Western media drew attention to the” shortening ” of the Putin-Biden summit

“The summit was less lengthy than the White House originally expected”

Foreign media closely followed the summit of the presidents of Russia and the United States in Geneva. We collected the first responses of the Western press following the meeting between Putin and Biden, which some media outlets called “historic”.

Joe Biden at talks with Vladimir Putin in Geneva Photo: kremlin.ru

Commenting on the outcome of the Geneva summit, the US channel CNN reports: “President Joe Biden said that he focused on human rights and establishing stable relations with Russia during the most important talks of his long career, which ended on Wednesday in Geneva with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Biden began his post-summit press conference by emphasizing his focus during the meeting on human rights. Earlier, Putin said that he did not notice any hostility between the two leaders. The summit ended with a modest agreement to return each country’s ambassadors to their posts – an expected summit decision that put Biden’s decades of experience on the world stage to the test…

Speaking at an hour-long press conference shortly before Biden’s press conference, Putin called the talks “constructive” and said he had a generally positive impression of the American leader. “He is a well – balanced and professional person, and it is obvious that he is very experienced,” Putin said.

“However,” CNN claims, ” he has not provided any indication of a change in the malicious behavior that is testing the West’s ability and willingness to respond. And he did not change his rhetoric, condemning opposition leader Alexei Navalny and denying Russia’s role in the cyberattacks. Instead, he described a frank and pragmatic three hours that did not lead to a deep or emotional connection. “This, of course, does not mean that we looked into each other’s eyes and found a soul there or swore eternal friendship,” he said.

The summit between Biden and Putin lasted just over three hours and was divided into two rounds: the first – a small session, and the second — with the participation of larger delegations. The total opening time was less than the four to five hours that officials had initially predicted for the summit. Biden said he had achieved his goal of declaring his desire to have a stable and predictable relationship with the Kremlin.”

“US President Joe Biden spoke today about why his summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin ended earlier than expected at a press conference following the meeting in Geneva, “CNN reported.” The summit, which was originally supposed to last from four to five hours, ended in three. “The reason it didn’t last longer is because when was the last time the two heads of state spent two hours in a direct conversation right across the table, going into excruciating detail? You can keep track of the time, but I didn’t, ” Biden said…

Biden also reiterated that there were “no threats” during the meeting: “Simple statements were made… Just let him know where I stand, what I think we can achieve together, and what, in fact, in the event of a violation of American sovereignty, we will do.”

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“President Biden said that the tone of his long-awaited meeting with Russian President Putin was “good” and “positive,” saying that he “did not threaten” his Russian counterpart, but warned of “consequences,” another American channel, Fox News, reports on the outcome of the Geneva meeting. – On Wednesday, Biden spoke about the several-hour meeting with Putin, saying that “there was a lot of hype around it,” but said that the meeting was “simple.”

The president said U.S. relations with Russia “must be stable and predictable, “and said the two countries”must be able to cooperate where it is in our mutual interests.” “We have differences where I want Putin to understand why I say what I say and why I do what I do and how I will respond,” Biden said. “My program is not directed against Russia or anyone else. She is for the American people-fighting COVID-19, rebuilding our economy, rebuilding relationships around the world with our allies and friends, and protecting the American people.”

“The president said that in the coming months, the US will ‘find out’ whether there is a ‘strategic dialogue’ with Russia and whether there is a ‘cybersecurity arrangement that will start to bring some order, ‘” Fox News continues. Biden said the two leaders talked about human rights violations… ” The bottom line is that I told Putin that we should have some basic rules of conduct that we can all abide by,” Biden said, adding that it was “in our common interest for our peoples – Russians and Americans – but also for the good and security of the world.”

“US President Joe Biden says he told Russian leader Vladimir Putin that he would always raise’ basic human rights ‘ issues, including jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny,” Sky News reports of the summit, which came after about four hours of talks between the two leaders in Switzerland – significantly less time than Biden’s advisers had said they expected.

Speaking at a press conference afterwards, Biden said that ” human rights will always be discussed.” Mr. Biden told reporters: “I did what I came here to do,” and said the summit went “well,” adding that “the last thing he (Putin) wanted was to get out of here.”) what he wants now is a cold war, ” but the Russian leader “is not ready to throw out the white flag.” He added that the new cold war ” does not interest anyone.”

Mr Biden said he had told his Russian counterpart that “no US president can maintain faith in the American people if he does not defend democratic values.”

According to him, relations between the United States and Russia should be stable and predictable, and he and Mr. Putin share a unique responsibility. Mr Biden also said he believed there was “a real prospect of a significant improvement in relations between countries without us abandoning something based on principles and values.”

The US president added that the two leaders had spent a lot of time on cybersecurity, and told Mr Putin that critical infrastructure should be closed to attacks. And he also said that both leaders agreed to work to ensure that Iran does not possess nuclear weapons.”

“Earlier, Putin said at a briefing that during his meeting with Biden, there was no hostility, and the summit was constructive,” Sky News reports. – Mr. Putin said that he saw a “glimmer of hope” for mutual trust with the United States, also describing the discussions as pragmatic and fruitful. In a major development, he said, he and Biden agreed to return their ambassadors to their posts in each other’s capitals in an effort to reduce tensions.”

“Joe Biden chose not to answer the question of whether he revised his comment that Vladimir Putin does not have a ‘soul’, as he said after meeting with the Russian leader in 2011, ” writes The Guardian. “Instead, Biden just put on his aviator sunglasses and started walking off the podium, telling reporters,’ Thank you very much.’ But when the president left the podium, he answered a couple more questions. It seemed that hehe became agitated when a reporter asked him why he was so sure that Putin would change his behavior. Biden said this was a mischaracterization of his comments, saying, ” I’m not sure he’ll change his behavior.” Instead, he argued that the global reaction to Russia’s actions would force Putin to change.”

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“Joe Biden downplayed the fact that his summit meeting with Vladimir Putin was shorter than the White House originally expected,” The Guardian reports. -The talks between Biden and Putin lasted about three hours, while White House officials said they expected the summit to end in four to five hours.

Biden stressed that it was a remarkable achievement for the two world leaders to come together for any length of time, and they were satisfied with the discussion after a couple of hours. Confirming earlier statements made by Putin about the respectful tone of the meeting, Biden said: “There were no threats.”

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