The Kremlin supported the initiative of doctors to invite anti-vaccinators to the “red zones”

Photo: Mikhail Verny

Dmitry Peskov commented on an open letter from doctors of leading Russian hospitals treating coronavirus patients, including Denis Protsenko, the head physician of the State Clinical Hospital No. 40 in Kommunarka, in which they invited well-known opponents of vaccination, including State Duma deputies Zyuganov, Sergei Mironov and singer Yuri Loza, to visit the “red zones”, intensive care and pathology departments.

Political scientist Sergey Kurginyan, the leader of the rock band “Alice” were also among those to whom the doctors turned.&Konstantin Kinchev, actress Maria Shukshina, actors Egor Beroev and Oscar Kucera, singers Natalia Vetlitskaya and Katya Lel.

“We are aware. We evaluate it very positively,” Peskov said, answering the question of how the Kremlin assesses this initiative. 

The Kremlin speaker noted that Russia is no different from other countries of the world: both here and in other states there is a limited circle of people who are pessimistic about vaccines and buy certificates for bribes, which is a crime. 

“This is a fixed circle of people. There are not so many of them, but there is such a layer,” Peskov said. He added that it is to such people that the appeal of “our heroes-doctors” is addressed. 

According to Peskov, there is hope that the indisputable authority of doctors will help at least one of the anti-vaccinators to change their point of view. 


In Kiev, they declared the readiness of the West to help in the event of a war with Russia

The Western media has repeatedly stated about the imminent “invasion” of Russia into Ukraine

Western countries have promised to help Ukraine in the event of an armed conflict with Russia. This statement was made by the Secretary of the National Security Council (NSDC) of Ukraine Alexey Danilov, Ukrinform reports.


Danilov noted that he had received appropriate guarantees following the results of the International Security Forum in Halifax, during which he met with the Minister of Defense of Canada, a number of US senators, as well as officials from other partner countries of Ukraine.

“It’s no secret that we exchange intelligence information, so almost everyone understands what is happening,” the NSDC secretary stressed, adding that it remains unknown whether the Kremlin will “attack” and if so, when exactly.

At the same time, Danilov said that Western partners promised to “help Ukraine as much as possible” in the event of the “H” time.

Previously, the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense Kirill Budanov said that Moscow is allegedly preparing an invasion of Ukraine, which, according to him, should begin either at the end of January or at the beginning of February 2022.

Earlier, Western media repeatedly reported about the allegedly impending Russian “invasion” of Ukraine.

Today, the Kremlin commented on these publications, calling them “stuffing”.

“This is an escalation of tension, this is again an attempt, in fact, to present the Russian Federation as a kind of party that threatens the settlement process,” Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, RIA Novosti reports.


Ukraine has announced the start of a large-scale special operation on the border with Belarus

Photo: press service of the State Border Service of Ukraine

Ukraine has launched a large-scale special operation “Polesie” on the border with Belarus. The main task is to prevent the migration crisis and counteract illegal activities, the State Border Service of Ukraine reported.

The operation is carried out jointly with the forces of the National Guard, the police, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other involved reserves. Control over the state border regime will be carried out by increased border guards, as well as with the help of aircraft and drones.

In addition, forces and funds are being increased in those areas where groups of migrants may try to break through the border. Roadblocks will be set up on the highways, the main roads leading to the border will also be patrolled and bus and railway stations will be checked.


The mother of the sailor who died on the Kursk confirmed the version about the American submarine

Sofia Dudko: “We knew that first there was a collision, and then torpedoing”

The ex-commander of the Northern Fleet, Admiral Vyacheslav Popov, in a large interview that he gave to RIA Novosti, said that the K-141 Kursk nuclear submarine was killed in a collision with a NATO submarine. According to the admiral, on August 12, 2000, SOS signals were recorded, which were not given by Kursk, a special mechanism was used, which is absent on Russian boats. Popov’s statement was commented on by Sofia Dudko, chairman of the Public Council of the Memory of Submariners of the Kursk APRK.

Photo: AP

— This is not news to us, we knew that first there was a collision, and then the torpedoing of the Kursk, – says Sofia Petrovna, whose son, senior assistant commander, captain of the 2nd rank Sergey Dudko, died on the Kursk on August 12, 2000. – Immediately after the death of the submarine, no one hid this.

As we were told, this collision was accidental, it’s no secret that several NATO submarines were watching the exercises of the Northern Fleet at that time. After the approach and collision, the commander of the American submarine apparently decided that Gennady Lyachin (captain of the Kursk – “MK”) is going to torpedo him, so he forestalled his actions by firing a torpedo at Kursk. We were told that the commander of the American nuclear-powered ship can make such decisions independently, without reporting to the Supreme Commander. 

This version was then adhered to by the deputy commander of the Northern Fleet and one of the leaders of the exercises, Admiral Mikhail Motsak. And then there was a version-a fairy tale. America and I were friends then. It was impossible to allow a sharp deterioration in relations, and possibly a military conflict with the United States.

— What can they change? You can’t bring the guys back. Whoever wanted to know the truth knew it from the beginning. Who could not then voice the real reason for the death of the Kursk, I think that he will not return to this now.  

— At the very beginning we had a lawyer Boris Kuznetsov. He made some efforts. Later he moved to America and published his second book, She Drowned. I have it, they brought it to me, but I read it with humor, because he took Vice Admiral Valery Ryazantsev as an expert, who all his life was jealous of the Northern Fleet of the Pacific, on which he himself served. In Kuznetsov’s second book, the Americans had nothing to do with it, their fault in the death of the Kursk, according to our former lawyer, is not. Allegedly, there were no American submarines in that area.

— The time has come that it is necessary to tell the truth already. Vyacheslav Alekseevich is an old man, he is very ill. Apparently, he thinks he can’t leave without telling the truth.

In 2005, a film directed by Jean-Michel Carre was shown on French television. In his painting “Kursk. Submarine in muddy water” the author claimed that the Russian nuclear-powered vessel was torpedoed by the American submarine Memphis. According to the director’s version, the exercises of the Northern Fleet were observed from two American submarines Memphis and Toledo. “Toledo” was going todangerous proximity under the cover of “Memphis”, which was “in the shadows”. At some point there was a collision of the nuclear-powered Kursk and Toledo. Allegedly, the opening of the pipe of the Kursk torpedo tube was heard. And to prevent the Kursk from firing at the Toledo, Memphis opened fire with a Mk-48 torpedo at the Russian submarine.  

This version was not supported by the official investigation.  


The leader of Al-Qaeda gave a lecture on the harm of the UN

The leader of the Al-Qaeda organization banned in Russia gave a lecture on the harm of the UN.  Ayman Al-Zawahiri recorded the video. He examined the UN Charter, the Declaration of Human Rights, and also walked through UNESCO.

First of all, Al-Zawahiri considered it necessary to emphasize the injustice of the organization’s system itself, where the participating countries are forced to obey the decisions of the General Assembly. He does not like that the Security Council is above all. The Islamist called the five states with permanent representation in the UN Security Council “the greatest killers in history.”

Commenting on the articles of the UN Charter, Al-Zawahiri said that they are all unfair to Muslims, because it was written by non-Islamic countries that won the Second World War. By the way, the main result of the war, according to Al-Zawahiri, is the foundation of Israel, which again underlines the injustice of the victors.

As for the Declaration of Human Rights, then the indignation of the leader of Al-Qaeda was caused by the provisions on freedom of religion and gender equality. All this, according to Al-Zawahiri, contradicts Islam, because a Muslim and a non-Muslim, a woman and a man cannot be equal, because it contradicts Islamic law.

It is noteworthy that as illustrations to criticize the provisions of the UN Charter and the Declaration of Human Rights, he repeatedly turned to the confrontation between the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the militants of the Chechen wars. The video even uses a quote from a book by Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev, who for some time led Islamists in the Caucasus. In the eyes of Al-Zawahiri, the international community joined Russia’s position in those conflicts, which once again emphasized its predatory position against Muslims.

UNESCO was accused of some materials that offend Islam and for the fact that the organization criticized the trick of Al-Zawahiri’s patrons, the Taliban, when they destroyed Buddha statues in Afghanistan in 2001.

In general, Az-Zawahiri’s claims to the UN boil down to the fact that the organization promotes debauchery, homosexuality, respect for prostitutes, late marriages and gender equality. But most importantly, Al-Zawahiri is convinced that the organization is being used by the enemies of Islam to blackmail Islamic countries, forcing the latter to agree with its charter under the threat of military invasion. However, the leader of Al-Qaeda did not offer a way to resist the dictate of the UN, limiting himself only to general words.


The Crimean authorities will not ask Ukraine to resume water supply


First Deputy Prime Minister of the Crimean Parliament Yefim Fix, commenting on the situation with the peninsula’s water supply with fresh water, said that the regional authorities do not plan to apply to Ukraine with a request to restore water supply.

He noted that Crimea has been somehow coping on its own since 2015 and plans to do so in the future.

“Let Kiev continue to build obstacles and fight with windmills. We… we will not raise the issue to open the North Crimean Canal and get water from Ukraine. Let this water remain to them,” Fix stressed.


Ukraine, the United States and Britain exchanged intelligence on Russia


In recent days, Kiev, Washington and London have exchanged intelligence services’ data on the alleged “accumulation of Russian troops on the border” with Ukraine.” This was announced by Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov.

According to him, he had two important meetings – with British and American colleagues Ben Wallace and Lloyd Austin. He indicated that there had been “serious conversations.”

“We made an exchange of information between our intelligence agencies – the conclusions are the same,” the head of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry said.

Reznikov added that Kiev had received “very important signals from partners.” In particular, that Russia will face a “very tough” reaction.


Klimkin asked the West for “infernal” sanctions for Russia


According to the portal “Columnist”, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin made an appeal to the Western countries, asking them to impose as tough sanctions as possible against Russia.

Klimkin complained about the “courage” that Russian President Vladimir Putin allegedly caught after several foreign policy victories. This euphoria may, according to the ex-minister, push Moscow to some large-scale provocations against Kiev.

“Infernal sanctions,… whether SWIFT will be disabled or oil imports will be restricted,… what will be the supply of new weapons to Ukraine … – the Americans are discussing this,” Klimkin threatened, while he clarified that he could not announce any exact restrictive measures yet.

State Department: The United States will not hesitate to act against Russia because of Ukraine


State Department: The United States will not hesitate to act against Russia because of Ukraine

pixabay photo

The official representative of the US State Department, Ned Price, said that Washington intends to continue to counteract Russia against the background of Ukraine without hesitation.

According to him, the current White House administration has made it clear to Moscow from the very beginning of its work that it will use all available levers of pressure in response to the Kremlin’s “aggressive actions”.

“From the very beginning… We have demonstrated that we are ready and able to use a number of tools to counter Russia’s harmful activities. Washington will not hesitate to use these tools as needed in the future,” Price stressed, quoted by RIA Novosti.

The United States imposes new sanctions against the Russian Nord Stream – 2 gas pipeline