Strategic Culture: Biden set a “trap” for Putin at the Geneva summit

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

US President Joseph Biden has set a trap for Russian President Vladimir Putin by demonstrating his supposedly good intentions, writes Tim Kirby, a journalist in the American edition of Strategic Culture. Therefore, the Russian leader must be on the alert. “Mr. Putin, this is a trap. Still the same old trap, ” the American notes.

Now the relations between Russia and the United States are more intense than they were during the Cold War. Russia should be suspicious of the “peaceful” initiatives of the United States. The incident of a decade ago, when US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presented Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov with a button with the inscription “overload” (instead of “reset”).;) very accurately reflects the attitude of Washington to Moscow:it worked at full capacity, and eventually it caused a “breakdown”. In particular, it can be considered the active participation of the United States in the Euromaidan in Ukraine, which led to the change of power and the war in the Donbass.

“After such an experience, can we really expect any optimism from the Russian side just because Biden seems to have retreated a little in the history of the Nord Stream-2?» & ndash; asks a reasonable question to Kirby. The goals of Russia and the United States are exactly the opposite: Russia is trying to take the place of one of the leading powers in a changing world, while the United States wants to maintain its monopoly on power.

The United States will not meet Russia halfway. There are issues on which they cannot agree ,for example, about the recognition of the Crimea as Russian. The Americans are afraid that they will create a dangerous precedent, and Russia will take full advantage of it. Nor will it be possible to mitigate the consequences of the scandal of “Russian interference” in the elections-this has already become part of the Democrats ‘ narrative. It will also not be possible to agree on the lifting of sanctions:the Americans do not want to retreat here, and Russia is taking advantage of the isolation that has arisen.

The Russians can’t buy into Washington’s fake kindness. “Russians believe that people who smile too often are pathetic, stupid, and generally harmless. American politicians were able to intuitively take advantage of this and seemed naive, trusting fools during negotiations for decades, ” the author noted.


In Geneva, a ban on the flight of drones began to operate because of the summit of Russia and the United States


This morning, a ban on flying drones began to take effect in Geneva as a security measure ahead of a meeting scheduled for June 16 between US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin. It is forbidden to launch drones under the threat of a large fine until 00: 00 on June 17.

Police spokesman Jean-Philippe Brandt said the ban on drone flights applies to the entire territory of the Canton of Geneva. All violations of this ban are punishable by a fine, the police will seize the devices from the owners who do not comply with the ban.

We add that the Swiss authorities began to introduce restrictive measures on June 8. Then it became illegal to park cars around La Grange Park, where the summit will be held. The entrance to the park is blocked. La Grange and the adjacent Eau Vive Park are surrounded by metal barriers with barbed wire.


Deputy Khinshtein opposed the legislative introduction of norms for ticktockers

The State Duma Committee on Information Policy will protect biometric data

On June 11, the final press conference of the Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Alexander Khinshtein, was held in the press center of the Parliamentary Newspaper. Summing up the results of the work both for the session and for the convocation as a whole, Alexander Khinshtein spoke in the most detail about the so-called law on the “landing” of IT giants on Russian territory.

Photo: Natalia Muschinkina

The new law obliges foreign companies that somehow work in the IT sector, whose audience is Russians in the number of at least 5 million people, to meet three conditions. First: to open a branch (representative office) on the territory of the Russian Federation, which could solve the issues of moderation of the relevant part of its content, interaction with government agencies, the media, citizens, and be a representative in court. Second: open your accounton the RKN portal. And third: place a feedback mailbox on your resources. For non-compliance with these standards, sanctions, more precisely, restriction or blocking of traffic, are not imposed immediately. First, a warning is placed in search engines that the link leads to the offending resource, and if this does not work, restrictions are imposed on the use of Russian users ‘ data and the conduct of financial transactions.

According to Khinshtein, IT giants after the entry into force of this law, most likely, will not leave Russia – simply for economic reasons. Facebook’s and Facebook’s revenue in our market last year was about $ 1.5 billion. In the course of recent similar stories in Turkey, Austria and India, the digital giants finally agreed to comply with local legislation. The same large companies that have already opened representative offices in Russia, according to the deputy, only won in terms of making profits. 

Among other legislative norms, in the development of which the State Duma Committee on Information Policy took part, its chairman highlighted some of them. The first are the norms that ensure stable reception of the Internet and communication signal in settlements with a population of up to 100 people. The second – introducing the concept of social networks, the need to monitor their content and remove its illegal part. The third – inaccording to which numbers are blocked, the provision of communication for those in places of deprivation of liberty is stopped. The fourth – related to the protection of honor and dignity, if the attempt on them took place on the Internet. Fifth-prohibiting the provision of communication services, if the subscriber disguises his real number, say, foreign, under the number of the Moscow region, the Russian bank, law enforcement agencies. 

Speaking in general about the policy and approaches to the regulation of the IT sector, Alexander Khinshtein stressed several times that he is an undisputed supporter of its clear regulation. But not in the sense of introducing certain censorship restrictions or dictates, but in the sense of applying to it the same simple and understandable rules that apply in other areas, protecting not only the honor or security of citizens, but also their property rights. And, since it was already possible to see what the consistent implementation of the principle of complete freedom in the network leads to, now it remains only to continue the work begun to introduce this element into an understandable framework.

As for the specific examples given by the presenters, about the proposals to introduce laws regulating the organization of distance procedures in the field of education and ethical standards for ticktockers, the chairman of the information policy committee expressed unequivocally that these are not issues that should be regulated by federal law. 

Another issue from the field of IT security, which Alexander Khinshtein noted as a very important state task, was already referred to the work plans of the next convocation. It was about the protection of biometric data, the use of which in the near future, according to the deputy, will expand, as well as the number of scammers who will try to forge them. Here, the deputy considers his main political task to be all-out opposition to various supporters of the free circulation of such data. 


Biden at a meeting with Putin to discuss the fight against hackers


US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that US President Joe Biden will discuss with Vladimir Putin the fight against hackers. According to him, the meeting will focus on the fight against hackers attacking some companies in order to obtain a ransom.

“No responsible country should be engaged in harboring criminal organizations engaged in such things. Biden wants to definitely raise this issue at a meeting with Putin, ” Blinken said in an interview with Fox News.

Recall that earlier in America, hacker attacks were recorded on the meat producer JBS and the pipeline operator Colonial. Cybercrime has led to supply disruptions. The FBI said that hackers from the DarkSide group may be involved in Russia.


Pink Floyd Founder denied Zuckerberg’s use of his Song for Facebook


One of the founders of the Pink Floyd group, Roger Waters, speaking at a forum in support of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, said that he refused Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg the opportunity to get the rights to the second part of the song Another Brick in the Wall for monetary compensation for use in the company’s film.

“This is a request for the right to use my song Another Brick in the Wall 2 when creating a movie to promote Instagram. So, this is an official message from Mark Zuckerberg to me with an offer of a huge, gigantic amount of money, and my answer is: go to hell! No way!”, – said Waters.

According to him, he will not participate in the “nonsense” organized by Zuckerberg.

Instagram Facebook and Instagram want to use it to make Facebook and Instagram even bigger and more powerful than they are, to continue to censor all of us in this room, and to prevent this story about Julian Assange from becoming public, ” the rock musician explained.

Waters also called Zuckerberg “one of the most powerful assholes in the world” and “a little bastard.”


Journalists of “Rain” were excluded from the Kremlin pool

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Correspondents of the Dozhd TV channel were excluded from the Kremlin pool due to the channel’s direct support for unauthorized protest actions. This was reported to RIA Novosti by the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov.

“We decided not to interact with the channel further after it showed direct support for illegal actions,” Peskov said, answering a question from journalists about the reasons for excluding representatives of the TV channel from the pool.

It also became known that since May 13, the correspondent of the TV channel does not take part in the daily briefings of the press secretary of the Russian president. 


The White House spoke about the new strategy of NATO to counter threats from Russia

Source: Pixabay

The White House said that NATO is moving to implement new military strategies to strengthen defense against threats from Russia.

“The Allies will commit to implementing new military concepts and strategies that will strengthen NATO’s deterrence and defense capabilities to counter threats from Russia and other countries, ” the statement said.

The NATO summit will be held in Brussels on June 14.


G7 leaders address Russia in final statement

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The leaders of the Group of Seven countries agreed on a final statement after a three-day summit in Carbis Bay.

The G7 document calls for stability in the Taiwan Strait, expresses concern about the situation in the South China and East China Seas, and calls on the PRC to respect the rights of Uighurs in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and the autonomy of Hong Kong.

Myanmar’s military, which came to power in a coup, is being urged to stop the violence and release the opposition. The DPRK is required to denuclearize and resume dialogue with the United States.

A separate paragraph of the document is devoted to the coronavirus. The “Seven” calls for a second phase of investigation into the origin of COVID-19. At the same time, the G7 supported the decision to hold the Summer Olympics in Tokyo this summer in the face of a pandemic. The G7, according to the communique, will commit to providing the world with one billion doses of coronavirus vaccines over the next year.

The G7 also reports that it plans to increase to $100 billion in annual funding for the campaign to combat climate change under the Paris Agreement. The leaders of the countries commit to achieving zero CO2 emissions no later than 2050. In addition, the summit participants agreed to start preparing for the introduction of a minimum corporate income tax of 15% at the international level.

Another item is dedicated to Russia. The G7 calls on the Russian Federation to stop “destabilizing behavior”, but at the same time stands for the development of stable relations with the Russian side.

It is also indicated that the countries of the “Seven” have agreed to cooperate to bring to justice those involved in the forced landing of the Ryanair flight in Minsk.

The G7 leaders exchanged elbows: Biden, Macron, Johnson, and others

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Black Perigord Truffle


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