The volunteer rapper pretended to be dead and escaped after the battle near Soledar

Photo: A frame from the video

Wounded volunteer rapper Nikolai pretended to be dead, crawled 8 hours across the field and escaped after the fighting near Soledar, writes the telegram channel “Mash” in the Donbass.

“Well, (the Ukrainian military) thought I was dead. Everyone left. I heard how people were taken captive there,” the interlocutor of the publication shared the details.

According to Nikolai, he was saved by the fact that he had a first aid kit with him. The fighter informed that when he crawled for 8 hours on the field at night, he was guided in time by the clock. Nikolai crawled out to the forest belt and started shouting so that the servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation could hear him and save him. Now the volunteer is undergoing rehabilitation, writing music and caring for a dog named Dick, whom he started while in the hospital.


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