The consul of the Russian Embassy in the Czech Republic visited the Russian Franchetti in prison

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The head of the consular department of the Russian Embassy in the Czech Republic visited the Russian citizen Alexander Franchetti, who is in prison in Prague “Pankrats”. This was announced by the press secretary of the diplomatic mission Nikolai Bryakin.

“The Embassy continues to be in close contact with the Russian, his relatives and his protection and to provide all necessary consular support,” the press secretary said.

Recall that on September 12, a Russian citizen Alexander Franchetti was detained at the Prague airport on the basis of an arrest warrant issued by Ukraine. The head of the TFR, Alexander Bastrykin, instructed to study the reasons and legal grounds for the detention of a Russian at a Czech airport under a warrant issued by Ukraine. Russia expects that the Czech authorities will release Franchetti.


Poroshenko accused the Ukrainian authorities of switching attention to dubious ideas

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Ex-President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko accused the country’s authorities of wanting to distract the attention of the people. According to the politician, they are “fooling around” and promoting” senile ideas. We are talking about proposals to rename the country or switch to the Latin alphabet.

Poroshenko complained that the residents of the country cannot get reliable information about what is really happening. Most of the Ukrainian TV channels were under the control of the authorities. Also, the ex-president is not satisfied with the fact that the new government manages the law enforcement agencies about the GBR and the SBU before the prosecutor’s office.

It is curious that ridiculous proposals are put forward by officials who are not responsible for these issues. So the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, Alexey Danilov, proposed to abandon the Cyrillic alphabet. And the adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine, Alexey Arestovich, first recommended renaming the country into Rus-Ukraine, and then decided to “take away “the” brand of Russians ” from Russia.


Bulgarians called on Russia to arrange their “liberation” after military exercises


On the Bulgarian portal has published a material about military equipment that is involved in the Zapad-2021 exercises. It is emphasized that the total number of participants in the exercises has reached 200 thousand people. The Platform-M, Nerekhta and Uran-9 combat robots, Su-35S, Su-30SM, Su-34, MiG-31BM fighters, Tu-22M3 bomber and other types of modern military equipment were presented.

The article emphasizes that the main strategy of Russia in the conflict with NATO is the strikes of ballistic missiles. “Such a war will certainly lead to an exchange of strikes with nuclear intercontinental missiles,” the article says. The publication was accompanied by frames that were offered to readers to evaluate.

Bulgarians have traditionally been divided into two parts-pro-Russian and supporters of the West. “Well done, brothers! They will tear them away from European values”, “A strong army is a strong state. May Russia free us for the third time-once from the imperialism of the Turks, once from the imperialism of the Germans, now from the Americans”, ” A strong Russia is a guarantee of the existence of Bulgaria. If it gets hot, the Americans will run away, as they did in Afghanistan, ” the supporters of Russia write.

Some pro-Western Bulgarians saw the article as “communist propaganda”. And some were quick to express their rejection of the contemplation of Russian military power. “Russia has always come to Bulgaria for occupation purposes. After the Liberation, they called us the “Trans-Danube Province” and have a desire to make us part of the Russian Empire. After September 9, the Russian army invaded Bulgaria as an occupier, ” one commenter wrote.


The European politician threatened the “Nord Stream-2” with turning into “ruins”

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The Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline can turn into an” investment ruin “if it does not comply with European legislation, said Reinhard Butikofer, a member of the European Parliament from the Green faction, DPA reports. He stressed that even if the German regulator approves the launch of the pipeline, the European Commission will be able to stop it.

Butikofer stressed that within the framework of EU legislation, anbandling must be observed – the separation of the activities of the operator of the gas transmission system from gas production and supply. This is not yet available within the framework of the Nord Stream-2.

In addition, according to the legislation, Gazprom must grant the right to pump gas into the pipeline to a third party, but this is also not provided.

And, finally, it is unknown when the project will be certified by the German authorities.

Butikofer concluded that if the decision of the German regulator contradicts the decision of the European Commission, then Nord Stream-2 will turn into an”investment ruin”.


The Taliban have deprived the Uzbek language of its official status in Afghanistan


The Taliban movement (banned in Russia) has issued a temporary law that deprived the Uzbek language of the official status in Afghanistan.

Now, according to the adopted law, the official religion of Afghanistan is Sunni Islam of the Hanafi Madhhab, and the two official languages are Pashto and Dari.

At the same time, many residents of the northern provinces of Afghanistan speak Uzbek, and there is a significant Shiite community in the country.

The president is declared the head of the executive power, who will be elected by citizens and members of the supreme Council.

Also, a holiday is being established in the country – “Independence Day from the British, Russians and Americans”.


France canceled the celebration in the United States due to the termination of the submarine contract by Australia

Paris has canceled celebrations at the French Embassy in the United States on the occasion of the 240th anniversary of the Battle of the Chesapeake.

According to The New York Times, this was a protest due to the fact that Canberra canceled the contract of the century with France in favor of a partnership with Washington and London.

Australia has rejected a contract previously concluded with France for the construction of submarines worth $66 billion.

A high-ranking representative of the French Navy was to take part in the event at the embassy. He flew to Paris.

The United Kingdom, the United States and Australia have created a new military alliance AUKUS. Before that, France signed a contract with Australia for 12 attack submarines.

Canberra has decided to cancel the “contract of the century” in favor of a partnership with the United States and Britain.

According to La Tribune, the French shipyard Naval Group will take years to recover from commercial losses.

Australia has planned the construction of nuclear submarines in its Adelaide with the help of the United States and Great Britain.

The Battle of the Chesapeake is the decisive battle at sea in the American War of Independence. The French fleet, which was supported by the United States, defeated the British one.


The Kremlin explained the wrong date on Putin’s watch on the day of the vote

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Russian President Vladimir Putin does not use the date function on his watch, Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the Russian leader, told the newspaper “Rise”.

Earlier, users of social networks noticed that Putin’s watch in the video where he votes on September 17 has a different date – September 10. Some have suggested that the president took part in the vote in advance.

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“The dates do not coincide simply because the president does not set the date on his watch. He doesn’t pay attention to it. And he simply does not use the date in his watch,” Peskov said.

It is also worth recalling that on September 14, Putin went into self-isolation. He stated this himself, adding that he made such a decision after people infected with the coronavirus appeared in his immediate environment. However, it is not yet known who exactly we are talking about.


The CEC announced three targeted attacks from abroad

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The CEC reported that during the first day of voting, targeted computer attacks on the department’s resources were recorded. All of them came from abroad. 

“For September 17, we recorded three targeted attacks from abroad,” Alexander Sokolchuk, head of the Federal Center for Informatization (FCI) at the Central Election Commission of Russia, said at a briefing today.

At the same time, he did not name the countries from where the attack was carried out, noting that due to technical issues, this is a controversial issue.

According to him, unknown hackers tried to identify the vulnerability of the Internet portal of the CEC of Russia.

“I want to say that the attack was quite powerful,” he added.

Also, according to Sokolchuk, at 11:30 on Saturday, a DDoS attack was also committed and about 246 thousand requests were blocked by means of protection on the portal of the CEC of Russia. He ruled out that the main attack will be carried out on Sunday. 


Russia urged to include Armenia in the Union state

“There will soon be a NATO base in Azerbaijan”

Yerevan says that a military base of Turkey, a NATO member country, will soon be established in Azerbaijan. At the same time, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan talks about some “positive signals” from Ankara, and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan promises to respond positively to Yerevan’s “positive signals”. Does all this mean a “breakthrough” and a warming in the Armenian-Turkish relations? MK talked about this with the former deputy of the National Assembly of Armenia Artashes Geghamyan.

Photo: OSCE Parliamentary Assembly.

– Turkey has opened a representative office of its Armed Forces in Azerbaijan. A special group of the Turkish command will work in Baku under the leadership of General Bakhtiar Ersay (head of the operational department of the Turkish Ground Forces – M. P.). This is the infamous general who, during the 44-day war against Nagorno-Karabakh last year, actually led the work of the General Staff of the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry. He directly led the units of the Turkish armed forces that fought on the side of Azerbaijan against the Karabakh Defense Army. He also directly coordinated the actions of Syrian mercenaries, terrorists, of whom about two thousand were brought to Karabakh. This group of the Turkish command is still being formed, and already it includes four generals. In addition to Ersay, among them is the military adviser of the Turkish Embassy in Baku.

– The Turks are taking a kind of revenge for the humiliation that Putin inflicted on them last year. Erdogan tried in every possible way to squeeze in, he wanted the statement about the end of the war in Karabakh to be made with the participation of Turkey, so that the Turkish troops who fought in Karabakh would remain there as peacekeepers. But the Russian side did not allow this. Ankara was content only with the creation of a joint Russia – Turkey monitoring group. Erdogan, being a very vindictive person, cannot forget this.

– The Turkish armed forces that were stationed in the Nakhichevan Autonomous Region are probably no longer enough. Moreover, in conditions when the Russian Federation is gradually pulling its border units towards Meghri, and this is a vital strategic area for Erdogan. The Megrin Christian Civilizational wedge is actuallyIt breaks the “Islamic arc” that stretches from Gibraltar in the north of Africa to the Middle East, Turkey and Azerbaijan. It is very important for Erdogan to knock the Armenians out of Meghri so that this “Islamic arc” is not interrupted, as this hinders the fulfillment of his cherished dream of creating a Great Turan, which will unite the Turkic-speaking states.

– The situation is very difficult, because today most of the Armenian media are trying to create a false impression among the population that Russia has abandoned Armenia and does not stand behind it as reliably as Turkey does behind Azerbaijan. The ultimate goal is to expel the Russian military from Armenia, including the 102nd military base. Which will eventually lead to the opening of the Armenian-Turkish border. And what will happen after that, we see on the example of Adjara. There we see complete Turkization, the entire economy is in the hands of Turkish businessmen. Georgians are left with the work of servants and cleaners, and Turks are sitting in all the good places.

– Today, there is no question of opening the border, but there are mutual signals. Pashinyan talks about positive signals from Turkey, he is echoed by Erdogan, who says that there are encouraging signals from the Armenian leadership. Maybe Pashinyan sees positive signals in the fact that out of two thousand Syrian militants who fought in Nagorno-Karabakh last yearIn Karabakh, a thousand settled there? Or that under the guise of Afghan refugees from Syria, militants are being transported through Turkey and Azerbaijan today, who are settling in the occupied territories of the NKR? The situation is very alarming. I see the solution only in the establishment of a Russian protectorate over Nagorno-Karabakh. And Armenia itself should join the union state of Russia and Belarus.


The Rada announced a signal from the United States on the “Nord Stream-2”


The statements of the senior adviser on energy security of the US State Department Amos Hochstein about the “Nord Stream-2” are a clear signal to Kiev about the futility of fighting the gas pipeline, said the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the “Batkivshchyna”, the first deputy chairman of the Committee on energy and Housing Alexey Kucherenko.

“Look, we forgot that there is a country that has been telling us what to do for a long time, it has a plan for us,” the deputy noted.

According to Kucherenko, the State Department representative “completely reassured” the Ukrainian authorities during his visit.

“They are already clearly telling us: forget it, Nord Stream-2 is already a solved issue, and there is no need to whine, no need to be offended, no need to go and give stupid interviews,” he added.

Earlier, Amos Hochstein said during his visit to Kiev that Ukraine should focus not on the Nord Stream-2 ,but on the modernization of the Ukrainian energy sector.