Poklonskaya refused to be ambassador to Cape Verde

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Former Crimean prosecutor and ex-State Duma deputy Natalia Poklonskaya said that plans to appoint her as the Russian ambassador to Cape Verde have been canceled. According to her, the reason was “personal circumstances”, but which ones are not specified. The Foreign Ministry confirmed the information. The name of the new ambassador has not yet been announced.

“No, I’m not planning to,” Poklonskaya told TASS, answering a question about going abroad. “Personal circumstances have changed.”

The former parliamentarian added that she always wanted to be useful to her native country.

“Therefore, I am ready for any position where I will be useful to the state,” she said.

The impending appointment of the ex-prosecutor to a diplomatic post became known last summer, and in October it was announced that President Vladimir Putin had already appointed her to the post by his decree. At the same time, in Kiev, politicians and officials, including the newly minted colleagues of the Russian woman in the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, predicted problems for her at her new job and threatened to “ruin her life.” She herself ridiculed such threats, urging everyone to line up who would like to spoil her life.

On the morning of January 19, simultaneously with the news of her resignation, Poklonskaya congratulated the Russians on their Baptism.

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“I wish everyone good and joyful events in life—” she wrote in her telegram channel. – Health and honest sincere relationships!”.

The failed diplomat accompanied the post with her portrait against the background of a snow-covered Christmas tree.

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The number of Russians in Belarusian prisons has been revealed

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The Russian Embassy in Belarus has revealed the number of Russian citizens detained and serving sentences in the republic. This is reported by RBC.

In total, 346 Russians are serving their sentences in Belarusian prisons, and 109 more are in pre-trial detention. The information was last updated on July 1, 2021, the embassy did not provide more recent data.

The persecution of at least 11 Russian citizens is connected with the rallies in August 2020, the Moscow Helsinki Group reported. Seven have already received sentences and are in colonies.

The largest prison sentences received:

Dmitry Popov – 16 years for organizing mass riots, obstructing the exercise of electoral rights, preparing actions that grossly violate public order, or actively participating in them, as well as inciting hostility. Popov is 29 years old, he worked in the team of Sergei Tikhanovsky, engaged in social networks. He was detained in July 2020, before the protests began.

Egor Dudnikov is 11 years old for inciting enmity or discord, calling for actions aimed at harming the national security of Belarus. Dudnikov is 21 years old, according to the investigation, he was the administrator of the telegram channel “Civil Self-Defense Units of Belarus”, recognized as a terrorist in the republic.

Alexander Gejadze — 3 years for organizing actions that grossly violate public order, or actively participating in them. Gejadze is 35 years old, he received a sentence for transporting tires on a carsharing car, from which the protesters allegedly built barricades.

Also, 23-year-old Sofia Sapega is still under house arrest. She is accused under the article “Threats against law enforcement officers”, she faces up to 6 years in prison.

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In Ukraine, Germany was accused of lack of will due to the refusal to supply Kiev with weapons

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The Ambassador of Ukraine to Berlin, Andriy Melnyk, in an interview with the DPA agency, said that Ukraine is counting on Germany’s help in the supply of warships and air defense systems. The issue of arms supplies remains on the agenda in relations between the two countries until now.

Earlier, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that Berlin does not supply Ukraine with flying weapons and this political line remains unchanged. Among other things, Germany stands for a diplomatic resolution of the situation concerning Ukraine.

“We hope for the help of Germany. In particular, in the supply of German warships, which are among the best in the world. We urgently need them to protect the coast of the Azov and Black Seas. In addition, we have a need for modern air defense systems, which are produced by German companies,” Melnik added.

According to him, Ukraine urgently needs weapons, but Berlin lacks “political will and this is regrettable.” The diplomat believes that the German government needs to take the example of Great Britain, which has already decided to supply anti-tank weapons to Ukraine.

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The State Department did not rule out Russia’s attack on Ukraine from the Belarusian territory

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A State Department spokeswoman told reporters that the United States considers the movement of Russian troops to Belarus as a possible preparation for an invasion of Ukraine.

She clarified that in America there are significant concerns about the movement of the Russian military in the direction of Belarus under the pretext of conducting joint exercises.

“We believe that Russia may attack Ukraine from the north under the guise of joint exercises with the Belarusian military,” she said at a briefing.

According to her, “the participation of Belarusian troops in this attack would be completely unacceptable for Belarusians.” The State Department has already expressed its concerns before Minsk.

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Zelensky’s office told about the shock of Biden’s duplicitous policy

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As reported by “Country.ua”, a source in the diplomatic circles of Ukraine said that the office of President Vladimir Zelensky is skeptical about US policy.

Official Kiev, according to the source, is sure that Washington is playing a double game.

“The belief is growing stronger in the Office of the President of Ukraine that the hysteria in the Western media about the upcoming attack of Russia… the Americans want to force us to go to… some steps to fulfill the conditions of some of their big agreements with the Kremlin,” the publication quotes its informant.

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Washington urged Moscow to “make a decision” on Europe’s security

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According to Foreign Policy, assistant to the US President for National Security Jake Sullivan said that Russia should make some decisions regarding European security.

The American official believes that at the moment there are opportunities for “significant progress” in diplomatic solutions concerning the most important security issues in Europe. And Russia and the United States should participate in solving these issues.

“The United States, Russia, NATO, the EU and other partners in Europe can sit down at the negotiating table, work through them and come to an understanding… But Moscow needs to make its own decisions,” Sullivan stressed.

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WSJ: The US is preparing sanctions against “pro-Russian separatists” in Ukraine

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The Wall Street Journal, citing sources, states that the US authorities plan to impose sanctions against some “pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine” in the near future.

According to the interlocutors of the publication, Washington believes that such a decision could put pressure on Russia. According to the data available to the newspaper, restrictive measures will be introduced against four individuals. The sanctions will reportedly be announced on Thursday, January 20.

The WSJ also notes that the decision to impose sanctions against Ukrainian functionaries indicates doubts among the American authorities regarding the introduction of direct sanctions against Moscow.

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Psaki: Russia was preparing to evacuate diplomats from Ukraine

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White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said that American intelligence has data according to which Russia was allegedly preparing to evacuate employees of its diplomatic missions from Ukraine. Earlier, The New York Times, citing sources in Kiev, reported that in early January, Moscow allegedly began to take out the families of diplomats.

“The Russian authorities were preparing for the evacuation of employees… in late December – early January,” Psaki said at a briefing on Tuesday.

She added that the United States continues to monitor the situation.

The Russian Foreign Ministry earlier commented on the NYT publication, stating that “the Russian Embassy in Kiev is operating normally.”

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Nobel laureate, editor-in-chief of Novaya Muratov fined for lack of labeling

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In Moscow, the magistrate’s court imposed fines on the editor-in-chief of Novaya Gazeta, Nobel Prize laureate Dmitry Muratov and the publication headed by him for the lack of labeling of a banned organization.

On January 14, the court found Muratov and the newspaper guilty of spreading information about an organization included in the list of banned or liquidated, without indicating this fact.

According to the court’s decision, Muratov was fined 4 thousand rubles, the editorial office – 40 thousand rubles.

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