In the United States, a giant loss of weapons from military warehouses was discovered

1,900 units lost

More than 1,900 small arms disappeared from armories and warships in the United States between 2010 and 2019. The investigation into whose hands the American weapons could have fallen was conducted by the American news agency AP News.


Some soldiers took additional weapons for themselves, others lost them in public places. But most of the weapons are stolen for the purpose of subsequent sale. Corrupt people responsible for the security of weapons find weaknesses in the supply of the US armed forces and try to make money on it by selling army weapons to criminals and members of street gangs. It is resold directly, in pawn shops or via the Internet.

They stole not only firearms, but also explosives: armor-piercing grenades, mortars and grenade launchers. In California alone, more than 110 weapons were lost.

Rifles (1,179) and pistols (694) were stolen the most. In addition, machine guns (74), grenade launchers (36), rocket launchers (34), mortars (25) and shotguns (11) also disappeared from military depots.

Despite the large amounts of lost weapons, they are very rarely found. Military investigators simply close the cases, as they can not find either the weapons themselves or the perpetrators. For example, the theft of a 65 Beretta M9 pistol in Afghanistan, after the criminal cut the lock on an army container, went unnoticed for two weeks.

The reason for this negligent attitude is a problem with the documentation. Reports of gun theft incidents are only kept for three years. Of course, this helps to reduce the number of documents and facilitates the work of officials, but old cases of loss of weapons are simply forgotten.

The U.S. Air Force declined to release the data, saying it had no record of missing weapons. In addition, the AP complained about the attempts of the US army to mislead them by giving underestimated values of lost weapons.


Zakharova called the Ukrainian authorities “masochists” for organizing the summit on Crimea

Photo: Natalia Muschinkina

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, commented on the plans of the Ukrainian authorities to hold an international summit of the “Crimean Platform”in her telegram channel.

“Earlier, the Kiev leaders wanted to return the Crimea. Now the desires are more modest – just a bright event is needed, ” Zakharova said, adding that in Kiev they decided to check the effect of the proverb “how much do not say halva, it will not become sweeter in your mouth”.

“Masochists”, – added Zakharova.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine initiated the creation of the “Crimean Platform” – an international platform for discussing ways to return the Crimea.


Ibrahim Raisi wins Iran’s presidential election


The 60-year-old head of the Iranian judiciary, Seyed Ibrahim Raisi, won the presidential election. He received more than 17.6 million votes. A total of 28.6 million people voted,according to the election headquarters.

Iranian presidential candidate Mohsen Rezai has already congratulated Raisi on his victory, calling him his brother.

It should be noted that Ibrahim Raisi was supported by the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei.


The President of Switzerland spoke about the valuable quality of Putin

Vladimir Putin has a valuable quality-directness. This was stated by the President of Switzerland Guy Parmelin. On June 16, the two heads of state held a bilateral meeting after the conclusion of the Russia – US summit, which was held at the Villa La Grange in Geneva.


“President Putin has a quality that I appreciate: he does not beat around the bush, but immediately gets down to business and conveys his thoughts. He listens and responds. There is an exchange of views, but in an exceptionally pleasant atmosphere, ” Parmelin said in an interview with broadcaster RTS.

In his opinion, Vladimir Putin does not like too much decorum, ostentatious decency, and excessive protocol, and ” tends to get to the point.”

Parmelin also spoke about his impressions of the beginning of the Russia – US summit.

“Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin talked for five minutes, and I immediately felt that everything was going well between them, between people,” he explained.

Putin responded with Tolstoy’s words to a question about relations with the United States

Watch the video on the topic


The UN General Assembly called for limiting the supply of weapons to Myanmar


The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution calling for limiting the supply of weapons to Myanmar, which was supported by 119 countries. Belarus opposed it.

Another 36 countries abstained, including Russia, Iran and China. These States believe that the crisis is an internal issue of Myanmar, and the resolution will not help to improve the situation.

According to the UN Special Envoy for Myanmar, Christine Schraner Burgener, the risk of a large-scale civil war is real in the country. At the same time, Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN Dmitry Polyansky stressed that the document is politicized and tendentious, some of its provisions are divorced from reality. According to him, such documents lead to a split in the UN General Assembly.

“We have to state that the authors failed to demonstrate a balanced approach and an adequate level of understanding of the complexity and multidimensionality of the current intra-Myanmar realities. Instead, the text is used to promote the one-sided national positions of individual member states, ” the Russian diplomat added.

Recall that a military coup took place in Myanmar on February 1. The commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of the country, Min Aung Hlaine, concentrated the legislative, executive and judicial powers in his hands. Then the military declared a state of emergency for a period of one year. The actions of the military caused a wave of protests, which are severely suppressed, a hundred people were killed during the actions. According to the UN, more than 250 thousand people have left their homes.


The Ukrainian authorities have declared it impossible to implement the Minsk agreements

However, there is no alternative to them

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov told reporters that Kiev is not able to implement the Minsk agreements in the form in which they exist now.


At the same time, the NSDC secretary acknowledged that there is no alternative to these agreements yet, the 1+1 TV channel reports.

“We need to work with the Minsk agreements…As it stands , this is completely absurd… There are no other agreements yet, but Ukraine cannot fulfill them in the current version, ” Danilov said.

At the same time, the representative of Ukraine added that the country does not plan to denounce these agreements.

“We will work with what we have and continue negotiations,” concluded Alexey Danilov.


How the US army can surpass Russia and China: experts estimate the chances of the Pentagon

Modern warfare takes place in the space, cybernetic and electronic spheres

Washington is concerned about the growing military power of the two main geopolitical opponents of the United States – China and Russia. The American military industry is losing its primacy in a number of strategic areas, such as the design of hypersonic weapons. As noted by the American media, the emerging technological gap is seriously concerned about the Pentagon, which is preparing a symmetrical response to the threat from outside.


The US media reports that the US Department of Defense seriously fears for the security of the country. Some time ago, the Military Intelligence of the Pentagon published a report in which it listed threats to the national security of the United States. Among the most dangerous phenomena that undermine international stability are terrorism, the activity of ” rogue states “(North Korea, Iran, Cuba, etc. – “MK”), as well as the strengthening of the military power of Russia and China.

According to the publication The National Interest, a separate threat to the United States is the threat of hacking. New challenges require the development of new ways to collect intelligence, technologies for processing and securely transmitting information, and other measures to protect against hacking. The” Cold War ” of our days, the publication notes, is unfolding in the space, cybernetic and electronic spheres. And the Pentagon is well aware of this.

“Expanding the competitive space beyond traditional military domains and geographical boundaries increases and complicates the requirements for military intelligence, collection, analysis, and planning,” the US military department said in a report.

The new US military budget allocates $ 23.3 billion for the development of new information security systems (with a total military budget of $ 715 billion). According to the National Interest, the Pentagon intends to neutralize new threats by introducing modern technologies that will seriously increase the chances of success in modern warfare. Introduction of new exchange technologiesthis should reduce the time it takes to transmit the order from headquarters to the person who pulls the trigger directly. The publication believes that the allocated funds will be used to develop systems with support for artificial intelligence, modern network technologies, improve the Air Force combat operations management system and other high-tech achievements.

Also, the US military expects to create the most secure information transmission network in the world. Once the likely enemy is unable to crack the security algorithms and get data on the upcoming actions of the US army, the US military will have a serious advantage. Among the most dangerous threats to information security, American expert Chris Osborne calls jamming systems, electronic warfare systems (EW) or other types of hostile activities aimed at suppressing communication systems. 

In theory, these measures should allow the United States to maintain military superiority around the world, especially since other countries are not yet ready to invest so much in the development of weapons for a “new type” of war.

However, the Pentagon still retains dominance in a number of traditionally military areas, such as the Navy. The National Interest notes that the US navy has more firepower than any of its possible rivals. The publication summarizes that in the near future, Russia, China or other” hostile ” countries to Washington will not be able to create aircraft carrier strike groups, as opposed to operational units of the US Navy.

However, as military expert Alexander Mikhailovsky noted in a conversation with MK, the US confidence in the perfection of its intelligence and information transmission systems can play a cruel joke with the Pentagon.

– The fact that they are aware of the scale of the threat and are preparing to fight it is certainly a plus for them. Simply because not everyone in the world has yet realized how this front is generally arranged and how they fight on it. But so far, they are losing not only to their leading rivals, but on some fronts – to Iran, for example. Because American drones often fall prey to Iranian electronic warfare. And moreover, if you start creating information security, it would be nice to have employeespick up mobile phones, as we do. Because there are known cases of how US secret information got into the Network through applications for evaluating hotels, beer, and the like. In short, it is necessary to start not with technology, but with discipline, ” the expert noted.

The expert also added that information security systems and methods of hacking them will be improved as well as any other weapons. And on any virtual shield, sooner or later there will be a sword.


The media called the place of a possible air battle between Russia and NATO

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The journalist of the publication The National Interest called the most likely place of air combat in the event of a clash of interests of Russia and NATO. According to military analyst Trevor Filseth, this will be the sky over the Baltic Sea.

It is in this region that all European countries and Russia fly through international airspace. In this way, they check the reaction time of potential opponents.

The reason for such assumptions was the flight of Russian aircraft over the Baltic Sea on June 15. Two Tu-160 strategic missile carriers flew over neutral waters, accompanied by two Su-27s and two Su-35s. The flight was observed by fighters from Denmark, Italy and Sweden.

As the author of the article notes, the Russian military said that they regularly perform such flights. And all of them comply with the International Rules for the Use of Space Technology.


The British Defense Minister called the conditions for the summit of Johnson and Putin


British Defense Minister Ben Wallace said on TV whether a summit of Prime Minister Boris Johnson with Russian President Vladimir Putin is possible.

“Boris Johnson is clearly open to meeting anyone,” Wallace said.

He noted that if it is necessary to take an important step towards the normalization of relations, it will be done.

At the same time, Wallace called the condition that must be met by Russia before such a meeting. According to him, President Putin should show “some positive signs of change.”

The head of the UK Defense Ministry stressed that while London still sees malicious activity. “But I think we will judge President Putin by his actions,” he added.

At the same time, Wallace expressed the hope that the Kremlin would like to improve relations with London and noted that Russia’s constant disagreements with the West are not in anyone’s interests.

As for the lifting of sanctions, Wallace said that this could follow after Russia “respects the sovereignty of other people and the international rule of law.”


Turkey reacted to the opening of air links with Russia

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The Turkish authorities welcomed the decision of the Russian Federation to resume flights with the country. This was reported in the Ministry of Tourism of Turkey.

“We are satisfied with the decision of the Russian side to resume air traffic,” RIA Novosti quoted a source in the Turkish tourism ministry as saying.

Earlier, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova called the timing of the restoration of air links with Turkey. From June 22, Russian planes with tourists will be able to fly to Turkey.

The Russian authorities made this decision after studying the situation with the spread of coronavirus infection in Turkey. According to Golikova, in Turkey, vaccination of hotel staff is organized, a mask regime is observed, and a curfew is established for the local population.

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