The Rada said that Zelensky wants to transfer part of Ukraine to Russia


The deputies of the Rada accused Vladimir Zelensky of wanting to give part of the country to neighboring states. Thus, the people’s deputies from the Opposition Platform – For Life faction reacted to Zelensky’s statement about the possible construction of a wall on the border with Donbass.

The deputies are sure that the whole problem is that Zelensky’s team cannot negotiate. Therefore, it cannot fulfill its obligations to the voters.

First, the wall on the border with Donbass, and then the wall on the border with Crimea, the deputies believe. So gradually you can distribute the country. At the same time, involving citizens who are tired of the war in the process.

Earlier, Zelensky admitted a scenario according to which, in the event of a failure of negotiations on the Donbass, a wall would have to be built on the border with the self-proclaimed republics. However, the decision on this issue, according to the Ukrainian leader, should be taken by the entire people in a referendum.


During the meeting between Zelensky and Zurabishvili, there was an incident with the guard

In Ukraine, they are trying to decipher another political symbol

And again about symbolism. During the official ceremony of the meeting of the presidents of Ukraine and Georgia in Kiev, a soldier of the honor guard dropped the scabbard of a saber that was hanging on his side to the ground. He quickly bent down, practically making a bow to the two presidents, and picked up the dropped part from the ground. Vladimir Zelensky just smiled. But the sediment remained.


Everyone remembers how during the inauguration of Petro Poroshenko, a soldier of the honor guard dropped a gun from his hands and almost fell at the feet of the new president. Fans of “secret signs” associated with this the subsequent failures of the Ukrainian troops in the Donbas and numerous losses in the “boilers”. They also recalled how during the inauguration of Yanukovych, at the entrance to the hall, he was almost thrown back by the reverse movement of the massive entrance door: they demolished him from the presidential chair, without waiting for the end of his term of office. And in May 2010, during a joint funeral event with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev at the Grave of the Unknown Soldier in Kiev, a funeral wreath fell on Yanukovych’s head. And it just so happened that with the departure of Viktor Fedorovich, all joint events of the Russian Federation and Ukraine were covered with a funeral wreath. So don’t believe in signs after that…

What can the current loss of the scabbard from the saber mean, which interrupted the solemn report of the military to the two presidents-Vladimir Zelensky and Salome Zurabishvili. As you know, at the meeting of the two presidents, issues of vaccination, simplification of border crossing and the return to their homeland of citizens of the two countries who are in custody either in Georgia or in Ukraine were discussed. That is, there was no talk of any joint military exercises. Well, unless & nbsp;both countries are striving for NATO. And as you know, they both made it clear that they would have to wait for membership in the alliance for now…


The State Department has a special envoy for the rights of sex minorities

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The State Department has restored the post of special envoy for the rights of sex minorities, which was occupied by activist Jessica Stern. This was announced by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on Twitter.

This position existed under the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, in 2008-2016. However, the next head of state, Donald Trump, refused to fill this post.

“The US administration intends to promote American and foreign diplomacy to promote and protect the rights of LGBT+ women around the world. The appointment of Jessica Stern confirms our commitment, ” Blinken stressed.

That is why a flag was raised over the American Foreign Ministry in support of the LGBT community. The ceremony was broadcast on the social networks of the State Department.

Today, @DeputySecState Sherman and senior officials raised the progress pride flag at the Department. #PrideMonth

— Department of State (@StateDept) June 25, 2021

Also, a rainbow flag was hung on the territory of the American Embassy in Moscow on June 25, timed to coincide with the annual Pride Flag Day event.


Zhirinovsky suggested looking for football players in the national team among guest workers


Vladimir Zhirinovsky proposed to assemble the Russian national football team and guest workers. He told about this on the air of the Komsomolskaya Pravda radio station. In his opinion, it is enough to “not spare a passport”, but to look for talented athletes in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and issue citizenship in exchange for several years of good play.

Another option proposed by the politician is to assemble yard football teams and “grow” brilliant football players from boys in ten years. Create all conditions for nuggets – football grounds in every yard, accessible football schools.

At the same time, the LDPR leader admitted that he does not watch football so as not to worry. It’s easier to find out the score later. And instead of a match, watch a good movie.

Recall that the Russian national football team could not get out of the group at the European Championship-2020. Our athletes lost two of the three matches.


Iran has stated that there are no obligations to extend the treaty with the IAEA

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The Iranian authorities believe that they are not obliged to extend the agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). This was stated by the Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic to International Organizations in Vienna, Kazem Gharib Abadi.

According to the Iranian representative, Tehran is responsible only for issues related to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. As for the issues of extending or non-extending the agreement with the IAEA, this issue has nothing to do with the obligations of the Iranian side on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, Abadi said.

The Iranian representative also stressed that his country continues to fulfill all its obligations under the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.


The French Embassy in Moscow has suspended the acceptance of applications for Schengen


French visa centers in Moscow have suspended the acceptance of applications for the extension of Schengen visas, which expired during the pandemic.

The embassy’s message says that we are talking about multiple-entry visas for a period of three to five years.

The reason for the suspension of the application is the inclusion of Russia “in the list of red zone countries” for coronavirus.


Ambassador Antonov spoke about the first contacts with the United States after Geneva

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Russia and the United States have started their first actions after the Geneva agreements. This was stated by the Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov.

“We are analyzing our first steps that need to be taken to implement the agreements and understandings reached during the Russian-American summit,” the Russian ambassador said, saying that he had already managed to hold meetings at the American diplomatic department.

As the diplomat stressed, first of all, there were contacts between Russia and the United States on international cybersecurity. In addition, Antonov discussed with representatives of the US State Department the possibility of holding a meeting on the issue of strategic stability. Such a meeting may take place in July 2021.


The head of the British General Staff said about the risk of war because of the destroyer Defender

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The incident in the Black Sea with the British destroyer Defender could lead to ” unjustified escalation&”, the chief of the Defense Staff of the United Kingdom, Nicholas Carter, is sure. According to him, we are talking about the risk of miscalculation in the game of “cats” with Russia.

“The situation that we observed in the Black Sea on Wednesday is one of those cases that can give rise to it,” Carter stressed. According to the British newspaper Telegraph, such miscalculations can lead to a “full-scale war”, the chief of the British General Staff is sure.

Meanwhile, the representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, Major General Igor Konashenkov, said that the destroyer Defender is a fat target for the anti-ship complexes of the Russian fleet, and its actions in the territorial waters of Russia are an epic fiasco.

And he also called on the United States and Great Britain “not to test their fate in vain, going on about the Ukrainian” admirals of the mosquito fleet”, and be guided by reason”.

On June 23, a British destroyer violated the border of Russia and entered the territorial sea near Cape Fiolent. He went deep there for a distance of three kilometers. He left the borders of the territorial waters at 12.23. During the incident, a border ship of the Russian Navy opened a warning fire.

A recording of border guards ‘negotiations with the destroyer Defender has been published: shooting footage

Watch the video on the topic


“The US does not need advice”: Der Spiegel readers came to the defense of Nord Stream-2

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Readers of the German magazine Der Spiegel defended the “Nord Stream-2” in the comments on the publication’s website. Many users condemned the words of the head German Foreign Ministry Heiko Maas and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on the desire to deter Russia from abuses.

“It is a pity that our elected politicians, who should primarily defend German interests, behave like an outpost of the United States, “” Blinken, Biden and Trump do not care about Europe’s energy supply. We do not need their advice”, ” I hope that after the launch of the Nord Stream — 2, blackmailers from Ukraine and Poland will be left with a nose”, “Why should we care about Ukraine’s problems with Russians? We will receive gas without losses for transit duties, ” the newspaper’s readers noted.

Nord Stream-2 involves the construction of two strands of a gas pipeline with a total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year from the coast of Russia to Germany through the Baltic Sea. The United States, Ukraine and some European countries actively oppose the construction.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that there will be gas transit through Ukraine after the completion of the construction of the Nord Stream – 2. He recalled the agreement with Ukraine, according to which gas will go to Europe through it for five years, but its volume is limited due to problems in relations. In Germany, they also said that they intend to work on extending the gas transit agreement through Ukraine.


The EU decided to talk to Russia from a ” position of strength”


The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said that the EU should prepare for the deterioration of relations with Russia. According to her, European countries should start talking to Moscow from a “position of strength”.

“Relations between the EU and Russia are on a negative spiral,” she said, urging to prepare for a further “decline”.

Von der Leyen recalled that only 5% of all European imports go to Russia, while Russia supplies the EU with “more than 37%”.

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced the failure of the idea of holding a summit of Russia and the European Union.