Medvedev wrote a fairy tale about an old woman, a hammer fish and a sickle fish


The Deputy Head of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev published the first post since the removal of the previous scandalous entry that appeared on his page in the social network and became, as it was claimed, the result of a hacker attack. In his telegram channel, he posted a free interpretation of the “Fairy Tale of the Goldfish”.

“The old man loved to fish, casting a seine in the most unexpected places, often with neighbors…” – Medvedev begins the story.

He goes on to say that the old man’s neighbors did not like that he was fishing with them, but for a while they endured because they “respected the old man for his past merits, cunning and strength.” However, “fishing happiness began to change him” and “in unconsciousness, the old man went to someone else’s land”, where he decided to force local fishermen to fish for him in exchange for supplies of fishing rods and other fishing equipment.

“But he is very ill, he thinks hard, he gets confused in his thoughts…” – Medvedev continues his story.

Then the plot develops rapidly: the old man demanded that the fishermen get him the biggest fish, but they were not able to do it, and then the old man sent his old woman to them. She, already like Alexander Pushkin, wanted the goldfish itself to be on her parcels, but the old woman’s plan failed.

“A fish swam out of the ocean. Not simple, but golden, oriental,” says Medvedev. – And with her there is also a whale fish, a sickle fish and a hammer fish…”

The result of the fairy tale – the fish waved their tails and washed away the old woman, she returned to her old man, who was waiting for her at the broken trough.

“This is not the end yet,” Medvedev promised.

In social networks, users discuss versions about whom Medvedev wrote about in this “fairy tale” and who is this greedy old man fishing with his neighbors. The majority came to the conclusion that this is how the ex-prime minister and ex-president commented on the visit of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan.


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