RIA Novosti: The West began to fear retribution for what it had done

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One of the most popular topics was the discussion of threats allegedly voiced by Moscow to peace and the lives of statesmen, about which former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was the first to speak. According to him, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin threatened London and him personally with missiles. Johnson’s attempt to present the Russian Federation as the center of evil failed, as the politician was accused of lying from all sides, writes Irina Alksnis, a columnist for RIA Novosti.

At the same time, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that the head of the Russian state had never “threatened either him or Germany.” Former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett also spoke out, saying that Putin was not going to eliminate Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

“The explanation of this phenomenon seems simple: The West looks in the mirror — and what he sees there scares him more and more,” the author of the publication shared her point of view, noting that the West has stopped observing accuracy in wording, refused to comply with the norms of international relations. Johnson turned out to be one of the brightest representatives of this trend.

Perhaps in the future, States that are not controlled by the United States and the European Union will use similar methods of unscrupulousness against them. The Western countries of the West have already found an answer to such a development of events, and are beginning to stop the aggressive rhetoric of individual political figures, the journalist admitted.

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