Klitschko was not allowed to meet Merkel at the Kiev airport

Photo: Kirill Iskoldsky

The mayor of Kiev, Vitali Klitschko, was not allowed to enter the Kiev Boryspil airport, where he arrived to participate in the meeting of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

In his telegram channel, Klitschko wrote that his presence is spelled out in the protocol, because he is the mayor of the city where the head of state arrives on an official visit. According to him, during the previous visit of Angela Merkel to Ukraine, he always came to meet her.

“But this time they didn’t let me in. Of course, I will not break through by force. But this is the first time in my practice as a mayor, ” an outraged Klitschko wrote.

It should be noted that now Klitschko is in a difficult situation on the verge of retirement. He believes that they want to remove him in the environment of Vladimir Zelensky. He himself is very well acquainted with Angela Merkel and could enlist her support before the Chancellor’s meeting with the President of Ukraine.

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