The Chinese mission to the EU expressed outrage at the ” theory of the Chinese threat”

The Mission of the People’s Republic of China to the European Union issued an official statement calling on NATO to stop “inflating the theory of the Chinese threat in any form.” The statement describes the actions of the North Atlantic Alliance as ” artificially creating confrontation and stimulating geopolitical rivalry.”

According to the Chinese mission, NATO uses the legitimate rights and interests of the People’s Republic of China as a pretext to manipulate the policy of the bloc instead of moving along the path of dialogue and cooperation.

Earlier, following the results of the summit held in Brussels, 30 NATO countries identified China as a potential threat to the security of the alliance.


NBC literally translated Putin’s phrase about the ” league of sexual reforms»

During an interview with NBC, Vladimir Putin quoted the hero of the novel “The Golden Calf” Ostap Bender. He said, ” You can complain to the International League for Sexual Reform.” NBC translated “classic” literally and without quotation marks.

The interview was given on the eve of the summit with US President Joe Biden. The TV channel translated most of the quotes and phraseological units used by the head of state during the conversation with the journalist verbatim.

The phrase “you can complain to the International League of Sexual Reform” was translated by NBC as “you can take your complaint to the International League of Sexual Reform”. No explanation was given.

In the film, these words in the novel “The Golden Calf” are said by Ostap Bender to Mikhail Panikovsky, who said that girls do not like him. Putin used this expression to stop the flow of accusations against Russia on the topic of cyber attacks.


Biden again answered the question of whether he considers Putin a ” murderer”


US President Joe Biden at a press conference in Brussels following the NATO summit was asked whether he continues to consider his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin a “murderer”.

“I’m laughing too,” Biden said after reporters told him that the Russian president laughed after an NBC anchor asked him to comment on the controversial interview with the head of the White House.

After that, Biden tried several times to find the words and build the thought of his speech: “They actually, I… well, look, I mean, he made it clear that…”.

“I believe that in the past, he essentially admitted that he had certain things that he could have done or did. But listen, when I was asked this question on the air, I answered honestly, ” the US president added.

At the same time, according to him, this topic does not matter in relation to the upcoming Russia – US summit, which will be held on June 16 in Switzerland.


Putin commented on the expansion of NATO with a child’s tease

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Russian President Vladimir Putin during an interview with NBC journalist Kim Simmons spoke about the promise of NATO not to expand to the east, which was not supported by any documents. Simmons believes that NATO is the defending party, and Moscow is solely to blame for the aggravation of relations.

“During the Soviet period, Gorbachev-he, thank God, is alive and well, ask him-verbally, but still it was promised that there would be no expansion of NATO to the east. So where are these promises?» Putin asked the journalist. Simmons noted that these promises were never fixed anywhere.

“That’s right, they cheated the fool by four fists – that’s what they say in our country. We need to fix everything on paper, ” Putin continued, uttering a children’s tease popular with Russian children. He asked the journalist himself – why is NATO expanding to the east? The Alliance is bringing its military infrastructure closer to the Russian borders, although there is no threat from Russia, the Russian president added.


Protasevich described Tikhanovskaya with the phrase ” holy innocence»

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The founder of the Telegram channel Nexta, recognized as an extremist in Belarus, Roman Protasevich, who is now in a Belarusian pre-trial detention center, told reporters about the opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya.

As Protasevich emphasized, he can’t say anything bad about Tikhanovskaya.

“I would describe it with the phrase ‘holy innocence’, ” the opposition leader told reporters after a briefing organized by the Belarusian Foreign Ministry.

At the same time, Protasevich noted that Svetlana Tikhanovskaya has recently changed significantly, has grown in many aspects. She is surrounded by “experienced politicians, of course, they set a vector, a direction in many respects, they dictate statements,” the arrested editor of the Nexta channel believes.


Putin spoke about the desired successor to the post of president


Russian President Vladimir Putin has promised to support a man who will not just be loyal to Russia, but is ready to lay down his life in the name of Russia. The head of state said this in an interview with the American TV channel NBC News.

“If I see that a certain person, even if he is critical of some areas of my activity, but I see that this is a person with constructive views, a person devoted to the country, ready to lay down on the altar of the Fatherland not just years, but his whole life, no matter how he treats me personally, I will do everything to support such people,” Putin said.

The President also stressed that the change of leaders is a natural process from a biological point of view and he treats it absolutely normally. At the same time, Putin believes that the fundamental foundations of Russian statehood and the Russian economy will remain unshakeable.


Putin accused Navalny of solving his commercial affairs under the guise of politics


Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with NBC explained why the opposition politician Alexei Navalny was in prison.

“Twice a person was sentenced to probation. In fact, it was just a warning not to violate the legislation in force in Russia, ” Putin said, adding that in the end, the court changed his measure of restraint to detention.

Putin also stressed that if someone is hiding behind political activities in order to solve their own affairs, including commercial ones ,then ” you need to answer for it accordingly.”


The crew of the Norwegian warship raised gay flags

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For the first time in history, the rainbow flag, which is the flag of the LGBT movement, was raised on board a Norwegian warship. This happened in the Bergen Byfjorden.

According to the broadcaster NRK, due to covid restrictions, it has become very difficult to hold events in the center of cities. Therefore, the authorities of the Norwegian city of Bergen gave permission to hold a gay parade on boats at sea.

And for the first time in history, the Norwegian Navy took part in the “Rainbow Days”. In particular, the anti-submarine ship “Hitra”, the patrol vessel “Tour”, the support vessel “Olav Tryggvason”, as well as two training vessels and two light boats participated in the parade. For the first time, rainbow flags were flown on Norwegian warships. The crews of these vessels also waved small rainbow flags, greeting other participants in the parade.

The head of the Navy, Rune Andersen, said that sailors have a tradition of communicating with signal flags and today Norwegian sailors signaled that they are participating in the fight for diversity.

“It is important for us to make it clear that everyone can serve in the navy, regardless of their origin and orientation&”Yes,” he said.


Putin did not rule out the exchange of prisoners with the United States

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NBC has shown new parts of an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin ahead of a summit in Geneva with US President Joe Biden. In particular, Putin made a statement regarding the exchange of prisoners with the United States.

Putin replied that he was ready to consider an exchange of prisoners with the United States.

Putin also noted that the number of US citizens convicted in Russia is not comparable to the number of Russians in American prisons.

In particular, during the interview, they talked about Trevor Reed and Paul Whelan, who were convicted in Russia.



Boris Johnson answered the question of whether Putin is a ” killer”

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson responded during the G7 summit to a question from CNN correspondent Clarissa Ward about whether he agrees with the statement of US President Joe Biden that Russian President Vladimir Putin is a “killer”.

“I, of course, believe that President Putin did unacceptable things,” Johnson said, adding that he was sure that the Russian leader personally authorized the use of the military poison ” Novichok&”in Salisbury against the former agent Skripal, which led to the death of an innocent local resident.

“You can see how he treats his main opponent, Alexei Navalny,” Johnson also noted, emphasizing that now in prison “they are actually torturing”.

Johnson also said that at the summit in Geneva, US President Joe Biden will present a rather tough position to the Russian president, and he approves of this step.

“This is what I did myself when I last saw Putin,” Johnson noted.

At the same time, Johnson did not respond in detail to the question of what the outcome of the Biden-Putin summit should be in order for it to be called a success.