In Russia, the rules for paying for sick leave for child care have been changed

The updated rules will work from September 1

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said that from September 1, 2021, the procedure for calculating sick leave for child care will change in Russia. The Prime minister announced this during a meeting with deputy prime ministers.

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The changes will affect the sick leave that was issued for children under eight years old. In this case, the amount of payment will be 100 percent of the average earnings.

“It will no longer depend on the length of work, as it is provided now, which is especially important for young moms and dads who have not yet had time to gain work experience,” the Prime Minister stressed.

Mishustin added that these changes will not fall on the shoulders of employers: the increased payments will go directly from the Social Insurance Fund (FSS). The Cabinet of Ministers has allocated one billion rubles for these purposes.

The head of the government also stressed that parents will not have to issue additional documents for receiving payments: all calculations will be made by the FSS on the basis of the sick leave data.

At the beginning of the month, Mishustin signed a decree on the procedure and conditions for the appointment and payment of monthly benefits to pregnant women and single parents with children.

The document will affect pregnant women who find themselves in a difficult financial situation and are registered in the early stages of pregnancy, as well as parents raising children aged 8 to 17 years and having a low income alone.

The average amount of payments should be 6,350 rubles for pregnant women and 5,650 rubles for single parents.


Berlingske: Lukashenka punished Lithuania by increasing the flow of refugees by 13 times

Photo: A frame from the video

Due to the actions of the Belarusian leadership, the flow of migrant refugees to Lithuania has increased 13 times, the Danish portal Berlingske reports. Minsk recently introduced a visa-free regime for up to five days. Since the beginning of June, 1,350 illegal immigrants have crossed the Lithuanian border, although there were less than a hundred of them for the whole of 2020. And this is just the beginning.

These actions of Alexander Lukashenko are considered as revenge for the sanctions imposed after the incident with the plane in which Roman Protasevich was. “We will never keep anyone: they are not coming to us. They are going to an enlightened, warm, cozy Europe, ” the Belarusian president said some time ago.

“The last week has been difficult. We were not ready, we have never faced this before, ” said the head of the refugee reception center, Beatrice Bernotene. She doesn’t even know what will happen if the flow becomes more intense.

It is emphasized that in one day Belarus set its own record by transporting 150 illegal immigrants to Lithuania. Many of them are from Iraq and Turkey. There were several waves. One was dominated by Iraqi Kurds, the other by Africans, mainly from the Congo. Recently, the flow from Afghanistan has increased. Few of them intend to stay in Lithuania, theythey plan to move on-mainly to the countries of Western Europe. That is, Lukashenka decided to make migrants his weapon against the EU.

We also noticed an increase in the migration flow in Poland – 89 illegal immigrants who crossed the border were arrested there in a few days. As for Lithuania, Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod called it a “frontline zone”.


Belarus ‘ plans to use Protasevich against Russia revealed

Photo: A frame from the video

The Belarusian authorities intend to use the opposition leader Roman Protasevich for anti-Russian activities, the Telegram channel “Minsk Semiboyarshchyna” reports. They intend to use him as a blogger and a “talking head”. To do this, they created comfortable conditions for him: he lives with his girlfriend Sofia Sapega in a house near Minsk, three political strategists work with him in addition to the KGB employees.

The creation of a list of journalists who will work together with Protasevich is also being completed. “In general, only anti-Russian rhetoric is expected from Protasevich. In this regard, great hopes are pinned on Sapieha,” the publication says. It turns out that the Kremlin will be in a very uncomfortable position, since it previously defended Sapieha when she fell into the hands of the Belarusian security forces.

It is emphasized that the authorities intend to use Protasevich to divide the Belarusian opposition. There are many activists who were rejected by protest leaders, and Protasevich will work with them. In addition, his actions will be a kind of defense against accusations from the West. “To push through another” large-scale package of sanctions” when Protasevich with”pink cheeks” broadcasts from a cottage near Minsk and “pours mud” on Moscow, it will be extremely difficult for the EU and the US,” the article says.

All this is happening in conditions when there are problems with accreditation for the Russian media in Belarus. Direct cable broadcasting of Russian TV channels is also prohibited – they must pass the Belarusian filter.


The European Union will conduct an operation on the border of Lithuania and Belarus


The EU Agency for External Border Security will conduct an emergency operation on the border of Lithuania and Belarus in connection with the migration crisis. Information about the upcoming operation appeared on the official website of the department.

The report emphasizes that the agency has already sent officers and equipment to the Belarusian-Lithuanian border on July 1. Now additional forces will be sent to help them-border guards, patrol cars and specialists for interviewing migrants.

The Agency will send its officers and specialists from the EU countries to the border of Lithuania and Belarus. According to the statistics of the department, since the beginning of July, more than 800 illegal immigrants have crossed the border of Lithuania from Belarus. Most of the migrants are citizens of Guinea, Congo, Gambia, Senegal and Mali.

It was also previously reported that the European Union will send helicopters to control the borders of Lithuania. President of the Republic Gitanas Nauseda noted that this is necessary to tighten border control. Lithuanian servicemen have started building a fence on the border with Belarus. 

In early July, Lithuania introduced an emergency regime in connection with the influx of illegal migrants who arrive in the country from Belarus. Mostly illegal immigrants come from the Middle East. The number of migrants has increased tenfold compared to 2020.


Strategy Page: The US is going to use “ghost ships” against Russia


The United States will use the so-called “ghost ships” – unmanned vessels, to confront Russia and China at sea, according to the Strategy Page portal. It is noted that the development of such vessels takes place within the framework of the Ghost Fleet Overlord project.

The United States has already tested two similar ships-Nomad and Ranger. The displacement of each of them is approximately 2 thousand tons. “Both vessels made an unmanned trip, covering a path of about 8000 kilometers from the Gulf of Mexico to the west coast,” the material says.

98% of the journey time, the ship was in autonomous mode. The crew was on duty on board-in case of unforeseen circumstances during the tests. The US intends to use these vessels in the Pacific Ocean, where China’s sea power is increasing. The ships will perform reconnaissance and anti-submarine tasks. They will also have weapons that allow them to strike at the enemy, and take-off and landing pads for aircraft.

It is emphasized that such technologies have previously been tested on tankers and container ships, and they have already taken root. “Most of the time, these ships sail autonomously, and a small crew is responsible only for maintenance and quick solution of problems with equipment,” the article notes.

Also, similar technologies are used by Israel, which has created an unmanned Seagull boat (“Seagull”), designed to combat mines and reconnaissance. The Americans are going to cooperate with the Israelis in this area to exchange experience.


The Russian ship “Amur” left Japan for the home port


The Consul General of Russia in Sapporo, Sergey Marin, said that the ship “Amur” left Japan and headed for the home port of Nevelsk.

According to him, the documents were returned to the Russian ship this morning, and it is returning to its home port.

“Only the third mate remains in Japan,” the Consul General added.

Recall that on May 26, the Amur was heading to the port of Mombetsu with a cargo of crab. A few kilometers from the final destination, the ship collided with a Japanese fishing schooner. As a result of the incident, 3 Japanese fishermen were killed.

In early June, the third assistant of the captain of the Amur, Pavel Dobryansky, was detained, he was suspected under articles on negligence and improper management of the ship of the Criminal Code of Japan. At the end of June, he was transferred to the category of accused, his case was transferred to the court.


The White House commented on the protests in Cuba


The US President’s national Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, said that America supports the right to freedom of assembly of Cubans and will strongly condemn any use of violence against protesters who exercise their universal rights.

Recall that on Sunday, the first crowded mass protests were held in Cuba for many years. Thousands of people participate in the events. The main demands of the protesters are “holding free elections” and solving social problems.

Local media reports that protests and crowds are observed in eight cities of the island, including Havana. No serious incidents or violations are reported.


The largest exercises in the entire history of Rosgvardiya have started


The largest exercises in the entire history of the Rosgvardiya called “Zaslon – 2021” have begun in Russia, the press service of the department reported.

“In the period from July 12 to 30, for the first time since its creation, Rosgvardiya will hold a large operational and strategic exercise” Zaslon-2021 “in several regions of the country at once,” the message says.

During the exercises, Rosgvardiya employees will work out a set of training tasks aimed at neutralizing threats to the state and public security of Russia.

These maneuvers are carried out as part of a comprehensive preparation for the joint strategic exercise “West-2021”, which will be held in September.


Dodon allowed the onset of a new period in the history of Moldova


Former President of Moldova, co-chairman of the “Communists and Socialists” bloc Igor Dodon expressed confidence that his political force will achieve a “good result” in the last parliamentary elections. According to him, in two months the block managed to “establish work”.

“We will analyze all the violations and decide whether to protest the election results. Starting tomorrow, a new period in Moldova’s history will begin, I assume that there will be only two or three parties in the parliament, ” he said.

According to him, the “Communists and Socialists” bloc will continue to work side by side in the parliament after the early parliamentary elections.

“I hope that we will be strong and united in the parliament to implement our program,” the former head of state added.


The Action and Solidarity party is leading in the elections in Moldova


The pro-presidential Action and Solidarity party is leading in the early parliamentary elections in Moldova. She has 39.97% of the votes, as reported by the CEC after processing 25% of the protocols from polling stations.

At the same time, 33.97% of Moldovan citizens voted for the “Communists and Socialists” bloc. The Shor party has 10.91%. At the time of the closure of the polling stations, the turnout exceeded 48%, the elections were recognized as having taken place.

A total of 22 parties and blocs and one independent candidate took part in the elections.