Biden estimated a record drop in his presidential rating


US President Joe Biden said that he does not care about his own approval rating as head of state. According to him, statistics in polls can both fall and grow.

He stressed that a similar situation has developed with other American presidents. At the same time, the head of the White House added that he was elected to this post to be sure that he would be able to fulfill what he promised as president of the United States.

Earlier it was reported that Joe Biden’s approval rating for the first nine months as head of the White House fell more rapidly than that of previous presidents.

In mid-September, the American sociological institute Gallup published the results of a survey that showed that 53% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s work as president of the United States.



Lavrov called the meeting with Biden useful


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spoke about his meeting with US President Joe Biden on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Rome.

As stated by the head of the Foreign Ministry in an interview with the program “Moscow. The Kremlin. Putin” on the TV channel “Russia 1”, their conversation with the head of the White House was short, but useful.

According to him, the American leader also conveyed “best regards” to Vladimir Putin and stressed his focus on further contacts.


The US held secret talks with the Kremlin on cybersecurity


The US administration reported that the White House and the Kremlin are holding talks on cybersecurity. Now Moscow, according to the New York Times, has been given the names of the criminals.

So, the White House cybersecurity adviser Ann Nyberger participated in a series of unannounced virtual meetings with her colleague from the Kremlin. This happened a few weeks ago. At first, there were disputes within American intelligence about how much information to disclose to Russia. As a result, the US gave the Russian Federation the names and other details about several hackers. They allegedly actively staged attacks on America.

According to one of the officials, the United States wants the Russian Federation to make arrests. And the newspaper also calls the “ongoing arms control negotiations” the deepest in recent years.

Earlier, NBC reported that the servers of the US National Rifle Association were subjected to a cyberattack using a ransomware virus. Journalists suggested that the virus could have been written by hackers of the Grief group, which was previously associated with Russia.


Zelensky was called to leave for the sake of saving Ukraine from Russia

Photo: A frame from the video

Former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said that President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky should resign from his post. In his opinion, only this can save the country from “Kremlin blackmail”.

Commenting on the serious collapse of the rating of the head of state, Lutsenko noted that Moscow is allegedly interested in having Zelensky as the Ukrainian leader. This is a weak president with a flawed reputation, the ex-prosecutor General believes. In this case, the Russian Federation will have the opportunity to blackmail him.

And yet, as Ukrainska Pravda reports, Zelensky’s recognition of the existence of offshore accounts before being elected to office undermined his support in the West.

Previously, the portal “Censor.NO” reported that Ukraine is allegedly increasing the purchase of electricity from Russia and Belarus. The editor-in-chief of the publication, Yuri Butusov, stressed that Kiev is thereby deceiving European leaders and leaders of the Baltic states, who were promised to abandon electricity from Belarus.


Baghdasarov warned the militia against repeating the mistakes of Armenians in Karabakh

“You can’t relax and underestimate the enemy”

The military situation that has escalated in the Donbas in recent days has many similarities with the 44-day war in Karabakh, which last year ended with the complete defeat of the Armenian troops. According to military expert, political scientist Semyon Bagdasarov. In his opinion, it is dangerous for the LDPR militia to underestimate the armed forces of Ukraine.

Photo: A frame from the video

“Ukraine is actively rearming, has found allies and sponsors from among our enemies,” Bagdasarov wrote in his Telegram channel. – You can’t relax and think – we won once, we will win now. It is obvious that in the wars of the XXI century, the advantage remains with those who are well armed.

So he commented on the information about the first combat use by Ukraine of Turkish drones “Bayraktar” in the Donbas.

Bagdasarov noted that there are no powerful engineering structures on the contact line in Donbass. “At least one of the former DPR defense ministers said this a couple of months ago on my air,” the expert noted. The same thing happened in Karabakh. There were only trenches and small shelters.

The lack of well-equipped engineering positions of the Armenian troops allowed the Azerbaijanis to break through them relatively easily and launch an offensive.

At the same time, Bagdasarov noted, “the terrain of eastern Ukraine is not mountainous, but flat.” “This clearly does not play in favor of the Donbass militia. Will Donbass hold out for 44 days in the event of a war?”raquo;, – the expert asked a question.

According to him, it is impossible to hope that Kiev will comply with the Minsk agreements. “It’s time to admit that we live in a world where no agreements work. The one who is stronger is right. It’s bad, but it’s true. Obviously, Donbass will not cope without our support. Today we must declare: in the event of the outbreak of hostilities, we will consider aggression against the residents of Donbass as against ourselves,” Bagdasarov summed up.

In turn, military expert Alexey Leonkov noted in his Telegram channel about the use of “Bayraktars” by Ukraine in the Donbas: “The problem that has been talked about for more than one year has become a reality. And, as usual, they were not ready for it. The opinions of experts were not heard.”

“There is a quick solution, but we need the will to make this decision… Deeds are needed, a lot of words have been said, correct and encouraging: Russia will not give offense to Donbass. The time for words has passed, Russia will be judged by deeds, by deeds. In Syria, they were able to (effectively shoot down) Bayraktars. – «MK»), in Karabakh, even if it’s late, but also,” the expert wrote.

Military reporter Alexander Sladkov, who worked for a long time in the Donbas, also believes that “Bayraktars” can be shot down. “Well, it’s not a weapon of victory. They will not break the Donbass, they will only add blood. But here I don’t know: will they continue to endure, or will they begin to open this abscess.


Lavrov positively assessed the results of the G20 summit in Rome

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the main conclusion of the G20 summit held in Rome was the awareness of the lack of demand for attempts to promote unilateral approaches in international relations.

According to the Foreign Minister, the overwhelming majority of the participants of the G20 summit were in favor of the G20 setting an example to other states in finding joint solutions “that will ensure a balance of interests.”

In general, Lavrov added, he assesses the results of the events as “very positive.” He also said that he had talked with US President Joe Biden on the sidelines of the summit.


Johnson complained to Macron about the threats of Paris to London


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, during a conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron on the sidelines of the G20 summit, expressed the hope that Paris would abandon threats against London regarding the imposition of sanctions against the background of the aggravation of relations between the countries due to fishing quotas.

According to a statement issued by the office of the head of the British cabinet, Johnson expressed deep concern about a number of statements made by the French authorities recently. It is indicated that it was about a possible punishment for Britain for leaving the EU.

Johnson hopes that the French authorities will refuse to escalate the situation and threats, his press service added.


Biden was concerned about the Russian S-400 bought by Turkey


US President Joe Biden expressed concern about the fact that Turkey is armed with Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems. He expressed his opinion on this during a meeting with Turkish President Recep Erdogan in Rome, where the G20 summit is taking place.

The White House press service said that Biden confirmed to Erdogan the “defense partnership” of the two countries and noted the importance of Ankara as a NATO ally. But at the same time, he “noted the concern of the United States” because of the purchase of weapons from Russia.

It is emphasized that at the same time, the American leader confirmed Washington’s desire to cooperate with Turkish colleagues and the desire to maintain constructive relations and expand areas of cooperation.


Lost 20 kg: the health of the slimmed-down Kim Jong-un is evaluated

South Korean intelligence is thoroughly investigating the state of the DPRK leader

South Korean intelligence agencies used advanced methods to analyze why North Korean leader Kim Jong-un lost 20 kg. Despite the weight loss, the North Korean leader is considered quite healthy.


North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has recently lost about 20 kilograms, but remains healthy and is trying to increase public loyalty to him in the face of worsening economic problems, South Korea’s spy agency told lawmakers. According to The Guardian, South Korea’s national intelligence service gave an assessment during a closed parliamentary briefing on Thursday, it used artificial intelligence methods, analysis of Kim Jong-un’s video in ultra-high resolution and other methods to investigate Kim’s condition, two deputies who attended the meeting said.

In recent months, Kim Jong-un’s health has been the focus of intense attention from the outside, as he looked noticeably thinner in photos and videos in state media. Kim has not publicly appointed a successor, and some experts say that his abrupt incapacitation could cause chaos in a poor country with nuclear weapons.

Despite Kim’s lean appearance, long-time observers in North Korea have stated that Kim has no obvious health problems, and his weight loss is probably the result of his efforts to improve his physique. Experts noted that he continued his usual social activities, and nothing unusual was noticed in the North Korean videos.

But unconfirmed rumors about him continue to appear: one tabloid claims that a double was used in recent public speeches. The South Korean National Intelligence Service dismissed the report as unfounded, said lawmaker Kim Byung-ki. According to him, the National Intelligence Service reported at a parliamentary meeting that Kim’s weight had dropped from 140 to 120 kg. South Korean intelligence agencies previously reported that Kim’s height is about 170 centimeters.

It is alleged that Kim engaged in public activities for 70 days this year, which is 45% more than in the same period last year.

The MP said the National Intelligence Service had discovered that Kim Jong-un had deleted photos of his late father and grandfather, who ruled North Korea before him, from a workers’ party conference room.

Another MP, Ha Tae-geun, quoted the National Intelligence Service, saying that North Korea allegedly began using the term “kimchenynism” (a political ideology named after Kim Jong-un, which does not depend on existing ideologies named after his father and grandfather, “kimchenirism” and “kimirsenism”).

After 10 years in power, Kim Jong-un is struggling to overcome the most difficult period of his rule caused by economic difficulties exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the National Intelligence Service, North Korea’s annual trade volume with China, its main ally and economic lifeline, decreased by two-thirds to $185 million in September this year compared to the previous year, Deputy Ha said.

North Korean officials are struggling to cope with soaring commodity prices and shortages of medicines and other essentials that have accelerated the spread of waterborne diseases. The country has also been unable to import the paper and ink it uses to print banknotes, forcing North Korean officials to issue temporary currency, according to Ha’s report following a briefing by the National Intelligence Service.

While trade cuts have limited supplies of materials needed for industrial activities, North Korean officials are pushing hard for workers to increase production. According to Deputy Ha, excessive production activity led to an explosion at a large fertilizer plant in August.

The National Intelligence Service has confirmed recent reports from the World Health Organization that North Korea is starting to ease its tight border restrictions due to COVID-19 in order to get outside help.

North Korea has not yet reported any cases of coronavirus. Although experts have questioned the claim of ideal indicators, Ha said that the National Intelligence Service has not yet detected any signs of a serious outbreak of COVID-19.

Despite tight virus-related border controls, North Korea has not shown the same urgent need for vaccines, as mass vaccination continues to be delayed due to global shortages.

Ha said North Korea has rejected external offers of Russian and Chinese vaccines. The lawmaker said that the National Intelligence Service also found that North Korea had not shown interest in purchasing Pfizer vaccines, which would require negotiations with the drug manufacturer and the United States.


Members of the HRC asked to check the Saratov police for involvement in torture

Perhaps the guards were interested in bullying the patients of the prison hospital

Members of the Presidential Human Rights Council suggested checking the law enforcement agencies of the Saratov Region for involvement in torture in a prison hospital. Earlier, the Saratov police opened a criminal case against Sergei Savelyev, who took out a video archive with recordings of torture in the local tuberculosis prison hospital OTB No. 1.

Photo: Dmitry Katorzhnov

As you know, it was thanks to Savelyev that several criminal cases were initiated, the names of some convicted activists who tortured and raped other prisoners became known. He also published the names of employees of the Saratov UFSIN, with what approval or even by whose order all these horrors were created.

Logically, Savelyev will have to be interviewed by the Russian investigative authorities (by the way, he himself is ready to testify). For making public the facts of torture, that is, in fact, for helping to expose the criminal community, he could have been, if not rewarded, then simply thanked. Human rights activists think so. The security forces have their own logic:Saveliev had to come with this video archive to the competent authorities, and only if they did not react, then act further at their discretion. But, first of all, it is not a fact that he would even get a personal appointment with someone from the leadership of law enforcement agencies. Secondly, he probably would not have been given any security guarantees.

This was confirmed by further events: the initiation of a case against Savelyev himself under Article 272 of the Criminal Code “Unlawful access to computer information”. The Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Saratov region essentially called the publication of the facts of torture a crime.

– We expected that sooner or later the true interests of these tortures would appear, – says Andrei Babushkin, a member of the HRC. – And so the police opened a case on… Savelieva!  There is reason to believe that it was at the request of the police that statements were extracted from the convicts under the threat of torture and rape.

– We will ask the Investigative Committee to check those officials who initiated the case against Saveliev for involvement in what happened in the OTB, – says Eva Merkacheva, a member of the HRC.  – What if among the victims of tormentors there are persons who have already been convicted or are now suspected of crimes, criminal cases on which these policemen have opened?  This will explain a lot.  It is by initiating a case onSavelieva, the police could have tried to evade responsibility themselves.  In general, we will insist that all the confessions, all the witness statements of the convicts, given during their stay in the OTB and after “treatment” in this hospital, be recognized as illegal.

An appeal signed by two members of the HRC was sent to the head of the IC Alexander Bastrykin, who took the case of torture in Saratov under personal control.