The” stolen “Ukrainian plane in Kabul was” bought ” by rich Afghans


The plane that arrived in Kabul, which was supposed to evacuate Ukrainian citizens, was “bought out” by wealthy Afghan refugees. This is reported by the publication “” with reference to its sources. 

According to the publication, instead of Ukrainians, “rich Shiite Hazaras” who are being persecuted by the Taliban (the Taliban is a terrorist organization banned in Russia) boarded the plane. Allegedly, they paid the crew with “gold and precious stones” for the flight to Iran.

The publication notes that most of the Afghan refugees evacuated by Ukrainian planes buy seats on board for a lot of money – this is already a common practice. Moreover, payments go “past the cash register” — the money is received directly by the crews.

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian plane was seized by unknown armed men. This version of events was announced on Tuesday morning in the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry. It is not reported where the ship is currently located.

After the militants seized power, thousands of Afghan residents headed to the Kabul airport to try to leave the country. The Taliban entered Kabul on August 15 and announced the end of the war and their intention to form a new government soon.

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