Amnesty International: Ukraine violates military and humanitarian law

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Ukraine violates the laws of warfare and endangers the lives of civilians by placing military equipment and weapons in schools and hospitals. This is stated in the TASS report with reference to the report of the human rights organization Amnesty International released on Thursday.

“We have documented that the Armed Forces of Ukraine put civilians in a risky situation and violated the laws of war during actions in crowded places,” said Agnes Kallamar, Secretary General of Amnesty International.

The report reports on cases recorded by human rights defenders of attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine from residential buildings and their placement of weapons on the territories of civil infrastructure facilities in 19 cities and settlements of Ukraine, including in the Donbass, Kharkiv and Mykolaiv regions. At the same time, as noted in the report, the Ukrainian military leadership did not organize the evacuation of residents from buildings in order to minimize losses from a possible retaliatory strike by the Russian Armed Forces.

Amnesty International experts come to the conclusion that 22 of the 29 schools they visited in the southeastern regions of Ukraine housed either the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, or military equipment and weapons. For example, it is emphasized that in the city of Odessa, the Ukrainian military deployed armored vehicles directly in densely populated residential areas, and in the city of Bakhmut (Artemovsk), a military base was set up in the university building.


Pushilin awarded the deceased Olga Kachura the title of Hero of the DPR

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Colonel Olga Kachura, who died in Donbass, was posthumously awarded the highest award of the Donetsk People’s Republic – the title of Hero of the DPR. The corresponding decree was signed by the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin.

The commander of the jet artillery division of the Guards, Colonel Olga Kachura (call sign “Korsa”), was an honorary resident of Gorlovka, stood at the origins of the People’s Militia of the DPR. Since 2014, she has participated in combat operations.

The death of Kachura in the DPR was called a tragic event for the republic. The car in which Kachura was, came under fire from Ukrainian artillery. The officer died on the way to the hospital in Yasinovataya. 

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SHOT: Iran has started transferring military equipment to the border of Azerbaijan

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In Iran, local Telegram channels publish videos showing how military equipment is transported on the road. As the Telegram channel SHOT reports, Tehran is moving it to the borders with Azerbaijan.

It is claimed that this is happening in connection with the escalation of the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh. However, there is no official confirmation yet.

Meanwhile, earlier the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) issued a warning to Baku. Tehran stressed that it would not tolerate changes in the borders of neighboring states.

Prior to that, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry reported that the Armenian armed forces allegedly violated the ceasefire regime in Karabakh. They accused the Armenian side of committing a sabotage act against the Azerbaijani military in the territory where the Russian peacekeeping forces are stationed. As a result, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces beganthe counter-terrorist operation in Karabakh, which was called “Retaliation”.Later, Azerbaijan demanded “complete demilitarization” Nagorno-Karabakh

Meanwhile, it became known that the authorities of Nagorno-Karabakh have announced partial military mobilization in the unrecognized republic since August 3. The decree was signed by President Araik Harutyunyan.


TFR to study video of inhumane treatment of Russian prisoners of war

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According to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, a video of the atrocities of the Ukrainian military was published in one of the Telegram channels: they shot unarmed captured Russian soldiers and left them on the road. It is noted that the footage shows the moment of the massacre of unarmed Russian prisoners of war by Ukrainian militants in the Chernihiv region.

The footage, according to preliminary data, was shot in late March and early April. It is suggested that militants from the “Right Sector” banned in the Russian Federation are involved in the crimes.

These facts once again testify to the violation by the Ukrainian side of the requirements of the Geneva Convention of 12.08.1949 on the treatment of prisoners of war.


The UN launches a mission to investigate the shelling of the pre-trial detention center in Yelenovka


The UN reported on the launch of a mission to investigate the facts of the shelling of the pre-trial detention center in Yelenovka in the Donbass, where Ukrainian prisoners were killed. According to the Secretary General of the organization Antonio Guterres, “requests from Russia and Ukraine for an investigation have been received.”

“I have decided to launch a fact-finding mission,” Guterres said, noting that he “does not have the authority to launch a criminal investigation.”

The Secretary General also said that the UN is recruiting competent and independent specialists who will take part in the work of the mission. He also expressed the hope that both sides “will provide access to all facilities” to obtain all the necessary information.


Ukrainian refugees expressed dissatisfaction with working conditions in Europe

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Refugees from Ukraine call the working conditions in European countries hellish. The publication “Country” writes about this.

One of the interlocutors of the publication said that she moved from Ukraine to Italy. Here she was provided with free housing and for the first three months they paid an allowance of 300 euros for an adult and 150 euros for a child. However, now the payments have stopped.

The Ukrainian refugee noted that she had to get a job picking cherries. They pay 6 euros per hour for such work. It is necessary to work 10 hours a day and with 1 weekend a month. Because of such conditions, which the woman called “hellish”, she had to resign after a short time.

Another refugee complained about the gray employment schemes developed in Italy. An employee can be deceived without paying him money. For employment in good vacancies, you need to pay an intermediary up to 500 euros. Even qualified specialists, such as doctors, who are paid from 2-2.5 thousand euros in Italy, cannot find a job.


Zelensky and the Estonian Foreign Minister held talks on the restoration of Ukraine

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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu held talks on the restoration of the country’s infrastructure damaged as a result of the conflict. This is reported in Zelensky’s Telegram channel.

The Head of the Ukrainian State thanked the Chief of Estonian diplomacy for the attention shown to this topic. Zelensky also announced the beginning of joint work to restore the Ukrainian infrastructure.

Earlier, Polish companies expressed a desire to participate in the restoration of Ukrainian infrastructure damaged as a result of a special military operation of the Russian armed forces. Russia says it does not strike at civilian infrastructure facilities unless they are used for military purposes. 


State Duma deputy Butina called for parents to be imprisoned for using VPN by children


During the TV program “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” on the TV channel “Russia 1”, State Duma deputy Maria Butina proposed to jail parents who did not prevent their children from installing a VPN.

Butina voiced such a proposal in response to Solovyov’s words that blocking YouTube will not force children to read books and they will install a VPN. Subsequently, the deputy said that her words were taken out of context.

Some other politicians, including Andrei Klishas and Alexander Khinshtein, subsequently stated that there were no plans to hold Russians accountable for using VPNs.


CNN: Zelensky urged China to unite against Russia

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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky called on the People’s Republic of China (PRC) to unite with Western states in order to oppose the Russian Federation on the issue of the Ukrainian conflict, CNN reports.

Zelensky called on China to “join the united world” and speak out against Russia against the background of the conflict in Ukraine, the publication says.

According to journalists, the head of the Ukrainian state did this during a virtual address to students of the Australian National University.

Zelensky admitted that “Beijing’s neutrality is better” than if China had joined Russia. He further said that “it is important that China does not help Russia,” the authors of the article shared the details.

The Russian Federation launched a special military operation in Ukraine on February 24. Russian President Vladimir Putin called its goal the demilitarization and denazification of the republic, as well as the protection of the people of Donbass. To do this, according to the Russian leader, it is planned to put on trial all war criminals responsible for “bloody crimes against civilians” in the region.

According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the Russian army strikes only at the military infrastructure and parts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU).


On Swedish TV, a grandmother was shown overjoyed with a Russian passport and caused a scandal

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On the air of the news release of the Swedish channel SVT, a report was shown in which residents of Kherson, who received passports and Russian citizenship, sincerely expressed their joy.

The editorial office was hit by a barrage of criticism and accusations of Russian propaganda. As a result, the channel’s program director Charlotte Friborg had to justify herself: the video footage from Kherson was borrowed from the Reuters agency, which had not previously been noticed in sympathy with Moscow. However, a group of the agency’s TV crew works unhindered in the region and shoots stories.

Now, at a special meeting of the Swedish Radio and Television Broadcasting Committee, they will discuss how to get out of this situation.