The NSDC believes that Russia is to blame for the unwillingness of Ukrainian citizens to be vaccinated


The information war that Russia allegedly unleashed against Ukraine has caused the vaccination campaign against COVID-19 to fail in the state. This opinion was expressed by the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Alexey Danilov on the air of the ICTV channel.

“We are clearly aware that those people who are currently working against our country, they are deploying the COVID theme today in such a way that we have a great influence,” he said.

Earlier, Danilov drew attention to the fact that Ukraine is approaching the peak of a new wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since September 23, Ukraine has moved from the “green” to the “yellow” quarantine zone due to the deterioration of the epidemiological situation. At the same time, over the past few weeks, the Kherson, Zaporozhye, Odessa, Donetsk and Dnepropetrovsk regions have fallen into the “red zone”.


Americans asked for asylum in Russia after Putin’s speech

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

American users commented on the publication of the Breitbart edition dedicated to Putin’s Valdai speech. The publication placed special emphasis on the words of the president about the inadmissibility of sex change in children. It is worth noting that Breitbart is a publication known for its right-wing and conservative positions.

The Americans noted that Putin and President Viktor Orban are the most sensible politicians in the world. Russia has “returned to God”, it has become more Christian after the communist era, some say. “Well, the world has officially gone off the rails, if Putin is the voice of reason,” “God, I wish we had a real man at the helm in Britain, too,” “Is there a chance to get asylum?” commentators write.

Also, users began to argue about the fact that reasonable words were said by the dictator. Voting for one of the options of left-wing parties in the West is also not democracy, some object. “He’s not a dictator at all! I know, I’ve been living in Russia for 30 years, and I have more freedom here than I would have in the West,” one reader wrote. Some even noted that Putin should have been chosen as the “pope of Rome”.


Russia refused to make concessions to Moldova on gas

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Deputy Head of the Kremlin Administration Dmitry Kozak received a delegation of the Party of Socialists of Moldova today. At the talks, possible concessions from Russia on the issue of gas supplies to Moldova were discussed. However, according to a source who took part in the meeting, the parties failed to reach an agreement.

“The goal of the Moldovan socialists was a request to make additional concessions and compromises on the supply of Russian gas to Moldova,” the source said, adding that representatives of the Moldovan delegation rested on the “youth” and inexperience of the new Moldovan government. They also asked Moscow not to allow the termination of gas supplies, which will lead to an energy collapse and a humanitarian catastrophe in Moldova.

At the same time, the source noted that the arguments in favor of non-market pricing of Russian gas for supplies to Moldova were not convincing. Russia agrees to sign a new long-term gas contract, but only on the basis of European market gas prices. At the same time, the Moldovan side was offered a 25% discount, subject to repayment of the existing debt, and with a large installment plan.

Recall that on September 30, the contract for the supply of Moldovan gas by Gazprom expired, which was signed back in 2008. While negotiations were underway on a new contract, the old one was extended until the end of October. At the same time, the price of gas has increased to $ 790 per thousand cubic meters. This price does not suit Moldova, so there are risks of a complete cessation of supplies. At the same time, Moldova’s debt for gas is $ 700 million.


Putin criticized the “existing model of capitalism”, but offered nothing in return

Russia as a brake on world perestroika

Everything in our raging world is ghostly, gloomy and foggy. One can only agree with the key thesis of Vladimir Putin’s speech at the next meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club: we are at the beginning of the process of world reconstruction, “the final design of which is unknown.” But even more disturbing is the lack of a clear understanding of which route our country will take. The statements of the head of state not only do not dispel the fog, but, perhaps, on the contrary, they thicken.

Photo: AP

“Everyone says that the existing model of capitalism – and this is the basis of the social structure in the vast majority of countries today – has exhausted itself, there is no way out of the tangle of increasingly complicated contradictions within its framework,” Vladimir Putin said, fully agreeing, as the following phrase shows, with such an interpretation. “Everywhere, even in the richest countries and regions, the uneven distribution of material goods leads to worsening inequality, primarily inequality of opportunities – both within societies and at the international level.”

Russia, the president admits, is among the countries where the problem of social inequality is most acute: “This is especially important for us, bearing in mind the difference in income of different categories of citizens.” … The main preferences… a small stratum of people received it… The growth of their wealth has increased many times compared to that of the middle class and the poorest segments of the population.” Europe, however, suffers from this too, but still it is “not so acute” there.

Actually, Putin said what the citizens of the country have known for a long time. Someone in Russia has too small pearls, Bentleys are slow and palaces are too low. And someone’s soup is a little thin. Moreover, the category of “liquid-bought” is rapidly growing. Only the bravest and most prosperous Russians are not afraid of the speed with which prices for food and essential goods are rising today.

In short, Vladimir Vladimirovich is right, a thousand times right: “We must build a welfare state.” The current state of affairs is intolerable and needs to be corrected immediately. And if such is the dictate of the times, then why shouldn’t Russia be at the head of this global trend? Of course, we are unlikely to be able to solve the problem of social inequality on a global scale, but we can start with ourselves and show the world an example of moving towards a more just society.

However, for some reason, criticism of the “existing model of capitalism” did not receive any constructive development. How will we build a welfare state? When will we start? Where do we start? “There are no ready-made recipes,” Putin admitted. Moreover, according to the President, during the global transformation, Russia will not play the role of the vanguard, but the rearguard. More precisely, even to say – the brakes of world perestroika.

“We will be guided by the ideology of healthy conservatism,” Putin said. “Now, when the world is going through a structural breakdown, the importance of reasonable conservatism as the basis of a political course has increased many times precisely because of the multiplying risks and dangers, the fragility of the reality surrounding us.”

The point here, however, was about adherence to traditional, “authentic” values. That, roughly speaking, “parent number one” and “parent number two” are not our way. But after all, the current Russian socio-political model, in which someone’s wallets are empty, and who is empty (and the one who is closest to the state feeder is the thickest), is also our tradition.

And there is no doubt that the preservation of it worries the vast majority of our citizens much more than “the socio-cultural upheavals that occur in the States and in Western Europe.” “Parent number one and number two” – the threat is still quite distant and, hand on heart, quite abstract. What is that Hecuba for the average Russian? And the price tags in supermarkets – here they are.


Saudi prince was going to kill the king with a ring from Russia

Photo: Social Networks

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman boasted a few years ago that he could kill King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, The Washington Post reports. Such an accusation against Salman came from the mouth of a former high-ranking Saudi intelligence officer, Saad Al Jabri.

So, in 2014, bin Salman boasted that he could kill the king with a poisoned ring from Russia. To do this, it was allegedly enough just to shake hands with a person. At the same time, Al Jabri did not hear the prince’s statement personally. At that time, bin Salman did not hold any important posts.

Al Jabri noted that he has a video recording of bin Salman’s conversation with another prince. Muhammad bin Naif. The threat could have been made at this meeting. However, it is not yet clear whether this was a real threat or a joke.

Earlier, the US National Intelligence provided a report in which it accused Prince Mohammed bin Salman of organizing an operation to kill journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul, as well as of numerous abuses in Saudi Arabia itself.


The German military attache received a protest note from the Russian Defense Ministry


The Russian Defense Ministry summoned the German military attache, he was handed a protest note because of the words of the head of the German Defense Ministry Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer about the need to show the Russian Federation readiness to use weapons.

“The defense attache at the Embassy of Germany in the Russian Federation was invited to the Main Directorate of International Military Cooperation of the Russian Defense Ministry. During the meeting, attention was drawn to the statements of the head of the German Defense Ministry, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, on Russia’s nuclear deterrence and a note was handed over,” the ministry told reporters.

The Defense Ministry pointed out to the representative of Germany that such statements lead to increased tension in Europe and do not help normalize the situation.

Kramp-Karrenbauer said earlier that NATO should respond to threats from Russia and demonstrate readiness to use weapons if necessary. According to her, no one should consider the possibility of attacking NATO partners in the Black Sea and the Baltic states. The Minister also stated that Moscow systematically violates the airspace of the Baltic and Black Sea countries and special attention should be paid to the protection of this space.


333 thousand residents of the DPR received Russian citizenship

photo: Wikipedia

According to the migration service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, 330 thousand residents of the DPR received Russian citizenship in a simplified manner. This is reported by .

In mid-July, the number of residents of the DPR with Russian citizenship was 282 thousand.

The presidential decree allowing residents of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics to obtain Russian citizenship in a simplified manner was signed on April 24, 2019.


“Man is not immortal”: Metropolitan Shevkunov spoke about Putin’s rule

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

It will be extremely difficult to find a successor to the current Russian President Vladimir Putin, Metropolitan Tikhon Shevkunov of Pskov and Porkhovsky, whom many call a “confessor,” said in an interview with the Daily Storm.” the president. He stressed that under Putin, Russia has experienced a significant rise in the international arena. This raises questions – who else can so support Russia’s authority, restrain it inside.

“But this is also our problem, man is not immortal,” Shevkunov stressed. He considers Putin a man of “a different scale” and “infinite responsibility”, and he is aware of all this. “He is a man of business, naturally, not looking for any gratitude. He, as an officer, as a soldier, is put to do this,” says the metropolitan.

It is up to the president himself to decide who will succeed him. He, and no one else, must prepare what will happen next. “And many people understand: take it away and what will begin, just for any person to think, a responsible person who understands some kind of drive belts that we have,” Shevkunov noted.

Shevkunov also noted that Putin is ironic about the fact that some are trying to exalt him. He recalled the story when Khazanov tried to put a crown on Putin, and he took it and put it on the head of the humorist himself. Putin should be compared with Nikolai the First, Shevkunov believes. “He was an amazing man, he raised the country, but he was deceived, he was called Nikolai Palkin,” the metropolitan noted.

Bosses in Russia are especially disliked, they are cursed here. But Putin understands all this, he loves people and does his job without building illusions, Shevkunov added.


Russian Foreign Ministry: Russia will seek to defrost Afghanistan’s funds

photo: Wikipedia

The head of the second Asia department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Zamir Kabulov, voiced Moscow’s position in connection with the refusal of Europe and the United States to unfreeze Kabul’s financial assets. Kabulov said that Russia considers this decision outrageous.

According to Kabulov, of the approximately 9 billion national holdings of the country, more than 8 are in the United States, and one and a half billion are frozen in Europe. Kabulov expressed the point of view that against the background of this decision, the statement that  Washington cares about the welfare of the people of Afghanistan, they look hypocritical.

Kabulov promised that Russia and its international partners will continue to seek the unfreezing of assets.


NI: Hungary and Russia can take Transcarpathia from Ukraine


Ukraine is facing a big problem because of the strategy of Hungary, which is interested in the reintegration of its historical lands in the west of the country. This opinion was expressed in an article for the National Interest by analyst Melinda Haring. 

In her opinion, Budapest is interested in returning Transcarpathia, where many Hungarians live. The Hungarian authorities have created a network of schools with an ethno-cultural component on this territory, and the Hungarian community controls newspapers and TV channels. Also, many residents of Transcarpathia have Hungarian passports. 

“Hungary regularly blocks Ukraine’s further integration into NATO and regularly raises a fuss over the language problem in Western Ukraine,” Haring said.

The author believes that Budapest’s policy would satisfy Moscow, which is happy to “further complicate Kiev’s life” by destabilizing Western Ukraine.

Haring stressed that it will be difficult for President Zelensky to find ways to interact with Hungary and better integrate Transcarpathia.

Transcarpathia was formerly part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. After the end of the First World War, the region became part of Czechoslovakia.Since 1938 Transcarpathia was part of Hungary. Following the results of the Second World War, an agreement was signed in Moscow on the territory becoming part of the Ukrainian SSR.

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