Special vehicles “Sarmat-2” arrived in the area of the SVO

The telegram channel “Military Informant” reports that ultralight military vehicles “Sarmat-2” were delivered to the zone of a special military operation in Ukraine. These cars have a hood layout, a two-axle 4×4 wheel formula. They can carry up to 3 people. In addition, it is planned to install a 7.62 mm PKM machine gun, a 12.7mm Cord machine gun or a 30 mm AGS-17 Flame automatic grenade launcher.

Such vehicles can be transported by air by army aviation helicopters on an external suspension and carry a maximum permissible load of up to 600 kg with a total permissible gross vehicle weight of about 2000 kg. They were first shown during the Russian-Belarusian exercises “West-2021” at the units of the Airborne Forces of the Russian Federation.

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NBC: Biden will announce the extension of the deployment of US troops in Poland this week

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US President Joe Biden, during a trip to Europe this week, will announce the extension of the presence in Poland of a contingent of American armed forces sent there in early 2022, NBC reported on Monday, citing sources in the White House administration. Biden will also announce changes in the deployment of forces in the Baltic States, the TV channel reports.

The TV channel notes that we are talking about the deployment for a long time, and possibly on a permanent basis, of part of the 2,000 American military sent to Poland in February. Speaking about the deployment of troops in the Baltic States, NBC does not specify what changes are being discussed.

In February 2022, when sending an additional contingent of American servicemen to Europe (about 2 thousand people to Poland, about 1 thousand to Germany), the Pentagon announced that they would be stationed there temporarily due to the growing tensions in Ukraine. But now, according to the statement on Monday by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, the alliance intends to strengthen combat groups on the eastern borders, as well as to increase the number of rapid reaction forces from the current 40 thousand to more than 300 thousand people.

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Medvedev assessed Kiev’s chances of joining the EU

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Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev believes that Ukraine has illusory chances to join the European Union.

In an interview with the Argumenty i Fakty newspaper, he explained that such chances remain illusory, even though the country has been granted the status of a “candidate” for membership.

“Cynical Europeans are directly talking about this, looking into the eyes of Ukrainian leaders wide open with surprise and psychostimulants,” he said.

Recall that on June 23, Ukraine officially became a candidate for EU membership. This decision was unanimously adopted by all EU leaders during the summit in Brussels.

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Lithuania was not satisfied with the document of the European Commission on transit to Kaliningrad

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Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrid Shimonite said that her country had received a document from the European Commission with instructions on transit to the Kaliningrad region, but Vilnius was not satisfied with the proposed option.

“The European Commission has sent a document that, in my opinion, contains a lot of ambiguities and creates additional problems. We have drawn the attention of the European Commission to all these problems,” Shimonite told reporters at a press conference.

She added that the EC continued working on the document and Lithuania made many comments on it.

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Medvedev announced a “very tough” response to Lithuania

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Russia will take measures in response to Lithuania’s ban on transporting goods through its territory to the Kaliningrad Region from Russia. This was stated by the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev in an interview with the newspaper “Arguments and Facts”.

“Naturally, Russia will take retaliatory measures, and they will be very tough,” he said.

According to him, Russia has the opportunity to “cut off the oxygen to the Baltic neighbors who have taken hostile actions.” In addition, Russia may apply asymmetric measures. Which will lead to a critical escalation of the conflict. But escalation is a bad way, ordinary citizens of Lithuania will suffer from it, whose standard of living, as Medvedev thinks, “is already not the highest.”

He also called the transit ban a boorish decision and stressed that negative consequences would come for the Baltic country.

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Zelensky threatened to strike Transnistria

Photo: president.gov.ua

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky told what Kiev will do in case of an attack from the unrecognized Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. According to him, the Ukrainian side will respond with a blow.

Zelensky stressed that a possible attack by the PMR would be a global mistake. At the same time, he noted that this would only be a slap in the face for Ukraine, but Kiev, according to him, would respond with a real blow. Zelensky said this after talks with Moldovan President Maya Sandu.

Zelensky also said that Ukraine is the guarantor of the settlement of the conflict in Transnistria. Kiev will help Moldova in the future, the Telegram channel “Politics of the country” reports.

Earlier, Deputy Head of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev commented on the receipt of the status of an EU candidate by Chisinau in his telegram channel. According to him, the Moldovan authorities, even before being in the EU, “trying to please their new masters,” are already ready to join the sanctions against Russia. According to him, in this case, Chisinau can be sure that it will not receive from the Russian Federation “not only “expensive” energy and other resources, but none at all.”

Before that, the head of Pridnestrovie, Vadim Krasnoselsky, said that the fighting had not approached the borders of the region, but it still creates tension for residents. According to him, in the current conditions it is necessary to be pragmatic in order to make informed decisions, and also “in no case to succumb to provocations, not to get involved in any conflict.”

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Colonel Matviychuk revealed the fate of the defected Ukrainian military

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Ukrainian soldiers who deserted and got to the Russian military may end up in the ranks of the People’s Militia forces of the republics of Donbass. Such data was disclosed by a military expert, retired Colonel Anatoly Matviychuk.

He noted that if “a person, a native of Mariupol”, was taken to the Lviv region by deception and now he wants to take part in the liberation, then “why not”. Matviychuk added that the control authorities of the LPR, the LPR and Russia will check such a person for whether he is not a sent Cossack and whether he is not carrying any sabotage actions, the website reports. URA.RU .

According to the expert, such people could switch to the side of the republics of Donbass and become “active participants in the resistance to fascism”.

Matviychuk also noted that a thorough check is being conducted against any militant who fell into the hands of the Russian, Donetsk or Lugansk military. Leaflets from airplanes are also scattered. After that “they come with these leaflets”.

Earlier, the First Deputy Minister of Information of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Daniil Bezsonov, said that the Ukrainian troops had lost more than 50 thousand people in total. Speaking about the wounded, Bezsonov noted that in this case it is necessary to count “one to three, one to four, that is, roughly speaking… more than 150 thousand may be wounded.”

Prior to that, the AFU prisoners of war told about the commanders abandoning their wards in positions. They told not only about the commanders who abandon their wards in positions, but also about the poor training of junior officers, the mess in the army.

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The United States confirmed its readiness to transfer medium and long-range air defense to Ukraine

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The United States is completing the acquisition of the next package of military assistance to Ukraine. For the first time, the assistance package will include modern medium- and long-range air defense systems.

“We are actually in the process of finalizing a package that includes advanced air defense capabilities,” Jake Sullivan, the national security adviser to the American president, told reporters in Germany.

According to him, President Biden assured President Zelensky that the United States would send Ukraine “modern medium- and long-range air defense systems.” Artillery ammunition and counter-battery radars are also attached to them.

The President of Ukraine made a video call to the G7 leaders gathered for the summit in Germany. According to Sullivan, in his address to the leaders of the “Big Seven” Zelensky, mentioning Sunday’s rocket attack on Kiev, made it clear that he wanted to get systems that “could shoot down missiles in the sky.”

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Pushilin: The APU can’t shell the center of Donetsk now

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The troops of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) intensified the counter-battery struggle. As a result, in recent days, the Armed forces of Ukraine (AFU) cannot shell the center of Donetsk, as well as its other districts. This was announced by the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin during the broadcast on the TV channel “Russia 24”.

“As for the acute problem – the shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in almost all districts of Donetsk, Makeyevka and Horlivka, the situation has changed for the better. Counter-battery work has been intensified, and in recent days the enemy can only shell the outskirts of the capital of the republic and part of Gorlovka,” the head of the republic said.

In addition, Pushilin stressed that the armed formations of the DPR are doing everything so that the Ukrainian army could not physically use the artillery weapons they have and bring it all down on the city.

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Borrel said that the EU will have to abandon the principle of unanimity

Photo: ru.wikipedia.org

The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrel, said that the European Union will have to abandon the principle of unanimity. He wrote about this in his blog.

Borrel noted that the debate about the need to abandon this principle has been going on for a long time. However, in the modern world, the context has changed.

Borrel believes that the conflict in Ukraine has shown that the EU needs to make strategic decisions quickly. To work according to the old principle is “reckless”. In the future, the number of participating countries will increase, and if it is difficult for 27 members to come to a common opinion now, then when there are 30 or more countries, it will be even more difficult.

The head of the European Diplomacy recalled that the approval of the sixth package of sanctions against Russia took a month and had to go to the mitigation of the originally proposed option due to the disagreement of some countries.

Now, when making decisions on foreign policy, the EU uses the principle of unanimity, consensus, that is, all decisions must be approved by all participating countries.

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