The authorities of Zaporozhye accused Ukrainian saboteurs of the explosion in Melitopol

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Vladimir Rogov, a member of the main council of the military-civil administration of the Zaporozhye region, blamed Ukrainian saboteurs for the explosion in Melitopol.

He called the incident a terrorist attack and said that a sabotage and intelligence group was behind it.

“I am sure that anti-terrorist security measures should be strengthened in the region in order not to allow Ukrainian militants to intimidate the population and try to disrupt the peaceful way of life in the future,” he said.

The explosion occurred on Monday morning in the city center. The media reported about three victims.

Recall that the Azov part of the Zaporozhye region is under the control of the Russian Federation. A civil-military administration was established there.


Nazarbayev: if my relatives have violated the law, they should be held responsible

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The first President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, said that if his relatives used the name as a cover for violating the law, they should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

He clarified that Kazakhstan has been building a rule-of-law state for several years, the fundamental factor of which is the law, uniform for all. He said this in an interview with political scientist Daniyar Ashimbayev.

“In the event that one of my relatives used my name as a cover and violated the law, they should be held accountable,” Nazarbayev added.

According to the first President of Kazakhstan, guilt must be proved in court.


NATO Deputy Secretary General declared the alliance’s “right” to deploy forces on the eastern flank


NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Joane said that due to Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, the North Atlantic Alliance has no restrictions to create strong positions on the eastern front.

He clarified that in the NATO-Russia Founding Act, Moscow’s representatives assumed obligations to prevent attacks on neighbors. Among other things, the document spelled out participation in regular consultations with the North Atlantic Alliance. Based on the fact that the Russian Federation allegedly does not adhere to the above conditions, Joane blamed Russia for non-fulfillment of this act.

“Currently, we have no restrictions to create a strong position on the eastern flank and give guarantees that the territory of the North Atlantic Alliance is protected by Article 5 of the NATO charter,” Joane added.

Earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the new strategy of the alliance will not consider Russia as a partner in strategic terms. This statement will be discussed at the summit to be held in Madrid in June.


The Ukrainian military was at the end of the evacuation lists of the United States


RIA Novosti reported that American forms for the evacuation of wounded from the battlefield, based on which Ukrainians should be rescued last, were found on the territory of the Azovstal plant located in Mariupol and Volnovakha. The documents were found in positions where the APU was previously based.

According to the publication, in the forms, patients were divided into several categories. The first was the US military, the second was US citizens, then not the US military, after them the list included non-American citizens and prisoners.

These evacuation forms were made on vandal-proof plastic carriers and sewn into special notebooks. Together with them, the documents contained information concerning the use of military field medicine.


British expert: London has no way to intercept the “Dagger”

MiG-31K with a model of a hypersonic missile “Dagger”

According to an expert on international relations from the University of Leicester, Professor Andrew Futter, the British armed forces currently do not have the ability to intercept and shoot down Russian ballistic missiles, including the Dagger missile system.

In an interview with the Daily Express newspaper, he explained that the lack of defensive weapons makes Britain vulnerable in the event of a possible conflict with the Russian Federation.

Another expert analyst Alex Lord added that the Russian “superweapon” is located within the “possible strike” on the UK. He recalled that the “Daggers” are launched from MiG-31K, which are on permanent duty in the Kaliningrad region. “There they are within the reach of the UK,” said Lord.


Lavrov denied rumors about Putin’s illness

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, during an interview with the leading French TV channel TF1, denied information about Vladimir Putin’s allegedly poor health, which is spread by Western media.The Minister of Foreign Affairs stressed that the head of state appears in public every day. According to Lavrov, the presidentIn Russia, everyone can see on the screens and follow his public speeches – and all sane people do not see any signs of ailments or ailments. 

The other day, the Russian Foreign Minister stressed that the West has declared total war on the entire Russian world. “The culture of cancellation” in relation to Moscow has already reached the point of absurdity.


In Bulgaria, 200 Ukrainian refugees refused to resettle from the Black Sea


In accordance with the decision of the Bulgarian government, Ukrainian refugees placed in the resorts of the republic filled out special questionnaires in which they confirmed their consent to change their residence.

However, 200 migrants at the last moment refused to leave the popular resort “Golden Beaches” in Varna. Buses arrived to transport them to the hotels, which had to be sent back empty. Journalists, doctors and policemen who were going to accompany them wasted their time.

Only five refugees were persuaded to proceed on an export flight, Rossiyskaya Gazeta clarified.

Earlier it was reported that in the prospect of the failure of the summer season, Sofia decided to reduce, from May 31, compensation for food and accommodation for Ukrainian refugees from 40 (1,452 rubles) to 15 levs (544 rubles) per day. There were about 500 hotels ready to accept them for this money.


Zelensky dismissed the head of the Kharkiv central office of the SBU for the failure of the protection of the city

Vladimir Zelensky. Photo: A frame from the video.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said in his video message that he dismissed the head of the SBU Department in the Kharkiv region, Roman Dudin.

“I came, I figured it out,” said the Ukrainian head.

Zelensky added that he made such a decision because Dudin did not work to protect the city from the very beginning of the Russian special operation.

“I thought only about myself personally,” the President of Ukraine noted.

Earlier it was reported that Vladimir Zelensky visited the Kharkiv region today and met with the military.


In Germany, they said that the unity of the European Union on sanctions against Russia is “collapsing”


German Economy Minister Robert Habeck said on Sunday that the EU’s unity on sanctions against Russia is “starting to crumble” ahead of the summit, where the oil embargo will be discussed, as well as steps to reduce dependence on Russian energy.

This is reported by Reuters.

Habek told the agency that after the start of Russia’s military special operation in Ukraine, everyone “saw what could happen when Europe is united.”

The minister also expressed hope “that it will continue to be so.”

However, he noted that “this unity is already beginning to crumble.”

Habek urged Germany not to abstain from voting at the summit due to disagreements within the country’s ruling coalition, but to speak “with one voice”.

The head of the German Ministry of Economy called for the same unity and other EU countries.