Economist warned of Zelensky’s split with the West in an attempt to return Crimea

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If the Ukrainian Armed Forces try to return Crimea to Kiev’s control, there may be a split between the Ukrainian authorities and the West.

According to the Economist, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, General Mark Milli, has already stated that the success of the Armed Forces in Crimea is unlikely to be possible in the near future. He added that Kiev understands that it is the United States and the weapons they supply that are the main “key” to how possible the success of the Ukrainian side is.

At the same time, the publication notes that political leaders in Kiev on the sidelines recognize the complexity of the return of the peninsula and Donbass under the control of Ukraine. In addition, the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, is probably “driving himself into a corner” with statements about the “return of Crimea”. They noted that such an “expensive military event” would lead to Zelensky’s split with the Western allies.

Earlier, The American Conservative reported that US President Joe Biden was unhappy when Vladimir Zelensky tried to drag the US into a war with Russia over the incident with a Ukrainian missile that killed two people in Poland. Doug Bandow, an employee of the Cato Institute, writes about this.

In his opinion, the greater the help of allies and the broader the goals of Kiev, the more likely it is that Russia will mobilize additional resources and the higher the risk of nuclear escalation.

Meanwhile, the journalist of the Iranian edition Kayhan, military theorist Seyid Mohammad-Amin Abadi noted that Ukraine will not be able to emerge victorious in the confrontation with Russia even with the help of NATO countries. In his opinion, in the nine months that have passed since the beginning of the special operation, Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky has failed to achieve his stated goals. In particular, we are talking about the return of Crimea to Kiev’s rule.


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