The Ambassador of Ukraine declared the belief of the inhabitants of Germany in the victory of Russia


The Ukrainian ambassador in Berlin, Andriy Melnyk, complained about the opinion of German residents. According to him, few people in this country can imagine the failure of the Russian Federation in a special operation in Ukraine.

In an interview with Ukrinform, the diplomat noted that the number of votes for a peace agreement in Germany is growing. Melnik connects this with the economic problems of Europe. According to him, the residents of Germany are clearly frightened by the fact that “the conflict may continue for a very long time and endanger their well-being.” The fact is that European countries have already faced unprecedented inflation. They understand that the situation may worsen.

The situation, according to Melnik, will lead to the fact that supporters of peace with Russia will increase pressure on the German government. In the meantime, Kiev calls on Germany to support the sanctions policy by showing moral responsibility.

Earlier, Miller, who called German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, an “offended liver sausage,” apologized to the head of the German government. He noted that because of his statement, the ambassador had to explain himself to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba. Now the ambassador wants to meet personally with the head of the German government. But it is still unknown whether such a meeting will take place.

Meanwhile, The Telegraph noted that the UK was one of the most affected countries due to anti-Russian sanctions. Its projected GDP growth in 2022 will be 3.6%. However, it will then tend to zero. And the inflation rate in June is expected to reach the level of 8.8%, despite the fact that in December 2021 it was 4.4%.


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