A military expert told where the United States will unleash a new war

Photo: Global Look Press

The United States has been preparing crisis situations around the world for a long time, he said in an interview with the portal Ukraine.ru military expert Boris Rozhin.

The interlocutor of the publication cited Serbia as an example, where it is clear that such a situation can be created in a couple of days. The only question is whether the Americans can force such situations, the expert shared his point of view.

According to Rozhin, before the midterm elections, the United States will attempt to unleash another conflict, since it is necessary for the Joe Biden administration to present some kind of victory in the foreign policy direction. Currently, as the expert noted, Washington has nothing much to show.

Rozhin added that the administration of the American leader needs a small victorious war, for which crisis situations are created.

Earlier, the Taiwanese edition of China Times said that the speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi will visit the island on Tuesday evening. In addition, it is expected that a special board with a delegation after departure from Malaysia will enter the identification zone of the Taiwan air Defense Forces from the north.

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