Merkel announced the termination of Europe’s gas purchases from Russia

Photo: A frame from the video

German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned at a press conference in Kiev after a meeting with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky that the times will soon come when Europe will not buy Russian gas.

“At the latest in 25 years, gas from Russia to Europe will not be exported at all or in much smaller volumes,” she noted when it came to the continuation of gas transit through the territory of Ukraine to the EU after 2024 in connection with the construction of the Nord Stream-2 project.

Merkel stressed that Ukraine should prepare for the fact that Europe will be more independent of gas supplies, and should understand what to do when this happens.

& quot; For example, you can cooperate on hydrogen. But such a project needs to be developed step by step, in 2024 it will not be able to replace gas, ” she added.


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