The military commissar named the causes of death of those mobilized in Elan

Source: screenshot

The military commissar of the Kurgan region, Colonel Airat Zaripov, said that two residents of the region, whose deaths were reported in the Elan garrison of the training center in October, died of various causes, reports with reference to local publications.

“There were two cases, but they are not related to the state of health. One choked on vomit, in civilian life it’s all the time. Maybe he broke away from his family, maybe he led such a lifestyle,” the military commissar suggested, without directly naming the reason that caused the vomiting.

Speaking about the second victim, Zaripov directly indicated that it was a suicide. “They found him in the morning, there were no suicide notes,” the military commissar of the region said.

As the publication reminds, earlier a State Duma deputy from the Sverdlovsk region, where the training center is located, reported the death of another mobilized person who visited Elan, who died at home after he was returned to citizenship for health reasons.


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