Deputy Gurulev: there is something important behind the information noise with German tanks

photo source: video screen

There is something much more serious behind the news noise about the supply of German tanks to Ukraine. This conclusion was reached by State Duma deputy and ex-General Andrey Gurulev.

“Attention is diverted from something really important. I am sure that all our intelligence services are working, everyone knows,” he wrote on the TG channel.

He called the statements of Ukraine’s Western partners that Leopard 2 is necessary to break through the defense of Crimea and capture it “crazy notes”.

Gurulev noted that the attention to German tanks surprises him. Moreover, Poland has about 240 cars of this type and the same number of T-72 (PT-91). Warsaw wants to get rid of them, and order two new tank divisions – one South Korean, the other American. She hopes to bleed Germany, and she gets rid of the German equipment herself.

The deputy wondered with whom Poland was going to fight?

“Considering Poland’s 1.3 trillion euros in reparations, all this suggests bad thoughts. Americans with the hands of Poles want to finally get rid of Germany, as the locomotive and leader of the European Union, this will be the end of the EU,” the expert admitted.

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