Senator Tsekov called the embassies of Ukraine “military enlistment offices for mercenaries”


Member of the SF Committee on International Affairs Sergey Tsekov in an interview He said that in some Western countries, the embassies of Ukraine are instructing those citizens who wish to become mercenaries and will go to the front on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to him, such diplomatic missions are “military enlistment offices for mercenaries.” Among other things, Ukrainian embassies coordinate the actions of recruited mercenaries in the states in which they are located. They take over information functions and tell those who want to get to Ukraine and what to do next.

“These are military enlistment offices for citizens of Ukraine who are on the territory of other countries, and for foreign citizens,” Tsekov said.

He clarified that now the main activity of such embassies is not the search for mercenaries, but begging. In particular, representatives of Ukrainian diplomatic agencies are asking the governments of different countries for financial, military and humanitarian assistance for the Zelensky regime.


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