The Ministry of Justice explained the recognition of “Rain” by a foreign agent


The journalist of “MK”, a member of the Public Monitoring Commission Eva Merkacheva said that representatives of the Ministry of Justice at a meeting with human rights activists commented on the decision to recognize the TV channel “Dozhd” as a foreign agent. According to Merkacheva, Roman Tsiganov, deputy director of the Department for NGO Affairs, came to the meeting from the ministry and said that the ministry had received a request for the channel to be included in the relevant register from Roskomnadzor.

“He said that “Rain” distributes materials created by other foreign agents, ” Merkacheva writes on her page in the social network.

According to her, among the foreign agents, who were cited as an example by the representative of the Ministry of Justice, were named “Voice of America”, “Siberia”. The realities of “,”Medusa & quot; and a number of individuals, including Lev Ponomarev.

& quot;We are listening further”, & mdash; the journalist noted.


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