Poland recognized the West’s fatigue from helping Ukraine

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In the West, they are tired of supporting the regime of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky due to the irrational use and waste of money tranches, writes Myśl Polska.

According to the columnist of the publication Sylvia Gorlitskaya, since the beginning of the Ukrainian conflict, Kiev has received and continues to receive relatively large financial assistance, even more than official representatives of the United States and Europe report.

“However, simultaneously with the increase in aid – both from the other side of the Atlantic and in the European Union – there is growing concern about the misuse of the money transferred to Kiev,” the journalist shared details.

Gorlitskaya claims that Zelensky and his entourage use the money transferred by the West for their own personal purposes, and not for the restoration of the country — instead, Ukrainian politicians acquire real estate in Switzerland for $50 million.

The publication says that 90% of the financial and material assistance of the European Union has disappeared without a trace, and that Ukraine will not be able to properly pay for the military vehicles provided by Washington, and in the West they increasingly began to demand information from the Zelensky government about where the funds allocated to Kiev are spent.

“The more obvious the fact of Zelensky’s embezzlement of the money transferred by the allies against the background of constant pleading for the next tranches becomes, the more outrage it causes in the United States and the European Union,” Gorlitskaya summed up.

Against the background of its own, the United States and its allies continue to send weapons to the Kiev regime. US President Joe Biden signed a law on the supply of military products to Ukraine, Washington allocates a lot of money to Kiev. Moscow has repeatedly said that the supply of Western-made military equipment only delays the conflict, and transport with foreign weapons becomes a legitimate target for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

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