Prigozhin commented on the service in Wagner of the organizer of the murder of the Tyutin family


The founder of the PMC “Wagner” Evgeny Prigozhin commented on the information that appeared in the media that the former “black realtor” Alexander Tyutin, who received 23 years in prison for organizing the murder, was released after serving in the PMC. His words are quoted by the telegram channel “Prigozhin’s Cap”.

As the founder of the PMCs Wagner noted, people are outraged by the fact that a certain prisoner killed a family of four people while being a realtor, although no one knows or has seen this family. According to him, this man, being a prisoner, went to participate in hostilities, where he died or miraculously survived.

Prigozhin explained that the man who is the killer is standing in the conditions of hostilities of three or four “dandelion boys”. He added that people should ask themselves whether they want their loved ones to fight or a killer realtor. The founder of the PMCs Wagner concluded that if, ironically, the prisoner survived, then after that he would not be “Vasya-a realtor-killer”, but “Petya-a lucky warrior”.


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