The Federation Council proposed declaring Russia a “sponsor of cannibalism”

Photo: Social Networks

According to the chairman of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs Grigory Karasin, Washington’s calls to declare Russia a sponsor of terrorism surprisingly fit the Russian saying: “Whose cow would low, and yours would be silent.”

In his TG channel, the politician stressed that she fully reveals the absurdity of the US accusations.

“If anything, accuse us of sponsoring cannibalism. Or nail our multinational power to the board of shame for racial and national discrimination,” Karasin ironically suggested.

He refused to even guess what Washington’s statements meant, but admitted that political thought in the United States had gone into disarray.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that if the US Congress dares to declare Russia a “state sponsor of terrorism,” it will be possible to forget about relations between Moscow and Washington.


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