Military commander Kitten: the battalion “Somalia” took the Water “at a very high price”

Photo: A frame from the video.

Military correspondent Yuri Kotenok reported in his telegram channel that Russian troops had completely cleared the Vodiane settlement west of Donetsk and southwest of Avdiivka from the enemy.

According to the journalist, the Ukrainian forces retreated and gained a foothold in the hills to the north.

“Vodiane is part of the large Avdiivka fortified area of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” the Kitten noted, adding that this is a strategic point that opens a direct path to Karlovka.

“His capture is a step towards taking the Avdiivka fortification in a pincer and squeezing out the enemy according to the scenario of Soledar Bakhmut,” explained the military commander.

At the same time, he added that in order to implement these plans, “the best attack aircraft in the world” are needed in the form of PMCs “Wagner” detachments, but for all directions of the orchestra” not enough. Therefore, the enemy’s positions are stormed by units of the Donbass infantry, tankers and special forces units.

“The capture of Vodyanoi was given at a very high price to the legendary battalion of “Somalia”. Very. I have no right to write anymore”, – added the Kitten.

Heavy fighting for Vodiane has been reported since mid-December. Then the Russian Defense Ministry stated that most of Vodiane was taken under control by Russian troops. But the resistance of the Ukrainian forces, which received reinforcements, continued. 


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