NBC: Biden will announce the extension of the deployment of US troops in Poland this week

Photo: Global Look Press

US President Joe Biden, during a trip to Europe this week, will announce the extension of the presence in Poland of a contingent of American armed forces sent there in early 2022, NBC reported on Monday, citing sources in the White House administration. Biden will also announce changes in the deployment of forces in the Baltic States, the TV channel reports.

The TV channel notes that we are talking about the deployment for a long time, and possibly on a permanent basis, of part of the 2,000 American military sent to Poland in February. Speaking about the deployment of troops in the Baltic States, NBC does not specify what changes are being discussed.

In February 2022, when sending an additional contingent of American servicemen to Europe (about 2 thousand people to Poland, about 1 thousand to Germany), the Pentagon announced that they would be stationed there temporarily due to the growing tensions in Ukraine. But now, according to the statement on Monday by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, the alliance intends to strengthen combat groups on the eastern borders, as well as to increase the number of rapid reaction forces from the current 40 thousand to more than 300 thousand people.

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