An audio recording appeared with Zhirinovsky’s reaction to the special operation

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The deputy head of the LDPR faction in the State Duma, Vasily Vlasov, published an audio recording on the Telegram channel in which he communicates with the party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky. During the conversation, the parties discuss the special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine.

In the Network, the deputy told how many regret that the late politician allegedly did not find out about the special operation. “I can assure you! He found out about it, we called, and he was very happy!”quot;, – emphasized Vlasov.

According to him, in a conversation with Zhirinovsky, he said that “we will vote for the recognition of the LPR and the DPR.” He attached a recording of a conversation with a politician to the post.

On the recording itself, you can hear how the parliamentarian promises to include a famous speech at a State Duma meeting-Zhirinovsky’s prediction that it is not necessary to “rattle weapons”. On December 22 , 2021 , the politician stated: “…I must say: let’s do it, and if you refuse, then we can accept another program, and which one will you feel at 4 o’clock in the morning on February 22.

Zhirinovsky eventually called on everyone to point out the fact that his predictions are coming true. At the end of the conversation, the LDPR leader was probably ready to make another prediction, but the recording was cut off.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky died on April 6 from pneumonia, which developed in a politician against the background of “Omicron”-a strain of coronavirus. He was 75 years old.


The White House explained Biden’s words about protecting Taiwan

Photo: A frame from the video

US President Joe Biden, speaking about the country’s readiness for the military defense of Taiwan, implied the supply of weapons for the defense of the island. This was stated in the White House, according to NBC.

An unnamed representative of the US administration said that the US policy remains unchanged. Biden, according to him, only confirmed his commitment to the “one China” principle, loyalty to peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

Military means can be provided to Taiwan for self-defense, and this possibility is fixed in the American law “On Relations with Taiwan,” the White House official stressed. Biden, therefore, did not mean sending American troops to defend the island. 

The statement of the American president that the United States is ready to participate militarily to protect Taiwan caused a sharply negative reaction in China. The PRC has long insisted on the need for the United States to stop flirting with separatist sentiments in Taiwan.


“Izvestia” showed the room of the leaders of “Azov” on “Azovstal”


The military correspondent of Izvestia, Valentin Trushnin, showed a room on the territory of the Azovstal plant, where the leaders of the radical nationalist group Azov, against whose representatives criminal cases have been initiated in the Russian Federation, had previously temporarily taken refuge.

During the report, the journalist announced the discovery of the place where the Azov commanders lived — Svyatoslav Palamar (Kalina), Sergei Volynsky (Volyna) and Denis Prokopenko (Radish).

The correspondent showed a separate room, the entrance to which was behind a curtain.

“There is a lot of ammunition, boxes with grenades. We go further — the commander’s rookery,” Trushin commented.

The journalist emphasized two details: a wall similar to the one opposite which the commanders of the group recorded video messages, as well as a jar of red caviar. According to the correspondent, the militants ate it with spoons.


TASS: a criminal case was opened against Peter Aven in Britain because of sanctions


Russian businessman Peter Aven, who lives in the UK, became a person involved in a criminal case because of an alleged violation of the sanctions imposed on him, TASS reports, citing a source close to the businessman’s entourage.

“A criminal case has been opened against Aven. The article is a violation of sanctions,” the agency interlocutor said.

According to the source, in Britain, Aven, in accordance with the restrictions imposed, has the right to spend no more than 2.5 thousand pounds per month. However, the authorities believe that he spends significantly more and “lives beyond his means,” the source added.

Official comments from the UK authorities or representatives of Aven have not yet been received.

At the end of February, the EU imposed sanctions on the owners of Alfa Group Aven and Mikhail Fridman, in early March it became known that Aven and Fridman would resign from the board of directors of the consortium. Separate sanctions against Aven were imposed by London.


Deputy Slutsky: The “point of no return” was passed in the special operation

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

State Duma deputy, leader of the LDPR faction in the lower house of parliament Leonid Slutsky commented on Russia’s special operation in Ukraine. According to him, she will put everything in its place.

As the parliamentarian pointed out, “the point of no return has been passed, the blitzkrieg failed,” as the Russian military puts human life at the forefront. The deputy added that it was possible “to take Kiev a long time ago.” Nevertheless, human lives would have to be sacrificed for this.

Russian Russian also noted that it is necessary to think about those who are fighting “for the Russian language, for the Russian civilization.”

Earlier, Slutsky said that Moscow would study the possibility of exchanging opposition Ukrainian politician Viktor Medvedchuk, detained by the SBU, for prisoners. However, later Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the Russian Federation does not see the possibility of exchanging the Ukrainian politician for the military and Azov militants who surrendered from Azovstal (the organization is recognized as extremist and banned in Russia).

In addition, Peskov previously noted that the special operation in Ukraine is going according to plan. So he commented on the statements of the American side about the alleged preparation of the Russian Federation for a protracted conflict. The Kremlin speaker urged to focus on the statements of the President of Russia, who “repeated and recently confirmed that the special military operation is developing according to plan.”


Russian soldier Shishimarin was sentenced to life in Ukraine

Photo: Frame from video

A court in Kiev has sentenced Russian serviceman Vadim Shishimarin to life imprisonment. He is accused of murder. The verdict can be appealed to the Court of Appeal.

Earlier, the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov commented on the situation with the trial of a Russian serviceman taking place in Kiev. He admitted that this case had attracted the attention of the Russian side. Nevertheless, it is not possible to provide protection to a citizen of the Russian Federation in this situation.

According to him, the activities of foreign institutions are not actually carried out. However, this does not mean that Moscow will not consider the possibility of attempts through other channels. And the press secretary of the president stressed that the fate of every citizen of the Russian Federation is of primary importance for the country’s leadership.

The announcement of the verdict in Kiev began on May 21. The Ukrainian prosecutor’s office demanded a life sentence for the Russian.


Baza: Zhirinovsky’s son changed his name to David and took a Spanish surname

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The telegram channels Baza and “Toad and Viper” published a joint investigation in which they reported on some previously unknown points in the biography of Igor Lebedev, the son of the late LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Among other things, the publication claims that in the summer of 2021, the politician’s heir received a new passport due to a name change.

The publication reminds that a few years ago, the relationship between father and son began to deteriorate due to disagreements in political and managerial views. Last summer, the heir suddenly announced that he was no longer going to run for the Duma and intended to suspend political activity altogether. The publication of the channels says that just ten days after this statement, on July 5, 2021, Lebedev received a new passport in the name of Garcia David Alexandrovich.

The channels note that the politician’s son chose an atypical name for Russia, and especially a surname, and suggest that the case may be in assets: “Given the large number of real estate in Spain, it is possible that Lebedev-Garcia wants to move to Europe permanently over time.”

Another version is also given: in 2014, he came under EU sanctions because of the Crimea, so, “perhaps, it will become easier for him to travel” with a new passport.

The third version cited by Baza and “Toad and Viper” states that Lebedev-Garcia is a passionate football fan and that the same name and surname is worn by the defender of the Spanish club “Osasuna”.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky died: how the head of the LDPR has changed since the nineties

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Japan is going to dramatically increase defense spending


Japan intends to increase defense spending by a “significant amount”. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced the upcoming increase in costs.

At a time when tensions in the region’s security are growing, “the US president and I reaffirmed the need to strengthen the Japanese-American alliance,” he informed at a press conference following the results of the US-Japan bilateral summit.

“I expressed a decision to radically strengthen Japan’s defense capability,” Kishida said, indicating an increase in defense spending by a significant amount as a support. “President Biden supported this decision,” the head of the Japanese cabinet added.


Ukraine flew past Europe: Putin broke off Kiev’s EU membership

And the offended Albanians have nothing to do with it

May 12. Dmitry Polyansky, Russia’s first deputy envoy to the UN, says that Moscow has changed its previously quite benevolent attitude towards Ukraine’s accession to the European Union: “Our position on the EU is similar to the position on Ukraine’s accession to NATO.” On May 19, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz also announced a change in his attitude towards Kiev’s accession to the EU.

According to the leader of the country, which is the economic locomotive of the European Union, Ukraine’s application for membership in the alliance cannot be accelerated.

Is there a causal relationship between these two events? Probably not straight. If Moscow calls something white, then Berlin automatically recognizes this object as black. Public agreement with the Kremlin’s demands is now a taboo for the German authorities, which is absolutely impossible to break. But there is still an indirect connection between Moscow’s actions and Berlin’s actions. 


“I love Germany so much that I prefer there to be two,” said Francois Mauriac, once the French winner of the 1952 Nobel Prize in Literature. None of those who continue to “dearly love” Ukraine at the Russian top does not want the “bifurcation” of this state. But Moscow’s actions directly affect how much territory will remain under the control of the official Kiev authorities. 

Secretary of the General Council of the ruling party Andrey Turchak during a visit to the Kherson region: “Russia is here forever. There should be no doubt about it. There will be no return to the past. We will live together, develop this rich area.”

Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Marat Khusnullin during a visit to the Zaporozhye region: “The prospect of the region is to work in our friendly Russian family.”

The question is: and in such conditions, how can Ukraine be admitted to the EU at an accelerated pace? Commenting on Olaf Scholz’s statement in his telegram channel, the famous Russian foreign policy thinker Timofey Bordachev found, it seems to me, very correct words: “This is already beyond surrealism, and it is unclear who creates it: those who submit an application under missiles or those who discuss it, as if there are only technical issues”.

Who creates surrealism is unclear, but who reduces the volume of this very surrealism, on the contrary, is quite obvious. This is the same Chancellor Scholz, who has just postponed the fulfillment of the “European dream” of Ukraine for an indefinite future.

Of course, Scholz motivated the change in his position not by the surrealism of the idea of Kiev’s accelerated entry into the EU, but by a much more plausible pretext. They say that Albania and North Macedonia applied for their membership in the European Union much earlier than Ukraine. And therefore it would be unfair to let her go ahead. In other words, “citizen, you weren’t standing here! Welcome to the very back of the queue!”

But the thesis that “Albanians and Macedonians will be offended” is, of course, just a political cover. The decision of official Berlin is based on a sober recognition and acceptance of strategic realities. Realities that are clearly not ready to settle down and stabilize yet.

What other current regions controlled by official Kiev will find in themselves a desire to join the “friendly Russian family”, say, in three months? And will Kiev itself, which, as you know, is the “mother of Russian cities”, be among these regions? Looking from today, the answers to these questions are impossible to predict. You can only wait for them. This is exactly what the Federal Chancellor decided to do.


The European Commission withheld €100 million due to Poland’s failure to comply with the court’s decision


European Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders said that the EC withheld 100 million euros from the funds owed to Poland due to the refusal of representatives of Warsaw to comply with the decision of the European Court of Justice. This is reported by RTL TV channel.

It is clarified that Poland has been fined one million euros daily due to the fact that the decision concerning the disciplinary chamber for judges is not being implemented in the country.

“At the moment, more than 100 million euros have been withheld. At the same time, the total amount reached 160 million euros,” Reynders said.

Earlier, the Court of the European Union, located in Luxembourg, announced a decision according to which Poland should pay one million euros per day in favor of the European Commission. We are talking about a fine for non-compliance with the court’s decision to terminate the work of the disciplinary chamber for judges.