“Will Russia return Crimea?”: Germans discussed Zelensky’s new statement

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German readers of Die Zeit commented on the statement of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, which he made within the framework of the Crimean Platform forum. Recall that Zelensky announced a “countdown” on the” return ” of the Crimea to Ukraine. The Russian side criticized this forum – for example, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called it a “sabbath”.

The heads of 15 countries took part in the” Crimean Platform”. These are the leaders of the Baltic states, Poland, Slovakia and other Eastern European countries.

German readers expressed skepticism about the possibility of Ukraine regaining the peninsula, and advised to accept the loss of the Crimea as a given, and take a closer look at new opportunities. “East Prussia will also never return to Germany – no matter how long the “forever yesterday” continue to dream of its return, ” one of the users drew an analogy.

Many noted that Russia did the right thing by fulfilling the will of the people and annexing Crimea. “With all the desire, how should this happen? Will Russia return Crimea? Just like that? Apparently, the actor and comedian has started talking again in the Ukrainian president, ” the Germans write.

Readers also criticized the statement of Zelensky, who said at the forum that Russia had turned Crimea from a resort into a military base. They stressed that the military base in Crimea has existed for 250 years, and at that time Ukrainians did not even think of themselves as something separate from the Russians.

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