The British Defense Minister called the conditions for the summit of Johnson and Putin


British Defense Minister Ben Wallace said on TV whether a summit of Prime Minister Boris Johnson with Russian President Vladimir Putin is possible.

“Boris Johnson is clearly open to meeting anyone,” Wallace said.

He noted that if it is necessary to take an important step towards the normalization of relations, it will be done.

At the same time, Wallace called the condition that must be met by Russia before such a meeting. According to him, President Putin should show “some positive signs of change.”

The head of the UK Defense Ministry stressed that while London still sees malicious activity. “But I think we will judge President Putin by his actions,” he added.

At the same time, Wallace expressed the hope that the Kremlin would like to improve relations with London and noted that Russia’s constant disagreements with the West are not in anyone’s interests.

As for the lifting of sanctions, Wallace said that this could follow after Russia “respects the sovereignty of other people and the international rule of law.”


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