“They are afraid of Russia”: Zelensky explained the absence of European leaders on the “Crimean platform”


Many Western leaders did not participate in the Crimean Platform forum organized by the Ukrainian authorities, because they are afraid of Russia. This opinion was expressed by the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky in an interview with the TV channel “Ukraine”.

“Many leaders are very afraid, I don’t even want to say who is afraid. And you will see, you know all the leaders who support Ukraine, sympathize. But you understand that we have invited all these leaders to the Crimean Platform. Therefore, they are afraid, they are afraid of Russia. And it’s true, Europe is afraid of Russia. This needs to be recognized, and this is normal, ” he said.

According to the Ukrainian leader ,the “Crimean Platform” will not turn out to be a one-day forum.

On August 3, the first Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the country, Emine Dzhaparova, stated that Ukraine would not be able to hold the forum annually due to a lack of funds for such a large-scale event, so Kiev will think about where to” park “the” Crimean platform”.

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