The blonde arranged a test drive of the anti-aircraft complex “TOR-M2»

The drone storm won’t miss even a sparrow

I was allowed to drive the latest modification of the Tor-M2U anti-aircraft missile system-under the supervision of an experienced officer, of course. And learn the secrets of anti-aircraft gunners training.

Domestic air defense systems have always been considered one of the best in the world. And the latest modification of the “Torus” is a direct proof of this. The correspondent of ” MK ” managed to see the training of anti-aircraft gunners from the inside and talk to them.

Correspondent of “MK” against the background of the anti-aircraft missile system.

“Thor” – thunderer

If you just type “Thor” in the browser’s search bar, the first thing it will give you will be “Thor-Thunderer”. In Norse mythology, it is the main protector of all gods and people from evil. The most powerful giants and ferocious monsters are unable to resist Thor.

This, of course, is not about a tactical anti-aircraft missile system (SAM). Although there is no denying that the names of our military equipment contain answers to many questions.

So still – what is the “thunderstorm of drones” and why is it called that way?

“Tor-M2” is a representative of a new generation of short-range air defense systems. It is designed to protect important administrative, economic and military facilities from attacks by cruise missiles, remotely piloted aircraft, aerial bombs, airplanes and helicopters. Including those made using the “stealth” technology. That is, “invisible” with low radar visibility. At the same time, the “Tor” system itself controls the designated airspace and independently captures all air targets that are not recognized by the “friend-foe” system.

Help ” MK»: “It is characterized by an increased efficiency of repelling massive attacks by modern air attack means in the conditions of fire and electronic counteraction. The anti-aircraft missile system can operate both in manual mode, with the participation of operators, and in fully automatic mode, simultaneously accompanying up to 24 air targets, ” the materials of the Russian Defense Ministry say.

“Tor-M2” – the only air defense system in the world, capable of firing on the march, that is, on the move. This allows you to cover the troops being transferred from air strikes.

So that I could get to know this technique better, I was allowed to visit the Kantemirovskaya Tank Division training ground near Moscow, where special tactical exercises with Tor complexes were being planned. According to the scenario, the combat crews had to make a march as part of a mechanized column to the designated area. On the march, the servicemen had to work out actions to repel the sabotage groups of the imaginary enemy and to repel an air strike during air raids. 

– no. Even the smallest object is recognized by the devices.

– The system recognizes that it is a bird. The technology is smart.

“No, of course not. The decision is made by a person. Inside, the trained calculation is located. They control everything. They see the target, then-capture, escort, and only on command press the button.

– Mechanic-driver, head of the calculation and operator.

“Four Thor combat vehicles, and a battery command post ahead. There, as you probably already understood from the name, is the commander of the battery, who manages everything.

The lieutenant colonel said that they serve both conscripted soldiers and contract soldiers. In the process of conscription, young people are constantly trained. Many conscripts are so drawn out that they continue to serve – already under contract.

– There are enough people willing to sign a contract, – Zakri Khazhbikarovich shared.

“Mindfulness, I think. To do this, we have regular classes and are held.

– Convenient. And there’s plenty of room, and it doesn’t shake, ” the officer assured me. – You can see for yourself later.

The lieutenant colonel also said that classes like today’s are held daily. Every day, one of the batteries works out the necessary skills. Military personnel-not involved – are busy with something else. Fire, tactical and special training. No one sits idle. Also, a lot of attention is paid to the physical training of fighters. Be sure to do daily training, including hand-to-hand combat.

Military vehicles appeared on the hill. Following each other, the column of” Thors ” passed the designated area and stopped just a short distance from us. The soldiers dismounted. Then the fight took place. According to the idea, the battery was supposed to repel the attack of a sabotage group armed with machine guns. 

“You lie down behind the ground and shoot from behind the hillock –” one of the officers instructed a pseudo-diver disguised as a civilian.

The roar of machine-gun fire did not shake the air for long. The battle was over, the enemies were destroyed.

One target – one missile

– Will you go inside? – the senior lieutenant asked me, pointing to the equipment.

– Of course, – I agreed without hesitation.

My ” Thor “(I dare to call it that for a while) went first, just behind the battery commander’s combat vehicle.  It was indeed quite spacious inside, as Lieutenant Colonel Lianov had promised. And even though I was the fourth person, and there were only three people in the carriage, there was enough room for everyone. The roughness of the road was almost imperceptible. Compared to my favorite tanks, the soft move added a lot of advantages to the “Tor”.  The officer also said that ” Tor ” is deservedly called the most effective complex in the world. If earlier the target was guaranteed to hit two missiles, now “one target – one missile”.

– Get behind the wheel, – suggested the deputy commander of the battery, Lieutenant David Khachaturian.

How could such an offer be refused? Without thinking, I immediately climbed into the vacant driver’s seat.

A short on-site safety briefing, a question about my driving experience – and go ahead!

Of the obvious advantages, at least for myself, I noted that there are only two pedals: “gas” and “brake”. This significantly minimized the risks of embarrassing yourself and not even being able to move. David explained how and where to click. In theory, it didn’t sound complicated at all – no more complicated than an ordinary passenger car. 

“Don’t worry. He develops a small speed off-road-30 kilometers per hour. And so, of course, it accelerates to 70, ” the lieutenant encouraged me.

In reality, it would seem that the turtle speed for an ordinary car in the “Tor” was perceived differently. I can’t say that it was scary, but there was no desire to” turn on the gas”. Of course, the officer carefully monitored all my actions and corrected me in time. So during the experiment, not a single “Thor” was injured.

– What will happen if the battery loses its command post? – I am interested in the commander of the unit standing nearby, Senior Lieutenant Denis Fleganov. – Will the battery be able to cope with the task on its own?

“He can. The leadership is then taken by the deputy commander, who is in the first car. He’s radioing instructions to the others. Even if it happens that one machine remains, the complex will still be able to perform tasks.

– The ammunition of the complex includes 16 9M338K missiles.

– Water. If the level is higher than the tracks. This technique does not know how to swim. But the enemy’s fire withstands: the armor is thick enough.

– Do not come to the exercises, – the officer laughed…

The Thor anti-aircraft missile system passed its successful baptism of fire in Syria, covering the Russian base of Khmeimim. On his account – dozens of downed drones launched by militants in the direction of the base. None broke through.


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