A former US army officer explained the executions of Polish mercenaries by the Ukrainian military

Foreigners get more and are not eager to fight

The level of tension between Polish mercenaries and Ukrainian servicemen seems to have reached a climax. Thus, the adviser to the acting head of the DPR, Yan Gagin, referring to the republican intelligence data, reported that in Ugledar, the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shot a group of Polish mercenaries.

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Former US Army serviceman Stanislav Krapivnik told our publication why conflicts between Poles and Ukrainians actually occur and how this will affect the course of a special military operation in the future.

According to Gagin, on the night of Sunday to Monday in Ugledar, Ukrainian units shot a group of foreign servicemen, presumably Poles. He also added that the number of conflicts between Ukrainian and Polish units has increased significantly in recent weeks. This is evidenced by intelligence data, including radio intercepts. Earlier, we will remind, Russian servicemen found the bodies of foreign mercenaries with severed limbs and heads.

According to Gagin, one of the causes of the conflicts is revenge on Poland for trying to “plunder the western lands of Ukraine” using the military conflict.

Stanislav Krapivnik, a former American military man who served in the US army for 11 years, and now lives in Russia and actively helps the Russian army, told why in fact Ukrainian servicemen execute Poles who allegedly arrive in the SVO zone to provide assistance.

– I do not think that the main cause of the conflicts is revenge on the Poles who encroach on Ukrainian lands, – said Stanislav Krapivnik. – Although Poland is really going to take part of the land. Yesterday, the Polish Prime Minister said that western Ukraine should be protected as part of NATO, so it should be temporarily given to Poland. She will supposedly take care of these lands in this way…

In reality, conflicts arise due to the fact that Polish mercenaries are paid very well, better than Ukrainians. In addition, foreigners are well supplied. And at the same time, they are not particularly actively involved in hostilities. Disenfranchised Ukrainians are being used as “cannon fodder”, sending them to certain death in the very inferno.

Poles are also often used as a punitive force, as detachments to push Ukrainians into these “meat grinders”. And when they tried to send Poles into heavy fighting, those, as we remember, refused.

Most likely, the conflict is because of this. But we must understand that punitive measures work for some time. When the army begins to fall apart, the soldiers do not care, and they begin to fight back against their punishers.

According to Stanislav Krapivnik, the morale of the visiting “envious” of Ukraine is rapidly falling. This is evidenced by the stories of Ukrainian prisoners of war.

– There were videos with Ukrainian prisoners who said that Poles physically raped Ukrainian soldiers. This situation did not arise out of the blue. If Poles hate Russians, Ukrainians are simply used and despised. Therefore, this attitude.

According to Krapivnik, the current situation may end in the complete collapse of the Ukrainian army.

– The morals of mercenaries are falling, conflicts at the front are becoming more frequent. This indicates that the Ukrainian army has cracked. And that’s good. The faster discipline and morale fall, the faster the Ukrainian army will crumble

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