The Taliban started killing Hazaras

Terrorists carry out public executions

The Taliban have introduced an amnesty for all officials of the former Afghan government, in particular for ex-President Ashraf Ghani and Vice-President Amrullah Saleh. This was announced on August 22 by a high-ranking Taliban leader, Khalil ur-Rahman Haqqani. According to him, if politicians decide to return to the country, they will not be persecuted. Meanwhile, new evidence of atrocities committed by the terrorist “Taliban”, banned in Russia, is coming from Afghanistan.  

Photo: AP

In an exclusive interview with the Pakistani Geo TV channel, Haqqani stressed that there is no hostility between the Taliban, the former president of the country and other officials who left Afghanistan. Therefore, if they still want to return to the country, they will not be retaliated against.

“We forgive Ashraf Ghani, Amrullah Saleh and Hamdullah Mohib (National Security Adviser. – ” MK ” ), “he noted, adding that the hostility between the Taliban and these three arose solely on religious grounds. – For our part, we forgive everyone, from the general to the common man.”

Haqqani also said that it was not the Taliban who started the war against the United States. According to him, the members of the group decided to take up arms only after the Americans “invaded their homeland in order to fight against their culture and religion.” However, the Taliban still won a “huge victory” over their enemies, especially given the fact that the Afghan army numbered about 350 thousand soldiers, and also received support from the United States and NATO, he said.

According to a senior representative of the radical Islamist movement, the Taliban really want all Muslim countries to reconcile with each other. In addition, Haqqani advised all states of the world to provide their citizens with proper rights and said that an “inclusive government”will be formed in Afghanistan. “Very capable, educated people will form an Afghan government in Afghanistan,” he said. “It will include people who unite the masses.”

Moreover, one of the leaders of the group called on the Afghans fleeing the country not to spread propaganda that the Taliban will take revenge on them. Haqqani promised that all nationalities living in the country can feel at ease. “Tajiks, Balochis, Hazaras and Pashtuns are all our brothers,” he assured. – All Afghans are our brothers, and, therefore, they can return to the country. The only reason for our enmity was the desire to change the system. Now the system has changed.”

Nevertheless, the human rights organization Amnesty International recently reported that the Taliban recently killed several representatives of the Afghan ethnic minority – Hazaras living in the province of Ghazni. Human rights activists noted that this incident was a “terrifying evidence of the methods of rule” of the militants.

Residents of the village of Mundarakht in the Malistan region said that they had to flee to the mountains when fighting broke out between government troops and Taliban militants. However, when some of them returned back for food, they found their homes looted.

The report of the human rights group says that the Taliban shot at least six Hazaras, and tortured three more. According to eyewitnesses, one of them, 63-year-old Jaffar Rahim, had the muscles cut out from his arm and tried to strangle him with his own scarf. A man has been charged with working for the Afghan government after cash was found in his pocket.

In turn, 40-year-old Syed Abdul Hakim was taken out of the house by the militants and beaten with sticks and rifle butts. After that, his hands were tied, and then he was shot. Two bullets hit the leg, two more – in the chest. His body was left lying next to a stream…

There are reports from Afghanistan that the Taliban have started searching for Afghans who helped the United States and NATO. This is reported in a secret document of the Norwegian Center for Global Analysis, prepared for the UN. The militants allegedly have a list of addresses of people who collaborated with foreign forces.

Earlier, the Afghan media and social media users said that the militants publicly executed four commanders of the Afghan National Army in Kandahar. TOLO News correspondent Muslim Shizrad wrote on Twitter that the execution was carried out at a local stadium. Among the victims is Commander Hashim Regwal, who is close to the former head of the provincial police, General Abdul Razak, who was killed in 2018.

The journalist published a video recording, which shows a large crowd of people. At the same time, the voice-over claims that the residents were gathered for a public execution. According to the Afghan media, the militants have long-standing scores with Razak’s supporters. It is noted that he was particularly cruel towards the Taliban.

Recall that on August 15, the Taliban announced the establishment of control over the entire territory of Afghanistan. The militants said that they would soon announce the creation of the Islamic emirate of Afghanistan, and also demanded the withdrawal of foreign troops from the country.

The country’s president, Ashraf Ghani, resigned on the same day and left the country, explaining this as a desire to avoid bloodshed. In a message posted on his Facebook page, the Afghan leader acknowledged the defeat of his government. According to initial data, the politician went with his wife and two advisers to Uzbekistan. Other sources reported that the president had flown to Oman or Tajikistan. According to a representative of the Russian embassy in Afghanistan, Ghani fled the country with cars stuffed with millions of dollars that did not even fit into his helicopter.

Later, the UAE Foreign Ministry confirmed that the Afghan leader and his family are in the country. The ministry reported that the ex-head of state who fled from Afghanistan was accepted for humanitarian reasons. Ashraf Ghani himself denies the export of huge sums of money from the country, assuring that he took with him only the clothes that he was wearing.

Despite the fact that the fugitive president said that he was conducting consultations on returning to his homeland. However, it was more appropriate for him, as a politician whom the Taliban called nothing but an American “puppet”, to wait out the time in a foreign country. Because it is unlikely that the Taliban guarantees are worth much.

An eloquent example here is the story of the brother of an Afghan who worked as an interpreter for the Americans. The man was accused not only of helping the United States, but also of providing security for his brother, who was translating for the American military. Several threatening letters were sent to the poor guy.  “You are accused of helping the Americans,” the Taliban wrote in the first of these messages, adding: “You are also accused of providing security for your brother, who was a translator.” To the addressee fightershe was ordered to appear at a “court hearing”. The second handwritten letter is a notification of his non-appearance at the hearing. In the third letter, the Taliban informed the man that because he had rejected previous warnings to stop “serving the invading crusaders” and ignored the summons to appear at the hearing, he was found “guilty in absentia” and would be sentenced to death. “These court decisions are final, and you have no right to object,” the third letter says. – You have chosen this path for yourself, and your death is inevitable. ”


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