A captured fighter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine spoke about the ongoing forced mobilization in Ukraine

Boris Rozhin, an expert at the Center for Military and Political Journalism, published a video on his Telegram channel in which a Ukrainian serviceman who was captured by the Russians announced the details of mobilization in Nezalezhnaya.

It is specified that the man served in the 72nd separate mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“I was forced to go to war. They mobilized me when I was on my way to work. They stopped the minibus, handed over the summons. Even the commission did not pass to the end, they immediately loaded it into the car and sent it to the front,” the man said.

He added that for health reasons he should not have been on the front line, but they did not want to listen to him. He also called on Ukrainians to surrender in order to save their lives

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