Ukrainian prisoner of war told about the refusal to fight 10% of the personnel

Photo: AP.

Ukrainian serviceman Sergei Ulyanov, mobilized to the 113th brigade of the 125th Territorial Defense Battalion and captured by Russian troops, said that upon arrival at the front line, 10% of the personnel immediately refused to fight.

According to him, only when the participants of the defense came to the positions, there were 47 refuseniks in the first week.

“People said that we would not go to these positions because they were hiding,” he explained.

According to the Ukrainian prisoner of war, the total number of his unit was about 500 people. It occupied positions in the area of the Svatovo-Kremennaya front, where Ulyanov was captured. He said that together with other Ukrainian servicemen he came under fire, and then they, having confused the road, went to the positions of Russian troops.

“Everything is wet, it rains, there is nowhere to hide, they also cover it all the time,” he said about the sensations from the front line.


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