Putin spoke about the desired successor to the post of president

Photo: kremlin.ru

Russian President Vladimir Putin has promised to support a man who will not just be loyal to Russia, but is ready to lay down his life in the name of Russia. The head of state said this in an interview with the American TV channel NBC News.

“If I see that a certain person, even if he is critical of some areas of my activity, but I see that this is a person with constructive views, a person devoted to the country, ready to lay down on the altar of the Fatherland not just years, but his whole life, no matter how he treats me personally, I will do everything to support such people,” Putin said.

The President also stressed that the change of leaders is a natural process from a biological point of view and he treats it absolutely normally. At the same time, Putin believes that the fundamental foundations of Russian statehood and the Russian economy will remain unshakeable.

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