for the bombing of the AFU in the locality of Bakhmut and recorded a video message,” the report says.

The press service noted that the video, as well as the text of Prigozhin’s appeal, will be published later.

Earlier, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky reported that the situation for the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) is very difficult, and also added that pressure has increased in different directions.


Washington Post: Britain has turned into an “island nation” without political weight


As a result of leaving the European Union, the United Kingdom has become an “average island nation” deprived of sufficient political weight, for which even Washington has little time. This was stated by The columnist of The Washington Post Farid Zakaria.

According to the author, at the beginning of February, the third anniversary of the UK’s final exit from the EU was celebrated, coinciding with the “gloomy” verdict of the IMF: this year the British economy will show worse indicators than all major economies in the world, including Russia.

As Zakaria noted, during the 2016 vote, British voters put nationalism and politics above the economy. Also, in almost all indicators, from investments to exports and the employment market, the kingdom lags behind its competitors, the country is in a difficult situation, “wherever you look,” the observer writes.

According to his assessment, Brexit turned out to be part of a broader process of the “fall” of the UK. As a result of the global financial crisis of 2008, the situation in the kingdom was aggravated by the policy of austerity, at the same time, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson easily blamed foreigners for the onset of hard times, promising to “cure” all problems through Brexit, the publication clarifies.


Kresy: the visit of the Polish Defense Minister to Kiev turned into a scandal


The Kresy publication stated that in Poland, indignation was caused by the laying of a wreath at the memorial with the image of the flag of the UPA (an extremist organization banned in Russia) by Deputy Prime Minister Mariusz Blaszczak.

Recall that at the end of last week Blashchak visited Kiev. The press service of the Polish Ministry of Defense published a photo from that event. In one of the pictures that were taken during the laying of a wreath at the memorial to the fallen Ukrainian military, Blashchak is depicted kneeling in front of a fragment of the memorial. In the frame, while,it turned out to be graffiti painted on it with the flag of the UPA (an extremist organization banned in Russia).

Among Poles, according to the publication, this photo caused a violent reaction. In particular, on social networks, local residents were outraged by the posting of this picture and the lack of comments from the authorities. The snapshot was later deleted.


Mayor Prikhodko: a civilian was injured during the shelling of Gorlovka

Photo: Global Look Press

The mayor of Gorlovka, Ivan Prikhodko, said in his Telegram channel that a civilian was injured as a result of shelling by Ukrainian troops in the Kalininsky district of the city.

We will remind that earlier he reported that the APU fired at a hostel located on Shakhterskaya Street.

“As a result of the shelling by Ukrainian neo-Nazis in the Kalinsky district of Gorlovka, a civilian was injured,” he said.

Earlier, Prikhodko clarified that the hostel was damaged as a result of a direct hit by a shell of Ukrainian servicemen.


Walla: Ukraine demanded Israel to issue a loan and condemn Russia


According to the Walla portal, citing high-ranking sources, official Kiev, on the eve of the visit of Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen to Ukraine, voiced a number of demands to the Israeli side.

In particular, we are talking about the approval by the Israeli authorities of a $500 million loan for Ukraine.

“The Ukrainian authorities also called on Israel to make a clear public statement against the Russian special operation and in support of the territorial integrity of Ukraine, as well as to support Zelensky’s plan to send hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians to Israeli clinics for treatment,” the report says


Немецкий министр Бербок призналась, что ее попросили не шутить о Шольце

Фото: Global Look Press

По словам министра иностранных дел Германии Анналены Бербок, политики и дипломаты рекомендовали ей не говорить ничего лишнего и не шутить про федерального канцлера Олафа Шольца.

“Меня предупреждали: Анналена, в ближайшее время, пожалуйста, никаких шуток о канцлере. И самое главное: пожалуйста, не говори лишнего”, — сообщила она.

В субботу Бербок вручили шутливый орден “Против зверской серьезности” от Ассоциации карнавалов немецкого города Ахен. Награду вручают известным политикам за чувство юмора и близость к народу.

Как отметила министр, она хотела появиться на этом мероприятии в костюме леопарда (Leopard — название основного боевого танка Германии), но затем передумала.


Zelensky said that Russia will try to take revenge in February

photo frame from video

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky in his evening video address to the nation announced plans of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to “take revenge” for the failures of 2022 in the arena of military action.

According to him, the Russians in February will try to recoup last year’s defeats, but Ukraine must stand up.

“There are already many reports that they want to do something symbolic in February,” Zelensky said..


Пригожин объявил правительства Великобритании, США и Канады “незаконными” и “террористическими”

Евгений Пригожин. Фото: Кадр из видео.

Бизнесмен Евгений Пригожин распространил заявление, в котором сообщается, что совет командиров ЧВК “Вагнер” принял решение считать органы государственного управления США, Великобритании и Канады нелегитимными.

“На основании вышеизложенного правительства США, Великобритании и Канады признаются обер-террористическими и незаконными”, – говорится в заявлении.

В документе также отмечается, что ЧВК “Вагнер” будет оказывать народам этих стран и других угнетенных стран всяческое содействие в противодействии террористическим структурам, таким как “правительство США, Великобритании, Канады, ИГ (организация запрещенная в России), Аль-Каида (организация запрещенная в России) и т.д.”

“Мы будем защищать и поддерживать мирное население государств, подвергающихся геноциду, неоколониализму, терроризму со стороны частных, государственных и надгосударственных образований”, – подчеркивается в подписанном Евгением Пригожиным заявлении.


Daily Mail readers believe that Putin’s decision to deploy “Zircons” will “shut up the West”

Zircon launch, video frame. source: social networks

Readers of the Daily Mail reacted to the news that the Russian Armed Forces will receive hypersonic missile systems “Zircon” in 2023, RIA Novosti reports.

One user was surprised how the Russians manage to create such powerful systems, “allocating only a fraction of a percent for this in comparison with the American military budget.”

Another wrote that “the very fact that … Putin has adopted such missiles will already shut up the West.”

A third said that this was expected “after statements by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky that the United States should launch nuclear strikes against Russia.”

Another participant in the conversation noted that the Russians do not use even half the power of their army, “and they have already forced NATO and especially Britain to exhaust all ammunition.”

Users called on “militant Britons and Americans” to stop “poking the Russian bear.”

In January, Alexander Leonov, the general designer of the Reutov NPO of Mechanical Engineering, announced that in 2023 the Navy will adopt a surface-launched hypersonic missile “Zircon”. Ships equipped with “Zircons” are capable of delivering powerful pinpoint strikes on any objects on land and at sea. All modern and promising air defense systems are powerless against them.


After Zelensky’s words about Artemovsk, the Germans predicted the imminent end of Ukraine

photo: DAN

Readers of the German edition of Die Welt are discussing the statement of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky about the very difficult situation for the Ukrainian forces in Artemovsk (Bakhmut), RIA Novosti reports.

“As I said, it will all end soon,” the agency quotes a user under the nickname Boris Hertal. He believes that in late spring and early summer “there will be no more Ukraine that could join the EU,” in his opinion, “it is better to give up now so that at least something remains.”

“They will not be able to win against Russia! Even with all NATO weapons!” — Dirk D. said about Ukrainians.

Til Z noted that since Zelensky “says this publicly, the situation in Ukraine is really difficult.”

Hans-Ullrich S expressed the opinion that “the Russian army is too strong, and all these predictors of its defeat over the past few months have only been lying in the hope of making enough money.”

One of the readers of the publication, as RIA Novosti notes, hopes that “they will finally offer to hold peace talks.”

Earlier on Sunday, the agency reported that the fighter of the PMCS “Wagner” told about the fierce battles that are going on for Artemovsk.

The media also find confirmation of information about the partial withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from the northern districts of Artemivsk.

At the same time, Zelensky said on Friday: “We will fight as long as we can.”