The authorities of the Zaporozhye region called on the UN to condemn the shelling of the NPP

Zaporozhye NPP. Photo: Global Look Press

Vladimir Rogov, a member of the main council of the administration of the Zaporozhye region, said that the UN leadership completely ignores the facts of the shelling of the NPP instead of condemning the actions of Ukrainian militants.

According to him, if the UN representatives continue to ignore these attacks, the organization can be renamed the “Organization of Certain Nations”.

“I believe that today the UN has become a platform for promoting the geopolitical interests of the Anglo-Saxons. It turns out that like Orwell, where it doesn’t matter, but some are more equal,” Rogov said.

He clarified that the United Nations does not see and does not hear the rest of the world. They accept only the position of the countries located in the West.


State Duma deputy Sheremet said that the combat potential of the Ukrainian army has been destroyed


State Duma deputy from the Crimean region Mikhail Sheremet said that the combat potential of the Ukrainian army has been destroyed.

According to him, at the moment, the Russian military are opposed by the forces of the collective West, which have deployed their bridgehead on the territory of Ukraine.

“By now, the reserves and combat potential of the Ukrainian army have been destroyed. The Russian Armed Forces are opposed by the collective West. A large number of mercenaries are registered in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, for example, from Poland and the UK. Among other things, there are constant deliveries of various weapons,” Sheremet said.

He clarified that the United States and its allies want to preserve a unipolar world in which they would impose and dictate their conditions to everyone.


The US and South Korea will hold the largest military exercises

The US and South Korean authorities plan to hold joint large-scale military maneuvers Ulchi Freedom Shield from August 22 to September 1.

According to ABC News, these largest exercises in recent years should be a warning to the North Korean regime.

The maneuvers will involve warships, aircraft, ground units consisting of several tens of thousands of people.

The parties will work out imitation of joint attacks, reinforcement of the front with weapons and fuel, measures to combat unmanned aircraft.


The head of the National Bank of Poland accused Germany of wanting to “return” the former lands


According to Gazeta Polska, the chairman of the National Bank of Poland Adam Glapinsky suspected the German authorities of plans to “take away” the former German lands from the country.

Glapinsky also expressed the opinion that Berlin plans to subordinate the belt of countries between Germany and Russia.

“Earlier it was about the merger of the German states, the absorption of the GDR… From the moment this task is completed, it is about returning… their former lands, which are now within the borders of Poland,” the official said.


The Russian Foreign Ministry responded to accusations of “theft” of electricity from the NPP


The press service of the Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement in which it assessed The Wall Street Journal article in which the journalists of the American edition accused Russia of stealing electricity from the Zaporozhye NPP.

The article claims that the Russian side is engaged in the theft of electricity from the NPP for the purpose of subsequent resale in conditions of rising energy prices. According to the authors, such “expropriation” on the part of Russia, it will become an additional factor in destabilizing the situation in the energy markets.

“Even a cursory acquaintance with this next anti-Russian stuffing is enough to state the complete degradation of cause-and-effect relationships in the presentation of the authors of the publication”, – stressed in the Russian Foreign Ministry.



The President of Moldova recognized the risk of an accident at the NPP


According to the NordNews TV channel, Moldovan President Maya Sandu, in an interview with journalists, agreed with the existence of risks of an accident at the Zaporozhye NPP.

She expressed the hope that a nuclear catastrophe would be possible to avoid.

“This would lead to a tragedy, I hope that such a mistake will not be made,” We hope that this will not happen, but there are risks,” Sandu said.


The Russian Embassy commented on the dismantling of the T-34 tank monument in Narva


The Russian Embassy in Estonia has published a Telegram statement regarding the dismantling of the T-34 tank monument in Narva.

Russian diplomats called the campaign launched by the Estonian authorities to dismantle the symbols of Victory over Nazi Germany during World War II, “a shameful war with historical truth”.

“Estonian politicians… their actions actually contribute to the rehabilitation of Nazism… Attempts to conceal historical facts and make humanity forget about those who saved it from the horrors of fascism at the cost of their own lives are doomed to failure… The names of those who destroyed monuments to the liberating soldiers will take their rightful place on the board of shame of world history,” the message says.


The Federation Council proposed declaring Russia a “sponsor of cannibalism”

Photo: Social Networks

According to the chairman of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs Grigory Karasin, Washington’s calls to declare Russia a sponsor of terrorism surprisingly fit the Russian saying: “Whose cow would low, and yours would be silent.”

In his TG channel, the politician stressed that she fully reveals the absurdity of the US accusations.

“If anything, accuse us of sponsoring cannibalism. Or nail our multinational power to the board of shame for racial and national discrimination,” Karasin ironically suggested.

He refused to even guess what Washington’s statements meant, but admitted that political thought in the United States had gone into disarray.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that if the US Congress dares to declare Russia a “state sponsor of terrorism,” it will be possible to forget about relations between Moscow and Washington.


The expert called the term of deprivation of Ukraine’s access to the Black Sea

Port of Odessa. Photo: .

Alexey Podberezkin, director of the MGIMO Center for Military and Political Studies, commented on the National Interest publication, which says that if, as a result of a special operation, Ukraine loses access to the Black Sea, it will deal a catastrophic blow to the country and make it a “stump state”.

“Such a development of events is inevitable,” Podberezkin said in an interview VM.RU .

According to him, the Black Sea coast is historically a Russian region and it would be strange to leave it in the power of the “Russophobic junta”.

“Russia will take control of the Mykolaiv and Odessa regions,” the expert expressed confidence, noting that this will cut off Ukraine from the Black Sea.

When asked when this might happen, Podberezkin replied that “very quickly.”

“Of course, many experts will disagree with me, but I believe that this will happen before the end of August,” he added.


YouTube removed 29 videos on the channel of the Russian Embassy in the UK


The YouTube administration has deleted 29 videos posted on the channel of the Russian Embassy in the UK. This was reported in the diplomatic mission.

“On August 15, the YouTube video hosting administration removed a total of 29 videos from the embassy’s channel without warning. Most of them are interviews with the Russian Ambassador to the UK, Andrey Kelin,” said the representative of the embassy.

According to him, the interviews covered the topics of Russian-British relations, the food and energy crisis, sanctions and special operations.

The Embassy in response demanded to restore all deleted records, as well as apologize for discrimination.