Sohu: Russian planes over the Baltic Sea turned NATO aviation into a ” laughing stock»

The Chinese pointed out the unpleasant consequence of the incident in the sky

Russian aviation did not allow the planes of several NATO countries to approach their Tu-160 bombers during a flight over the Baltic Sea, exposing the actions of the Western alliance to “ridicule”, analysts of the Chinese publication Sohu write. The aircraft of the Russian Armed Forces flew in international airspace in compliance with all norms, they were accompanied by Su-35S and Su-27.

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

However, NATO decided to carry out the interception. “Italy, Denmark and Sweden took their fighter jets into the air and tried to intercept the Russian bombers,” the article says. The F-16, Saab 39 and the famous F-35 fighters took to the air. But the pilots accompanying the bombers of other aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces drove off the NATO planes, not allowing them to approach.

Chinese experts add that Russian Tu-160 bombers, even without any escort, are a big problem for the West. They are equipped with powerful engines, and the aircraft can reach high speed, moving away from the F-35 fighters.

During the flight, no more incidents were allowed, and the Russian aircraft returned to their home base.


The State Department announced its intention to build on progress on the nuclear deal with Iran


The US State Department intends to continue discussing the mutual return of Washington and Tehran to compliance with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on the Nuclear Program.

“We would like to build on the significant progress made during the last round of negotiations in Vienna,” said the representative of the US Foreign Ministry.

The US policy towards Iran is aimed at promoting American interests, regardless of who is in charge in the country.

“We know that the Iranian Interior Minister has declared Ibrahim Raisi the winner of the Iranian elections,” a State Department official said.

Earlier it became known that the head of the country’s judiciary, Ibrahim Raisi, won the presidential election in Iran. Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated him on his victory.


The blonde arranged a test drive of the anti-aircraft complex “TOR-M2»

The drone storm won’t miss even a sparrow

I was allowed to drive the latest modification of the Tor-M2U anti-aircraft missile system-under the supervision of an experienced officer, of course. And learn the secrets of anti-aircraft gunners training.

Domestic air defense systems have always been considered one of the best in the world. And the latest modification of the “Torus” is a direct proof of this. The correspondent of ” MK ” managed to see the training of anti-aircraft gunners from the inside and talk to them.

Correspondent of “MK” against the background of the anti-aircraft missile system.

“Thor” – thunderer

If you just type “Thor” in the browser’s search bar, the first thing it will give you will be “Thor-Thunderer”. In Norse mythology, it is the main protector of all gods and people from evil. The most powerful giants and ferocious monsters are unable to resist Thor.

This, of course, is not about a tactical anti-aircraft missile system (SAM). Although there is no denying that the names of our military equipment contain answers to many questions.

So still – what is the “thunderstorm of drones” and why is it called that way?

“Tor-M2” is a representative of a new generation of short-range air defense systems. It is designed to protect important administrative, economic and military facilities from attacks by cruise missiles, remotely piloted aircraft, aerial bombs, airplanes and helicopters. Including those made using the “stealth” technology. That is, “invisible” with low radar visibility. At the same time, the “Tor” system itself controls the designated airspace and independently captures all air targets that are not recognized by the “friend-foe” system.

Help ” MK»: “It is characterized by an increased efficiency of repelling massive attacks by modern air attack means in the conditions of fire and electronic counteraction. The anti-aircraft missile system can operate both in manual mode, with the participation of operators, and in fully automatic mode, simultaneously accompanying up to 24 air targets, ” the materials of the Russian Defense Ministry say.

“Tor-M2” – the only air defense system in the world, capable of firing on the march, that is, on the move. This allows you to cover the troops being transferred from air strikes.

So that I could get to know this technique better, I was allowed to visit the Kantemirovskaya Tank Division training ground near Moscow, where special tactical exercises with Tor complexes were being planned. According to the scenario, the combat crews had to make a march as part of a mechanized column to the designated area. On the march, the servicemen had to work out actions to repel the sabotage groups of the imaginary enemy and to repel an air strike during air raids. 

– no. Even the smallest object is recognized by the devices.

– The system recognizes that it is a bird. The technology is smart.

“No, of course not. The decision is made by a person. Inside, the trained calculation is located. They control everything. They see the target, then-capture, escort, and only on command press the button.

– Mechanic-driver, head of the calculation and operator.

“Four Thor combat vehicles, and a battery command post ahead. There, as you probably already understood from the name, is the commander of the battery, who manages everything.

The lieutenant colonel said that they serve both conscripted soldiers and contract soldiers. In the process of conscription, young people are constantly trained. Many conscripts are so drawn out that they continue to serve – already under contract.

– There are enough people willing to sign a contract, – Zakri Khazhbikarovich shared.

“Mindfulness, I think. To do this, we have regular classes and are held.

– Convenient. And there’s plenty of room, and it doesn’t shake, ” the officer assured me. – You can see for yourself later.

The lieutenant colonel also said that classes like today’s are held daily. Every day, one of the batteries works out the necessary skills. Military personnel-not involved – are busy with something else. Fire, tactical and special training. No one sits idle. Also, a lot of attention is paid to the physical training of fighters. Be sure to do daily training, including hand-to-hand combat.

Military vehicles appeared on the hill. Following each other, the column of” Thors ” passed the designated area and stopped just a short distance from us. The soldiers dismounted. Then the fight took place. According to the idea, the battery was supposed to repel the attack of a sabotage group armed with machine guns. 

“You lie down behind the ground and shoot from behind the hillock –” one of the officers instructed a pseudo-diver disguised as a civilian.

The roar of machine-gun fire did not shake the air for long. The battle was over, the enemies were destroyed.

One target – one missile

– Will you go inside? – the senior lieutenant asked me, pointing to the equipment.

– Of course, – I agreed without hesitation.

My ” Thor “(I dare to call it that for a while) went first, just behind the battery commander’s combat vehicle.  It was indeed quite spacious inside, as Lieutenant Colonel Lianov had promised. And even though I was the fourth person, and there were only three people in the carriage, there was enough room for everyone. The roughness of the road was almost imperceptible. Compared to my favorite tanks, the soft move added a lot of advantages to the “Tor”.  The officer also said that ” Tor ” is deservedly called the most effective complex in the world. If earlier the target was guaranteed to hit two missiles, now “one target – one missile”.

– Get behind the wheel, – suggested the deputy commander of the battery, Lieutenant David Khachaturian.

How could such an offer be refused? Without thinking, I immediately climbed into the vacant driver’s seat.

A short on-site safety briefing, a question about my driving experience – and go ahead!

Of the obvious advantages, at least for myself, I noted that there are only two pedals: “gas” and “brake”. This significantly minimized the risks of embarrassing yourself and not even being able to move. David explained how and where to click. In theory, it didn’t sound complicated at all – no more complicated than an ordinary passenger car. 

“Don’t worry. He develops a small speed off-road-30 kilometers per hour. And so, of course, it accelerates to 70, ” the lieutenant encouraged me.

In reality, it would seem that the turtle speed for an ordinary car in the “Tor” was perceived differently. I can’t say that it was scary, but there was no desire to” turn on the gas”. Of course, the officer carefully monitored all my actions and corrected me in time. So during the experiment, not a single “Thor” was injured.

– What will happen if the battery loses its command post? – I am interested in the commander of the unit standing nearby, Senior Lieutenant Denis Fleganov. – Will the battery be able to cope with the task on its own?

“He can. The leadership is then taken by the deputy commander, who is in the first car. He’s radioing instructions to the others. Even if it happens that one machine remains, the complex will still be able to perform tasks.

– The ammunition of the complex includes 16 9M338K missiles.

– Water. If the level is higher than the tracks. This technique does not know how to swim. But the enemy’s fire withstands: the armor is thick enough.

– Do not come to the exercises, – the officer laughed…

The Thor anti-aircraft missile system passed its successful baptism of fire in Syria, covering the Russian base of Khmeimim. On his account – dozens of downed drones launched by militants in the direction of the base. None broke through.


Sohu: Russia arranged an unpleasant” surprise ” for NATO before the meeting of Biden and Putin

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Russian military aircraft staged an unpleasant surprise for NATO before the summit with the participation of Vladimir Putin and Joseph Biden, which was held on June 16 in Geneva, according to Chinese analysts on the Sohu website. We are talking about the departure of Russian Tu-160 bombers, accompanied by two Su-27 and two Su-35 fighters. Then the planes of the NATO countries raised in the air could not even get close to them.

The flight of Russian planes over the neutral waters of the Baltic lasted 8 hours. “In an instant, several European countries began to panic,” the Chinese wrote. They note that everything happened at the most unpleasant moment for Western countries. After all, NATO representatives themselves periodically provoked Russia by arranging flights along its borders, and then they found themselves in a situation where they themselves met with an approaching squadron.

“The maneuvers of the Russian planes were a signal to the United States and its allies. Russia took advantage of the opportunity presented and showed its opponents that it is not even worth trying to conduct a dialogue with it from a position of strength,” Sohu observers write.

Earlier, Chinese analysts noted that this action led to the fact that NATO aircraft were exposed “to ridicule” as a result of inept actions.


Senator Kovitidi responded to the joke of Ukraine about the flooding of the Crimea

Photo: Frame from the video

The statement of the head of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Alexey Danilov about the flooding of the Crimea is connected with the crisis in a number of areas in this state, said Olga Kovitidi, a member of the Federation Council from the Republic of Crimea. Recall that earlier Danilov said that the Crimeans after heavy rains do not know what to do with the water, which they so lacked.

The crisis in Ukraine has affected the economy, Internet communications, and religious relations. “In my opinion, the crisis processes have reached the highest point in the field of politics, and, as a result, the statements of politicians who allow such statements, which are unacceptable in a civilized society,” the senator said.

Recall that in the Crimea, due to heavy rains, Yalta, Kerch and several other settlements were flooded. There is also one fatality. The military of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation were sent to work on the restoration after the flood.


“They live in a different world”: Igor Chubais after Putin’s speech called for ” changing the system»

Photo: Social networks

The philosopher and sociologist Igor Chubais wrote in his blog on the “Echo of Moscow” post, in which he commented on the speech of Vladimir Putin at the congress of “United Russia”. The comment of Chubais turned out in the form of a semblance of a manifesto. “I was once again convinced that these people live in a different world,” the politician stressed.

Chubais mentioned several problems that the Russian president did not mention. First, about poverty and the “exhaustion of the system”. In Russia, 80 million people are below the poverty line. “Prices for food and everything vital are rising, salaries and pensions are not changing,” Chubais said.

Secondly, in Russia, there continues to be “exorbitant” corruption. There is a huge income gap between the rich and the poor in the country. In addition, there are about 4 million “forgotten” homeless people in the Russian Federation, tens of millions of people receive salaries of $ 150.

“We need to change the system,” Chubais added.


Kiev criticized Putin’s words about the unity of Russians and Ukrainians

“It’s time for the Russian leadership to recognize reality”

Ukraine’s Permanent Representative to international organizations in Vienna Yevgeny Tsymbalyuk criticized the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin about the unity of Ukrainians and Russians, writes RBC-Ukraine.


During his speech at the OSCE Permanent Council meeting, Tsymbalyuk said that Ukrainians and Russians are not “one people”, noting that the actions of the Russian Federation against Ukraine threaten its sovereignty and generate a large number of negative phenomena in the socio-political life of the republic.

“Putin again said that Russians and Ukrainians are supposedly one people. It is time for the Russian leadership to recognize the reality and allow Ukraine to live in peace as a sovereign nation state, ” the diplomat explained his position.

Earlier, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, following a meeting between US President Joe Biden and Russian Leader Vladimir Putin in Geneva on June 16, stated that it was time to force Russia to ” retreat from Ukraine.”

In May, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky introduced a bill to the Parliament, according to which Russians in Ukraine will not be considered an indigenous people.


Flights to sea resorts in Bulgaria will begin on June 28

Photo: Mikhail Verny

The Bulgarian Foreign Ministry, citing the embassy in Moscow, announced the resumption of flights to the country from Russia from June 28.

At the same time, as emphasized in the message, flights from Moscow will fly both to Sofia and to the resorts in Varna and Burgas.

There will be four flights per week on each of the routes.

In addition, planes from Yekaterinburg, Mineralnye Vody, and Rostov-on-Don will fly to Bulgaria.

The decision to resume flights was made on June 18 at a meeting of the operational headquarters under the Government of the Russian Federation.


Lukashenko bans taking planes from Ukraine

Photo: AP.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said he refused to accept Ukrainian aircraft.

Visiting the 2nd children’s hospital in Minsk, the Belarusian leader noted that Minsk will introduce retaliatory measures against Kiev, which has imposed a ban on the overflight of Belarusian airlines.

“Since Ukraine has closed our flight, we will not just accept planes from Ukraine,” the telegram channel Pool of the First quotes Lukashenko as saying.

Recall that Ukraine introduced these measures after the European countries after the incident with the landing of the Ryanair plane in Minsk and the arrest of the opposition blogger Roman Protasevich.


Military expert: US missile attack against Russia will trigger a “Dead Hand” retaliatory strike»

Photo: Frame from the video

Military expert, retired Colonel Viktor Baranets commented on the “PolitRussia” video of the US army, in which the HIMARS multiple launch rocket system releases a PrSM missile, eventually hitting a Russian cruiser. Baranets notes that while the Americans are arranging “computer games”, Russia in reality has weapons that can strike back at the United States in the event of an attack.

The expert stressed that the effectiveness of the HIMARS system is questionable. It has not yet received the opinion of the US Congressional commission and the Pentagon. “In fact, we can say that the Americans, first, bluff, and secondly, play political cards. We have been used to this for a long time,” Baranets said.

In addition, the technology used by the United States is not new. Russia uses its multiple launch rocket system, which in the United States is called the “Dead Hand”. This is a complex of automatic control of a massive retaliatory nuclear strike “Perimeter”, which was created in the years of the USSR. This system is designed to bring orders to the units of the strategic troops in case the communication lines are damaged. “This system was created in the event that the Americans will strike us suddenly, destroying Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the General Staff,” Baranets explained.

The Perimeter system should work when the president, the Chief of the General Staff, and the head of the Defense Ministry no longer have nuclear suitcases. The missiles will automatically take aim and hit major US strategic targets. “We will not hit the beaches, some empty airfields. We have a plan for the use of strategic nuclear forces, and in accordance with this plan, any country that attacks Russia will be punished, ” Baranets added.